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2015/11/30 13:47:01
Anime Studio Pro 11 sale til Dec 1st I've used Anime Studio for years and still occasionally dive in just for its super simple drawing tools. The notion of breaking apart a Muvizu character to then rig and animate in Anime Studio is a really clever idea. The lip sync might be a little different but otherwise you would be able to make the characters do any movement you choose. Good call, thanks for posting the sale and the tip for animating Muvizu characters!
2015/11/25 12:03:47
Secret Santa (advert for gamedev forum) Simple but effective - nice!
2015/11/23 12:29:43
Animação muvizu - O verdadeiro herói Nice effects and use of music. I really like the character design on this. Even without understanding the dialog, this was still fun to watch!
2015/11/23 12:25:05
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience Hey, what do you know, I love dogs and I love guns too! GO TRUMP!!!

Haha, anyway, nice video and no, it's no fun animating crowds. I've found the "Random" action button can help a little anyway.
2015/11/20 20:03:42
CONSTRAIN!!! Dreeko wrote:
So if it's been added to the list why am I making a post about it? Well I'd like to hear what you lot think and if you are as gobsmacked as myself for not coming up with it sooner!?

To be honest, I thought it was always there. Hold shift and an object get locked into a plane of movement. Apparently I was thinking of some other software because it sure doesn't work. What a great idea, thanks Dreeko!
2015/11/20 16:11:40
Market place urbanlamb wrote:
I am going to clarify this in that its up to the individual user as to whether they will continue to create free assets.

Outstanding - thanks for answering my question!
2015/11/20 15:44:07
Market place urbanlamb wrote:
yeah dude I hate to say it...

2015/11/20 12:33:09
Market place PatMarrNC wrote:
who said anything about greed? That word hasn't come up once until now.

shake head

MrDrWho13 wrote:
There would still be free assets from creators who would rather "donate" assets.

Thanks for the actual answer. That people would say "hey, this is pretty cool, I'd like to see other people use it too" was one of the great things about this site and the software!
2015/11/20 2:14:45
Market place Amidst all the talk of greed and points and money and payments... there would still be free stuff, right?
2015/11/17 17:40:29
Market place I doubt anyone would be interested in anything I create so selling wouldn't be anything I'd worry about. Downloading and using, yes, but I'm not all that free-flowing with my money so I'd probably stick to the freebies.
2015/11/12 10:59:08
FBX UDK editor stuff. From within Muvizu, wouldn't you just go File --> Open?
2015/11/11 21:06:15
Key frames update 10th November Count me among the masses - no character actions. Lip sync track is there, but it's all "Talk," even the blocks that were previously "Shush." Sorry I never tested this one since none of my sets would ever open :/

By the way, the program installed but still wouldn't start without disabling the Anit-Virus. I'm pretty sure that's on my end though.
2015/11/11 21:04:07
space bar will not stop recording imediately Tried movement and actions and the spacebar did stop it immediately for me.
2015/11/9 17:02:32
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Hi Jamie,

I previously sent a file, that one is as good as any as it's happening on every single one and sure you don't want me to send you hundreds of them, haha.
2015/11/9 17:00:33
Key framing expansion pack available now! It does not. Just plain nothing happens.

Come to think of it, when installing the packs previously, a window would pop up saying "deep scan" or some such nonsense. That is no longer happening. I'm not getting any kind of anything. It just gets there and stops. Or if I try to run it with it turned on, nothing ever happens. No window, nothing.
2015/11/9 16:47:06
Key framing expansion pack available now! I tried again and the only way it would install or open is if I turned off my Anti-Virus software. That's a new one...
2015/11/9 16:45:56
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Finally got it working and you guessed it - same error message for me on any set I tried opening, even one with no actual set pieces, just saved characters!

2015/11/9 16:13:54
07-11-2015 release Feedback Lite doesn't work either. It gets through the install but just never opens. Whether it's the "Run" checkbox after the install finishes, the Start Menu link, or if I go to the exe file in Explorer, nothing happens. Double click, Open, Run as Administrator, nothing happens.

2015/11/9 15:53:15
07-11-2015 release Feedback As mentioned in the other thread, the 32 bit installer freezes when it gets to Heroes and Villains Lairs. Well now so does the 64 bit version. Ziggy's using it, so apparently he got it to work but Lucky Pierre over here just has an installer screen sitting there doing nothing for a solid ten minutes now.

I guess I can try the "Lite" download and see how that goes. I'm not sure what I could be doing on my end to cause this to keep happening?
2015/11/9 15:12:01
Key framing expansion pack available now! There seems to be something wrong with the installer for the 32-bit version of this new update. When installing, it gets to the Heroes & Villains Lairs and just sits there. Nothing else ever happens. When I try to uninstall, nothing else ever happens. Previous versions are working.

Downloading the 64 bit version now to see if that will actually install?

edit: Just wanted to add that was with downloading and trying three separate times and restarting my computer in between each.
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