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Still from Ghost House trailer by JonbezOur thanks to all of you who submitted 90-second videos to our competition for the Raindance Film Festival. As with a previous competition, held with 3D World magazine, the lure of quality computer kit has seriously raised the bar as far as showing what may be achieved with Muvizu software.

We have a couple more competitions in the pipeline and will let you have details of those as soon as we have sorted out arrangements with our prospective partners.

Talking of sorting out arrangements, we rocked up to the Raindance festival at the weekend, bursting with enthusiasm and eager to wow the audience with an exclusive showing of a four-minute short by Jonbez, which goes on public release at on October 17th.

Sadly, the attendant IT personnel were unequal to the mighty task of connecting our strange equipment (a PC laptop) to a parallel universe (the internet), and as for hooking up an output to the projection system, dream on.

Organisationally, one word that springs to mind is elbow. There's a T-shirt for the first person to email the other word to with the subject line "doh!".

[Well done Ian - aka Stonehead of Bathtime Spider fame - who has just scooped the T-shirt. Talk about quick off the mark!]

Gremlins notwithstanding, our little audience - a truly sympathetic bunch - gathered in a lobby area to hear what we had to say and to peer at our laptop to watch a few clips and a demo by Jamie, our lead tester here. The more intimate environment lent itself to a Q&A session and some useful conversations.

One subject of particular interest was collaborative filmmaking, which is something that we're keen to promote and which, as some competition entries featuring multiple voice talent amply demonstrate, is a concept already grasped by many Muvizu users.

We'd appreciate your suggestions about how to make the Muvizu website a more fertile ground for this sort of activity. There's certainly nothing new about the concept, and the superb is a study in collaborative excellence, but we'd like ideas specifically to help people to pool their talents and squeeze the most from Muvizu.

As you know, we're already working on an area for sharing user-made models. Suggestions, questions and random thoughts in the forums, please.

In a related vein, it was lovely to see a Muvizu user at Raindance and to be able to chat about her experiences with the software and her hopes to create a children's cartoon series with it. Again, she was looking for a more experienced user to help to bring her scripts to life.

We'd like to meet more of our users and, having had a few visitors to Muvizu HQ here in Glasgow, are toying with the idea of planning regular open days. Furthermore, we are attending more and more events around the UK so we'll try to flag these up in advance so that you can come and chat to us.

We'll try to ensure that Jamie and/or members of his team - these are the people who answer most of your cries for help - are available to give you hard-core tech assistance and expert tuition on how to push Muvizu to its limits.

Jamie likes to travel and on the left is a picture he drew on the flight to London, it was created with the excellent iPhone program Brushes. (His Muvizu work is of a rather higher standard.) To be fair, it was his first look at the program; to see what may be achieved with it, visit the Brushes site.

While we're plugging random things that we like, here's a central London hotel recommendation: Club Quarters, Trafalgar Square.

The hotel, in Northumberland Avenue, is a splendid building with a superb, stately lobby and bar area, but what really swung it for us was the nice touch of providing a dictionary/thesaurus and serious literary works about London in the guest bedrooms. Not a Gideon in sight.

That's about it for now. Thanks again for all your competition entries, we'll report back in a couple of days on how the proper film experts at Raindance are getting along with the judging process. We'll let you know when we expect to announce the winners.

Best wishes as always,

The Muvizu team

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  1. toonarama Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • toonarama - Over a year ago
    • If you get to stay at hotels like that no wonder some of the team like to go on the road!
  2. pyrrho
    • pyrrho - Over a year ago
    • Actually, the hotel was the cheapest available at short notice in central London. It was about £150 a night, so £300 for me and Jamie because we're not Tory politicians/advisers.
  3. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • "Bathtime Spider Fame"...Haha I like that LOL ....I'm never that quick off the mark just tuned in at the right time and happened to be on the same wave length :O)
      I know how frustrating it can be relying on in-house tech staff. I have exhibited at many events over the years and without fail have hit a wall or two when dealing with these guys... they either dont understand what is required or are real jobs worths unwilling to use any initiative or work around the rule book...usually it is in the event rules that you must not set up your own equipment and then no one at the event has the required skill to do it..... all part of life's rich thingy 
  4. pyrrho
    • pyrrho - Over a year ago
    • The really galling thing was that they didn't seem to take the problem seriously until their own machines wouldn't connect. We handed over our PC laptop and were told, flatly, "it doesn't work". So we did the same with the back-up machine and received the same response. So they connected a Mac, which of course is magically superior - never mind that ethernet and SVGA is sort of a standard - and lo, it didn't work either. Only then did it dawn on them that it was their problem. Still couldn't make anything work, though. Such a tricky job to run a cable from one end of a cinema to the other. I'd have been daunted, too.
  5. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • Hey hey ...Many thanks for T's which arrived safely this morning ...a superb fit and very fine quality too
      You just wont win against the venue jobs worths ... even when you can prove the fault lies with their equipment it will be due to cicumstances beyond their control and a repair will of course be done once the event has finished :O)