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2010/9/2 16:52:12
Spurious update request We just noticed that our content distribution network (CDN) was returning an old file to the launcher app that would have requested people do another update today - even if they did on Tuesday or Wednesday. It would have started processing if they said yes and then failed because those files no longer exist on our server. The current build should still be ok if you did this.

We're not sure where it got the file, but it must have been using an old cached one. And we've flushed its cache again, and it seems OK now.

Just wondered if anyone else saw this?
2010/9/2 16:50:31
Problems with Import Hi Machine,

Sorry you're getting a crash, can you email the screen shots to - and we'll have a look. It sounds like it's unrelated to the update - if you put the old version back on and it's still doing the same.

If you haven't tried already, try restarting your machine as well. It probably won't help but always the first thing to try for any tech support.
2010/9/2 9:07:36
Vista Update Hi Masaman,

Your sets should be fine - though we have discovered that on some sets with spotlights, the spotlights sometimes come in black, and need to be reset. Once saved in the new version, they would be fine. Ooops. We'll sort that for the next release.

If you've put characters into the favourites, then you may lose them. A simple fix for that though is just to put all of your characters into one set, save it. Do the reinstall/update thing, load the set and re-add them to the favourites again.

As ever, when installing/uninstalling software make sure your data (sets) is backed up. In case anything should go horribly wrong. Which I am sure it wouldn't but...
2010/9/1 15:38:12
Keyframe animator? It's entirely possible. But no guarantees.
2010/9/1 15:28:01
New tutorials made Hi Kaynine,

The download is a complete copy of the full app.

Though, if you run the launcher - and allow it to run the updates, it will just get what it needs to build the new version.

With regards to app requiring more power - it shouldn't really, but... if you install it - and find it's too much for you. I am sure if you got in touch, we could get you a copy of the old one again - to tide you over till you beef up your machine.
2010/9/1 9:20:08
Blender 2.49 ASE Export Tips n Tricks Hi Zeck,

Thanks for tips. Just as a wee addition to this with the textures, Muvizu will check the following:

1. The path specified in the ASE file.
2. The path that the ASE file is in.
3. A subdirectory called "textures" of the path that the ASE file is in.

So if your texture is in one of these, you won't need to do the file editing thing.
2010/8/31 9:45:13
Muvizu updates - in what form? Hi Hermit,

The only updates that should be happening are about once every two months. It does do the check without asking, but won't install the updates without asking - and as I say, if you run unconnected then it really won't mind - and will just run.

It's possible that Muvizu it will have updated the configuration (the three files mentioned before) but no one should have been changing things - and if they have without notifying me then I'll be having words. In the new release the configuration update has been disabled, because there's too much config data to transfer about now - and we never really used it.

It does still do the version checking thing on startup though.

As far as I can see the beard slider is there in the current release, and it's certainly in the new one. But only on the "stubbly beard" though. It's not there on the others. I'm fairly sure that has not been changed. (In the new release, this will be classed as a "fake beard" - as we've got more acurate "morphing" beards now.)
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2010/8/31 8:31:37
Unfaithful Nancy --- Muvizu with another program Hi Kaynine,

Nice vid.

You should be able to upload the video directly through the muvizu site - instead of using the application. There should be an upload video option somewhere (under "my profile" - I think - and probably a few other places.) It will then allow us to pick up the video for display on our site.
2010/8/27 16:54:00
Muvizu updates - in what form? Hello Hermit,

I generally agree with you. Personally, I'm not a big fan of "dial home" software.

However, our version check is really just that - it connects, sees if there are differences and asks if you'd like to upgrade, you are allowed to say no. If you find that annoying you could bypass the Launcher application - and run the Muvizu application directly.

It should work whether you are connected to the internet or not. (Caveat: with the current installer there are three cache files missing - and it requires a quick chat with the server when you first run it to create them. After these files have been generated then you don't need to have an internet connection to run Muvizu. And this will no longer be an issue with the release next week, as it will install these files and it doesn't check for this data any more.)

We've not done this for tracking purposes or for anything nefarious, it is simply to allow people to know when we've updated the software.

As I said above, I'm not that happy with the way it's working at the moment anyway, and it may change in future releases. I'll take this on board - I understand and agree with you.
2010/8/27 8:09:49
Muvizu updates - in what form? Hi Kaynine,

The program that runs when you Launch Muvizu does a quick check on our servers for a more up to date version. If it finds it, it will tell you that new parts are available - and ask if you want to download them. It should then download the relevant bits and install them (if you want to - of course).

