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2017/3/28 1:31:43
27/3/17 today only Nice find drewi. This program looks like it's going to be very useful!
2017/3/8 0:24:32
Come along I really enjoyed this Ikes. The lighting effects used on the characters really added to the viewing. Not too mention the great overall direction on the whole piece. The song was pretty good too.
2017/2/18 22:22:38
My First Muvizu Video Thank you Rocque. This is my first Muvizu video but I do have other animations on my YouTube made with Moviestorm, Moviestorm iPad App, and The Movies Game.
2017/2/18 19:15:38
My First Muvizu Video sanjitill wrote:
Nice video! How long would you say it took to make it?

Thanks sanjitill!

The Muvizu portion did not take long at all. I'm a new user so I just started playing around with the audio file I had recorded and spliced together. It's hard to say where my actual play ended and my production began but I would guess I spent a couple of hours a night for 3 nights to tweak the lip synch, camera's and character actions. The audio splicing took about a couple of hours to record, and listen to, select and splice the final file.

That darn tree though.....that took me countless hours to work with the 3D model and remove branches, animate., and film. All that work was done outside Muvizu and I actually used screen capture software to film the tree animation and then composited that video into the frame using Vegas.
2017/2/8 11:16:59
VALENTINES DAY I actually started a video with a romantic theme a few weeks ago thinking I might be able to finish it in time for a Valentines Day release but it's expanded in length and progress has been slow so there's no way I'm going to finish it in time.
2017/1/27 3:37:21
seeing if there's any interest.... I think that's a great direction Pat. I don't have any need for it now but it looks like a great addon and I can think of plenty of time when after I've seen something it occurs to me later how it would be something I could use in a scene.
2017/1/27 3:04:44
getting into "the zone" for creativity... I've always seemed to have ideas floating around in my head and sometimes something in everyday life will trigger an idea. I used to draw my own comic stories as a kid but one problem with that was that I couldn't draw very well. My discovery of the first machinima program I used was a revelation. It had it's limitations but one could adapt and write stories that fit within the engine limitations.

Modding expanded the story telling capabilities of the machinima engines but added to the production time. It could sometimes lead to too much time invested in modding your own props, animation, and sets to meet your vision. I say this a a precursor to addressing "getting into the zone". Sometimes, I'd just like nothing more than to write, record & solicit VO's, and use my engine of choice with it's out of the box options and pump out my story. In other words, skip the frills, and put my idea to pen and then screen in quick and painless fashion see it take some kind of form on the screen rather than languish in my mind with so many other ideas. I think of myself as more of a writer than an director and sometimes while do enjoy that aspect of film-making and it can be fulfilling I think my sweet spot might be to just take a pre-vis production approach, especially for longer form pieces, and resist the urge to over mod and over produce a piece.

Sometimes I find myself at the computer not being productive because I get bogged down trying to find wardrobe or appropriate sets and props and contemplate possibly get sidetracked modding my own assets. I guess in a roundabout way I'm trying to say, I don't necessarily have a lack of idea's at the moment but it's the tedious parts of the process the can sap the urge to create out of me. When I get to the point where I've got my sets in place, the VO's recorded and edited and can just put it all together in the engine, that's when I can't wait to get to the computer and put it all together, because for me that's when I'm having the most fun.
2017/1/22 16:11:19
My First Muvizu Video I've been making machinima type content for over 10 years so I'm not so much a newbie to video production but this is my first release using Muvizu. I tinkered with the app a few years ago and had a video near completion lost due to a hard drive crash and never regrouped. I had a much more enjoyable experience this time around.

This is a parody ad for a fictional ancestral research website.

