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30/07/2015 11:54:35

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Been meaning to ask for these for a while but wasn't sure where to put them - so I'll put them together:
  • Background opening - when opening Muvizu, it keeps forcing itself to the front which is problematic if you're typing at the same time
  • The ability to zoom out of the timeline further - it seems a bit limited at the moment
  • On the site search, could the wiki results be included as well because there is some useful information there that rarely gets looked at.


31/07/2015 21:26:39

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 1988
What He Said

Also, there is a rather harsh limitation when it comes to animating custom textures. I've come up with a way of animating eyebrows, but I have to use a custom texture slot for each frame, and there's only 9 to use - fair enough for one character, but the Character Properties palette is for ALL characters to share, rather than for each one, which is very limiting (I now find).

And while I'm here, is there any chance we could have the ability to turn on/off the lighting while in the Make Video window, like we used to be able to? I liked being able to turn the lights on at the very last second before I hit Make Video, whereas now I have to wade though unresponsive mouse movements and laggy buttons to get to that point because the lights are on (I know, it's my own fault for using the custom lighting and 100% shadow sharpness, but it looks nice...). Even worse, after you've finished rendering off the movie, you have to wade back through the lag to get to the Close button, which doesn't even activate half the time unless you waggle the window about to get it to refresh. Assuming of course that window hasn't dropped behind the main Muvizu window, which it seems to do all the time for me, forcing me to CTRL ESC to get the focus back.
01/08/2015 00:42:04

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Don't get me started on eyebrows!
Remember this -

When did the character textures become shared with all the characters? I thought they all used their own otherwise you couldn't give them different costumes.

Ideally I was hoping that I could import an object(like a backdrop) onto the face of a character with transparent eyebrow shaped pngs animated leaving the character textures separate but it ain't possible at the moment. I've suggested a few alternatives too for the never ending request list.

I've said this for about five years now -
If Muvizu introduced a way of animating facial expressions in the same realtime direction method as other aspects eg head moving etc then it would take it to an entirely new level.

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01/08/2015 16:31:09

(Account inactive)
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okay I will put my two cents in here

firstly some of these requests which I agree with sound more like bug fix requests Drink
-the lighting thing considering the size of files I work with etc (not that large really) the amount of memory consumption seems well very off.
- Also it appears there is some sort of leak or something as the software is slowing over time

cameras - this is a feature request hehe
-can we have a system that does not rely on me being a 20 year old coordinated gamer with a joystick who enjoys first person shooters. I am not *that* old but I am old enough to notice I can no longer work with them so just compromise/settle for static placement and do very little movement as a result and any movement I do is very jerky and unsmooth even when I am moving it smoothly etc. So can the cameras also be "quicky and easy" like the rest of muvizu is LOL
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07/08/2015 13:20:39

(Account inactive)
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can we have soft cloth attachments for the potato heads please
07/08/2015 13:43:06

drewiMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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When you are preparing character actions its a pain in the arse that after you select one the selecting interface disappears ...would like it to stay in place or just an add button i can quickly select several.
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