There is one known problem with this on Vista machines, where it will download all the parts and then unfortunately it won't be able to install them. So Vista machines will need to do the full download thing again. The new installer is sitting at around 500MB (quite a hefty one - sorry.) The updates would still be in the region of 200MB (off the top of my head - maybe a bit more.)

I'd recommend uninstalling before re-installing - if you're using the installer - but I think it should work if you don't.

This all seemed a good idea when we started, but I'm not so sure about it now. So it may change in subsequent releases, and then again - it may not.
2010/8/26 9:06:21
FPS FPS does apply, and it is currently set to 25fps. (How very British of us.) We may give options to change it in some other release, but nothing's planned yet.

Is output framerate something people would want to change?
2010/8/26 8:59:25
Robot interview and matters arising Oy! Stop poking me.

I'm actually not really an expert, but I guess it's all relative.

We will support anything that video for windows will allow us to use. Which should be any video codec with a fourcc, that supports the resolution chosen. As to which ones are any good, personally, I quite like xvid but maybe that's just me.

Uncompressed gives you the best quality output, but the files will be absolutely huge, and you won't really be able to get that long a clip due to the limitations of the video for windows library.

At the moment, we just ask all the codecs to be top quality. But I had a quick look, and getting the configuration boxes up should be straight forward. While it won't make it into the release next week, it will be in the one after that. About 8 weeks after - I think.

If you use something like ffdshow then it can give you a much wider range of codecs and there's an external config program for it. (Actually, so does xvid.) I know that Barry used ffdshow when he did his latest Geraldo clip. XVid, DivX and other mp4 based codecs gave him a lot of grief when he was doing some post process work with it.

A couple of other things in the pipeline for video output. (No timescales on these, they'll happen when they happen.)

1. Image sequence output + Audio file. This is easier to work with for some video editing software.
2. Change the way we write video files. We currently use the old video for windows library, which is - shall we say - rubbish. We did this originally to get it in and working quickly, but there are a lot of limitations to using it - we're aware of them and want to change it - but it's really a case of when we can fit it in.
2010/8/18 9:50:03
Follow action with Cameras? Hi Gontour,

At the moment at the moment there is no way to move cameras, and the only thing you could do really is have different camera cuts at different parts of the walk.

However, we are currently working on a method to animate cameras - and these should make there way into a release quite soon.

2010/8/18 9:42:59
muvizu won't open error message Hi Artie1,

I'm afraid the problem is that the graphics in your computer is not capable of running muvizu. Muvizu is built upon the Unreal game engine and it does require a fairly good graphics card to work - with at least the capabilities of an Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card.

There's an application that may fool muvizu into running, details of it are here:

But it is possible that it won't make any difference.

2010/8/10 10:40:40
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error Hello again,

I just had a look at the details and it is your graphics card. It's an onboard intel card, which I am afraid does not have the capabilities that the unreal engine requires.

Given that you have a notebook computer, you won't be able to upgrade the graphics card, so your only hope of getting this working would be to use the application Jim mentioned in the thread I mentioned earlier. (And there are no guarantees of that.)

2010/8/10 8:01:58
walking Hello Alanfromdarwen,

If you go to direct animation, hit record, and then just drag the big disc on the floor around the character will walk in the path you draw.

You can see how to do the movement in this tutorial here:

2010/8/9 17:24:59
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." OK, that is a bit weird. We've seen codecs causing the issue before, but it's not even getting to the point of using your codec before it breaks. It is actually at the point of opening the file that it fails.

The possible failures according to the MSDN docs are filetype does not have a handler (which since it will be AVI I would doubt very much), file not writable or out of memory.

We'll look into it further - but it's a strange one.

2010/8/9 14:33:45
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error Hello xXHNutXx,

Looking at the error message, it would seem that your graphics card is not up to the minimum spec. GlasgowJim posted something that may help get muvizu running on your system at the end of this thread here:

I'm not sure that it will help, but it may allow Muvizu to run.

If you post the details as suggested by Emily or just tell us the make/model of your graphics card then we can confirm that it is the graphics card that is the problem. Also, you would need to run your graphics card at a higher resolution - at least 1024x768 to get the best out of muvizu.

2010/8/9 12:05:30
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi David,

Just out of curiosity - do you have problems saving set files? Just wondering if Muvizu can save any files at all or if it's a specific video problem.

2010/8/3 9:58:46
Error msg - first time running Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear you're getting this message, but it is most likely your graphics cards that are causing the problem. Our minimum spec for the graphics card is a Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card. Generally they need to have shader model 2 or above - and a floating point render target. Most new nVidia or ATI cards will have this. Many onboard graphics cards (often Intel ones) just sadly don't have the power to run the Unreal engine.

If you let me know what type of graphics cards you've got I'll confirm for you whether they will work or not.

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