2017/1/22 16:04:57
Another newbie...Another first... Hey Jammer

Nice video. I really liked the song. Did you play all the instruments yourself, or was it a band or music app?
2017/1/20 4:40:09
Trick to simplify multi dialog & audio tracks That sounds like a pretty good trick.
2017/1/13 1:48:55
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity Great tutorial Pat. I wish it had been around when I first tried Muvizu a few years ago.
2017/1/5 0:23:13
need tutorial on basis dialog You can also check out these resources:

The Wiki

Directing Audio an Dialogue from the Wiki

How to Tutorials

Tutorial 14: Directing: Basic dialogue, music and sound fx
2017/1/2 14:08:51
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory PatMarrNC wrote:
You must either create the attachment yourself so you can apply it however you want, or ask the original creator for the model.

edited by PatMarrNC on 01/01/2017

Thanks Pat. So I guess in some ways this is the best way to provide an attachment (I'm thinking more of handheld items) you wanted to share that could be used on any character. The downside is it would need to be placed into the proper position/alignment by the user downloading it. I don't personally see that as downside but I think some users might. A screenshot of the properties could be provided in the download.

That brings up a side question. I see this notice on the Store:

As of February 2014 we will no longer be hosting new 3D models and audio files.

Does that mean Muvizu ready 3D models in FBX or ASE formats or models for modders to convert for use in Muvizu?
2017/1/2 13:25:26
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory Tangledbliss wrote:
Keep your attachment models in a folder somewhere on your computer and import them as they are required. It can be quite tricky getting it located properly each time, make two version of your character, say one with gun and one without gun and save them in favourites.

Thanks Tangledbliss.
2017/1/1 21:27:26
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory I've noticed that some user modded props are posted in the store within a set. For example, I downloaded drewi's UKtaserpolice set which contains a puppet holding a taser in his right hand. When I edit the character I can remove the object from his right hand but I don't see it in the available items to put it back. I also don't see how I could save it in my attachment window to use with other characters. I haven't compared other props to see if this was a one off situation or an issue with providing attachments by way of sharing a set.
2017/1/1 21:16:43
Shooting Animation I have been exploring the idea to use Muvizu for a couple of different scripts I have been drafting but I was disapointed to see there was not a default pistol attachment and therefore no associated animation options. Fortunately, there are some user mod pistol options but I'm curious if anyone can recommend any particular animation combination to simulate the shooting of a handgun. I went through every option and observed a couple of pointing animations that could be used but they are not perfect by any means. I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone has made any movies with shooting scenes and what was their "go to" animation to simulate the shooting of a pistol.
2016/12/30 4:06:02
Merry Christmas Video - Abou Al Santa Claus That was delightfully macabre and funny. I was impressed with some of the prop throwing animations and as a new user I am interested in how far one can push the envelope to simulate actions with props that are not available by default. I'm guessing it involved finding an appropriate animation and key framing the object in flight.
2016/11/26 1:59:08
Some information on two hot topics Both of these applications are having Black Friday sales.

VideoStudio Ultimate X9.5 is half price $49.99

Hit Film has many packages to choose from.
2016/11/26 1:02:05
sale on Silo 2.3.1 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Nahton, those Ts&Cs look ok for putting items on the store for free. I think one main part of the problem with what happened a week ago was that the user didn't give any credit to the original creators, implying everything was their own work.
Others may disagree though, and personally I'd only re-distribute content if I had permission from the original creator.

MrDrWho13, I'm not disagreeing on anything regarding the flare-up last week and to be honest I don't know enough about it to comment about the conduct of any individual(s) or make a judgement of any wrong doing. I read through the thread but I didn't circle back to the original release thread to verify what was said about ownership and it was contended by some that the original posts concerning the pack release had since been edited. I would whole heartedly agree that it is wrong for any individual to purchase or download free content from a site and repackage it as their own creation and not give any credit to the original creator of meet the license requirement. I was left with the impression that it was not content that originated on 3D Warehouse and as Pat had posted his evaluation of the 3D Warehouse license I wanted to offer my opinion on 3D Warehouse only.

I did get an impression that some posters seemed to be saying that all mods/packs should consist of original models only. I just don't see it that way, and I found it discouraging for anyone looking to add content that took it to heart.

PatMarrNC wrote:

So if you DL a model, modify it and put it in a set (derivative work) I interpret that to be OK under Sketchup's license. but...

