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07/03/2013 20:23:45

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I thought I would post this info because there are many that wonder "why" they are not making headway in certain areas so here is some info. Which I didnt write . Anyhow I actually suck at the social media thing mainly because as a "one man band" its impossible to do it all so you do as much as you can and ignore the rest.

here is a good article that explains "social media" and how to use it. They speak about 100 platforms well I can only handle two or three as a private individual and I dont do it well. I learned that what one needs to do is pick one or two as a private invididual and work on those. My two favourites are well facebook and youtube (youtube is considered a social media platform) and I have tried to add twitter but its well a lot of work because I am not good at abbreviating the world in 20 words or less. I do try though

anyhow here is the link to the article

Attaining a high-level of Social Presence includes 3 stages:
1. Selecting, Joining and configuring 100 Social Networks.
2. Writing expert content on your core subject and sharing this with the networks.
3. Engaging meaningfully with people about your content AND THEIRS.
Make no mistake, if you build social presence architecture and then only broadcast your sales messages without listening, responding and engaging, your effort will be for nothing and it will damage your brand.

another "hot topic" is video editing and being a person who really does video for "cool pixels" I shop around for good deals in software and dont just fork out a bucket load of money to adobe so here is what I came up with as a cost effective alternative to a package that would cost about 1,500 usd if you went the adobe premier pro + after affects route.

the first is the video editor which has been coming along nicely and is now in my opinion a "kick-ass" deal considering they have just added motion tracking, subtitile generation, boris graffit and now a new 3d title generator . It has dolby sound editing features and now pro greenscreen which satisfied my needs anyhow.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate is great and I am just going to upgrade my video studio 5 to 6 soon because of the added bells and whistles just added. Compared to sony vegas pro and adobe premier pro I think this is all that is needed plus more..

Then there is the after affects not included in that corel package although now with motion tracking you can actually add some neat after affects without adding a second video enhancing package.

Hitfilm Ultimate is still cheaper then after affects by miles

with those two packages you will save a bucket load of money and be able to add all the wierdo special affects and dolby sound and moving things you like and enough to drive any viewer mad!

Anyhow hopefully this info helps.
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26/11/2016 01:59:08

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Both of these applications are having Black Friday sales.

VideoStudio Ultimate X9.5 is half price $49.99

Hit Film has many packages to choose from.
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Home ? General Discussion ? Some information on two hot topics