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15/09/2009 14:04:04

CrazyDaveMuvizu staff
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Thought it might be good to start a thread for hints and tips on using the 3D APP.
I'll start with a tip for lip-synching. If you have an audio track with lots of background noise or music and you want the character to lip-synch only to the speech or singing you will struggle because the application cannot tell what is speech and what isn't.
The best solution is to record your own track singing or speaking the words in time to the original track. Use a free audio editor such as Audacity. Upload this into the APP as dialogue, but set the volume to zero: noone will ever hear your track (so it doesn't have to sound great!) but the character will lip-synch to it. Then you can set the original sound-file to be the backgroud audio.

01/10/2009 12:14:31

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I've just downloaded the Muvizu 3D software, but everytime I try to launch it, I see the title screens (unreal logo etc..) but it seems to crash when it comes to opening the actual programme (it just says - Muvizu (not responding)).Eventually I get the following message:

Device does not support 1x32 FP render target format
Raise Exception () Address = 0x774142eb (filename not found)
CxxThrowException() Address = 0x75c48e89 (filename not found)
Launch()Address = 0x100a1d12 (filename not found)
Address = 0xe875ca4c (filename not found)
I've a laptop running Windows Vista. I installed Muvizu onto my D drive which has 24.1GB of free space. I installed the full version of the software (with driveX). 
Please could you advise me what I've got to do to get it to work?
Many thanks!

03/12/2009 12:02:43

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Hi I to am having the same error message, is there a solution to this problem?

06/01/2010 12:16:44

Muvizu_AdminMuvizu staff
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If you are having problems installing or running Muvizu 3D there are a few things you can try.

The first is to download the latest version of the application from making sure to take the direct x and .net version (the one with the bean character holding the sign). This version includes everything needed to run Muvizu.

If this still does not get Muvizu running for you then you can check that you have an up to date version of the Microsoft Visual C++2005 Redistributable Package installed, this can be found at

Lastly, if your still having problems running Muvizu then can you email us at providing us with the following information:

1. The version of .net you arerunning. You can find out how to identify the version (if any) byfollowing the steps on this page:

2. The second is to gather your full system specifications using asmall part of Direct X. This is called DXDiag, which is a tool that isshipped by Microsoft with DirectX and basically gathers your systemconfiguration and lets you save it as a text file. To use it followthese instructions:

a. Click the start menu.
b. Select Run.
c. Type dxdiag and hit enter (or click ok).
d. Wait until the processing bar runs to completion.
e. Click the save information button.
f. Attach the file with all the information to an email reply to us.

You can find more information on DXDiag at

3. Lastly it would be useful to include screen shots of the error messages in the email.

Thanks for reporting these issues, good luck and we hope Muvizu runs for you!

The Muvizu Team.
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Home ? Tips & Tricks ? Hints and tips for the 3D application