If you DL it, do nothing but convert it to FBX and put basically the same model in a different web store... even for free... I think they don't want that.

I'm glad to hear you say that Pat. I believe we are in agreement. I actually meant to add that I thought that clause was to cover content being copied down from Sketch-up in the default format and posted on another site. I guess I might go a bit further and say that if a single model was converted to a proprietary format that could only be used in a proprietary application (Muvizu or MovieStorm) or needs further configuration or additional files to be bundled with the model in order for it to work within the program, it would meet the derivative requirement. For example, a single model in MovieStorm requires multiple files of various formats to be created in order for the converted model to work within the program. Each one is useless on it's own.

I think your approach to interpreting the license is correct. The language is broad and each person must follow their conscience. I'd just hate to see anyone take a hard-line stance to condemn anyone for taking the time to convert and share assets for free. I believe the intent of the developers is to share content as well. I think any lapse in taking care of the administrative work to provide a formal license is at least in part due to the fact they enjoy providing content for others and aren't concerned with the licensing. We shouldn't be trying to over think it and enforce our individual personal interpretations of the license (for free content) on our end. It is possible to search for models in the 3d Warehouse and add "Creative Commons" to the search parameter. This would aid in confirming the developer defined license for any individual model. If I really wanted to use a model and I did not see a license and couldn't contact the developer, I would feel comfortable that the developer posted it with the intent to share and the use of the model was governed by the General Model License.

Sorry to hijack this thread. I just wanted to add one final quote from a page on the 3d Warehouse Website:

"3D Warehouse is all about sharing — and that ethos extends to websites and social media."
2016/11/25 21:16:47
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Man, trying to decipher the licensing on the use of these models is painful. I followed the other thread where things flared up on this topic and I'm commenting on this thread as Pat has given his take on the Sketch-up license and that is where I have extensively imported models for another engine in the past. I will state up front that I have never resold any content and always shared any models that I altered, animated or reformatted for free. I haven't searched and imported a Sketch-up model into a game engine in some time but I can recall that there seemed to be more dependency on the Creative Commons licensing and the spirit of sharing that was inherent in their license philosophy. It seems more modelers would cite some level of CC licensing and usually it involved attribution. I always included attribution in my readme file and if possible in the name of the mod. On a couple of occasions I tried to contact modeler and let them know I had used the model in an animation engine, as that is something I would find of interest personally, and did not meet with any success.

Having never imported a model into Muvizu, I watched tonyob67's tutorial and see that the process could include adjusting the access so the model will work in Muvizu and changing the format so that it can be used in the engine. Once that process is complete you have created a derivative work of the model. Let's say for example you were making a boat add-on and you went through this process for a number of models and bundled them together. Let's throw in some color changes on a few of them as well. Once this is complete the content is shared on the store or another site as a pack for other Muvizu users to download and use. As I read through the 3D Warehouse license I don't see where any of this activity would be in violation and, based on my interpretation, it is in fact approved use.

Below is my one to one correlation of why I perceive the above activity as approved use with appropriate General License text excerpted from the 3D Warehouse, followed by comments in bold and underlined.

The license to the Models granted above is limited to:
Creating derivative works of Models (“Creations”), including by substantially modifying geometry, color, or other attributes of the Models, ..... This would cover re-targeting, re-coloring reformatting etcIncorporating or including Models and Creations into a larger work or a deliverable for a third party (“Combined Work”), provided that the Combined Work includes substantial additional content to the original Model; This would cover bundling into a packDistributing Models, Creations, and Combined Works to third parties for your business purposes (including for commercial purposes); This would cover distributing the models in the Muvizu store for free.Making a reasonable number of copies of the Models, Creations, and Combined Works in connection with the above uses; This would cover the copies made by sharing and distributing.
I could go on longer on this, but for now, I will finish by saying I think the licensing language is focused on protecting Trimble from misuse while maintaining a site that encourages creation, derivation, and sharing of content for all.
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