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07/09/2015 14:22:46

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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A question for the modellers out there and of course at ZUHQ.

I'm currently modelling a gable end which contains a round window and frame. Now the simplest method of construction is the 'ol Boolean subtraction. However my personal preference is for using a subdivision method, more stable, better topology although polygon intensive.

I suppose the real question is how important is topology in creating Muvizu assets?

Edited to add...just realised that Muvizu HQ in the Norfolk dialect comes out as Zoo 'aich Coo!
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07/09/2015 15:36:09

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Detail is usually created with normal maps and vector maps not polygons for the final model. You would create a very high poly model and put all your detail into that and then create a lower poly verson if the original and bake out the detail of the high poly model using the uvmap of the low poly model to create a normal map.

so basically do not get polygon intensive ever. If you can avoid boolean subtraction and use other more economical methods you should as these operations are not really meant for the final version of a game engine model they are there for creating the original high detail model.

In muvizu's engine your limited to the normal map I think although to be honest I have never created something that really required I use a vector map to bring out detail.

That being