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30/09/2011 09:05:34

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I have multiple characters, and multiple voices, how do I upload more than 1 dialogue audio file so that I may synch the characters with the voices?
30/09/2011 09:29:30

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hello there
You can only add one dialogue file which must contain all the voices.
You must then "direct" the dialogue so that the characters are "speaking" at the right time.
Tutorial here
30/09/2011 09:29:50

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Multiple dialogue tracks are not supported at this time. Hopefully this will be possible in a future update.
30/09/2011 09:31:20

artpenMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hi, you only have one audio track for characters to lip sync to.

The trick is make one clean audio file with all of your voices mixed and timed how
You like it, think of a radio drama for example, with out music, just the voices only

When you are happy with your voice over file, whack it into muvizus dialogue setup then direct the character to the voice you want by clicking on ( Speak )
then ( sssh ) to stop.
That's it really, follow the tutorials here for better instructions.

Ooh, a good way to mix up your audio is to use the free program (Audacity)
Remember, nice clean audio.
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30/09/2011 10:20:52

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Thank you all very much.
I ended up cheating a little bit and blocking out the other character's mouth for now.
Recorded the dialogue separately as per character.
Ended up using some of the background and audio buttons to fill in the rest. Big Grin

Im actually recording all the audio with an Itouch in "voice memo" Big Grin
The mic picks up extremely well!

Thank you again for the tips....

The third installment will be up shortly!
30/09/2011 14:58:05

DanimalMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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And if anyone wants to complain about the audio quality, you can just say it's intention since the videos are made like we're watching a home recorded video. Very good thinking!

Looking forward to the next installment. "Should there be fireworks or something?" Still has me chuckling.
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Home ? Importing Assets ? Import more than 1 dialogue audio file?