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2021/6/17 10:05:41
Not really new I've been in and out of Muvizu financial roller coaster drama as an observer. I'm seeing a lot of creative ideas since this pandemic started. I hope it gets better.
2019/12/23 4:19:19
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm wishing the entire Muvizu community HAPPY HOLIDAYS & we must remain focused on our own aspirations no matter what changes come at Muvizu. The Jenna Bender Show will be returning & all episodes still play on

2019/7/25 11:34:21
HELP, muvizu is useless for comercial use? Wow, that's wild! I've been able to enter my web series into a number of film festivals and on a streaming platform.

2019/7/25 11:32:25
HELP, muvizu is useless for comercial use? Wow! That's wild because I've been fortunate to enter my web series on a various amount of platforms & some known film festivals.

2017/2/25 7:30:36
Assets with characters holding an item Curious as the topic of moving objects is something I need to master. Example - how do you format a simple game of catch between two kids?
2017/1/23 17:53:31
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU I certainly will. I'm aware that experimentation is necessary for creative juices to flow. When the time is right, you'll be the 1st to know.
2017/1/23 3:21:15
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU WOW, Ziggy72! Twilight's Last Gleaming is an awesome short! If you're not submitting this to film festivals, you certainly should! I'm looking into Hit Film tutorials right now to see what enhancements they can make on upcoming projects.
2017/1/23 3:16:14
Damn, all of them? I used HF on every shot in Twilight's Last Gleamings (TLG) in different ways... But the main ones are as follows :

LUTs! Every shot was given a LUT colour grade. LUTs are Look Up Tables, and have some deep technical explanation as to what they do. I don't know what they do specifically, I just know they can add a million dollars to your production by adding them. HF doesn't have any preloaded LUTs to use, so do a google search for free ones. A good starting point is here : Just click on the green download text. Each LUT gives you a completely different look, and because it's on a grade you can use the Transform > Opacity to reduce the effect, or combine different LUTs together. I used the 'Bob' Ford look for TLG, and then tweaked as necessary.

Title - Glow combined with Light Rays. Moved the position of the Light Rays a little to make it pan across the words a bit (keyframing is easy in HF).

Steam from the funnels on the ship are Muvizu's own, but heavily blurred in HF.

Boiler room shot - lots of effects on this one to help boost the original shot. I used Vignette, Vibrance, Falling Debris effect (aimed at camera rather than floor), Shake effect, and a Light Flare effect to ramp up the explosion (all keyframed to change the intensity as the shot progresses).

0:54 - surgery shot. Just a little Blood Spray with the particles set very low, very contained. Used a motion track on the footage to line up the blood spray, since Dr Benway's POV is a bit drunk... (if you haven't used motion tracking in HF yet, look at the tutorial for it - it's so easy! And it's in the free version of Hitfilm (Express) as well, so ditch your current video editor and get this instead!)

1:43 - 2nd surgery shot. The hardest shot to put together. Top layer is just the patient, next layer down is just the arms, next layer down are the two Blood Sprays, and the bottom layer is the green sheet transitioning into a bloodier version of the green sheet. This was all necessary to get the blood to be under the hands and breathing pipe.

1:45 - I added Light Rays to the light above his head, and was amazed to see it reacts naturally to his head moving in front of it! I didn't do anything, I didn't know Light Rays in HF did that. I do now . Added a motion track to his cigarette, then added a picture of ash falling which initially tracks the cig then falls away.

1:51 - Blood sprays can be subtle too... Just a little trickle falls from his hand as he pushes it towards the nurse (the Spray was attached to a Point attached to the motion track of his hand).

1:58 - The patient is a separate layer, and I moved the camera in Muvizu to make her 'slide' out of shot. Had to mask off the bottom bit of the table from her shot as she slides (should have done it with separate shadows really).

2:11 - My favourite shot, because no one noticed what I did. It's impossible to get a Muvizu character to stand up, walk forward ONE step and turn immediately. Hee hee...

2:18 - Light Rays again, love them.

2:22 - Actually no, this is my favourite shot. Again, no one noticed it's impossible to get a character to jump down a short distance (think about it - you can do this in Muvizu yourself...). Used Lens Blur and Glow to make the fire more dramatic.

2:29 - Again, combining Lens Blur with Glow gives you the effect of the light 'bleeding' over the actor, which looks great.

End Titles - Best to just list what I changed...

Lightning & Electricity - Seed 13, Trunks 10, Wave 0.89, Core colour bright red, Glow yellow Opacity 0.24
Motion Blur
Glow - Intensity 2.2, Threshold 61%, Radius 36
Light Rays

Hope this helps. I am a learner at this HF stuff too, and learned everything I know about the program making TLG. I know I've only scratched the surface, and there's a whole world of 3d stuff to get into as well.

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2016/10/29 22:41:01
Seems this is a 2 parter.... ziggy72 wrote:
You could use a green screen shot of water like this :

... and use Hitfilm Express or whatever video editing software you have to put it into the shot and fake it that way.

The 3D text can also be done in Hitfilm, but I don't know if you need the Pro version for that. I'm sure there are free 3D title generators out there, it's just a case of how you mix them with your footage, and again this comes back to your video editor.

I appreciate the advice, ziggy72
2016/10/29 22:39:14
Seems this is a 2 parter.... tonyob67 wrote:
The easiest thing for me would be to make the letters in photoshop
with a transparent background in PNG and put them in a backdrop in Muvizu,
That's What I would do, because I dont know how to make 3d models neither..depending on how you want to use them

Thanks, Tonyob67
2016/10/29 22:39:14
Seems this is a 2 parter.... tonyob67 wrote:
The easiest thing for me would be to make the letters in photoshop
with a transparent background in PNG and put them in a backdrop in Muvizu,
That's What I would do, because I dont know how to make 3d models neither..depending on how you want to use them

Thanks, Tonyob67
2016/10/29 20:26:53
Seems this is a 2 parter.... 1. I have a great idea and thought it would really serve the purpose of the narrative to use 3D Chinese letter fonts but not only are they hard to find, they're harder to import on Muvizu. Will I have to take a tutorial on Sketch Up ( OMG! ) or Blender ( double OMG ) to resolve this?

2. I would like to get the actual water in a glass pouring effect to happen & this would help IMMENSELY when a bar scene or something to that effect is required.

Thanx in advance!
2016/8/21 5:55:28
Competition? Thank you, sir! And I've already purchased the software last year, just to mention. Will try to meet the deadline but I'm juggling a few other things behind the scenes. Will be in touch!
2016/8/21 1:22:32
Competition? With the expansion of new media taking it's place on digital platforms, I think forward is the only direction!
2015/5/23 16:57:05
2015 Passion Competition update Speaking as a screenwriter and amateur animator, Muvizu is a powerful tool in bringing ideas to life. That being said, I believe being sponsored by indie film festivals would introduce a new paradigm for future members.
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