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2016/3/7 11:26:38
Robot wars I was at the filming of one episode yesterday afternoon. It was excellent, but watching TV being filmed is really long and slow. I was on set for 5 hours and they only filmed 10 minutes of battles.

They asked us not to post pictures of the house robots or spoil any of the results, so I can't go into details. I think I'm okay showing you this photo I took of a robot that burst into flames after it was defeated, though.

2016/2/3 11:38:04
Robot wars Some new info and registrations for tickets:
2016/1/8 10:44:44
Timeline Endpoint Setting MrDrWho13 wrote:
It sounds like the endpoint was actually at 0, and hadn't been moved, so by default it's actually at the end point and start point when the position is 0. Therefore, pressing the "end" button took you to the limit of Muvizu which is 20 minutes, rather than the actual point where you wanted the video to end.

MDW's correct, there always has to be a start and an end marker, but they might both be at 0. Pressing the ">>|" button will normally jump to the end marker, but if you're already at or past it, it'll jump to the maximum time of 20 minutes.

As for keyboard shortcuts, the home and end keys will jump to the previous/next marker, ctrl+home and ctrl+end will jump to the start and end markers (or 0/20mins if you're already at or past the marker).
2016/1/7 10:49:47
Timeline Endpoint Setting If you right click the start or end markers, you'll get a little dialog box that lets you edit them both.
2016/1/7 10:40:23
Moving custom characters to new computer Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for the Win10 tip, Fazz.
2016/1/6 19:22:35
Moving custom characters to new computer Favourites get saved to a folder (usually "C:\Users\All Users\Muvizu\Favourites") on your hard drive. Each favourite is a .FAV file and you should be able to simply copy them from one machine to another.

I hope that helps.
2015/12/6 18:07:37
installing MUVIZU to a USB drive... ukBerty and MDW are correct, when you activate Muvizu it identifies the PC that it's running on. If you put the USB drive into another PC, the licence information would be incorrect and it would either run as an unlicensed copy, or would refuse to run (I can't remember which and can't check right now).
2015/12/6 18:01:36
Danimal I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
2015/12/1 13:41:26
Please allow keyframing for Depth of Field braj wrote:
Please allow keyframing for camera's Depth of Field, it would act just like a zoom/wide angle lens, making many shots easier/possible.

MDW's right, this is already possible. You need to enable depth of field on the camera first, then go to "Prepare object properties" and select the camera. From there, you can key frame the focus distance, focus range, focus falloff and scale. Hope that helps.
2015/11/30 15:53:46
How to install Muvizu on a new laptop ssnvet wrote:
Thanks for getting back to me - I already own the Muvizyu Play+, I want to get it on my new laptop. Do I need to buy Muvizu again?

You don't need to buy Muvizu again, we let you run it on two computers. Simply install it on your laptop and re-activate it using the key we already sent you.
2015/11/15 16:16:48
Key frames update 10th November MrDrWho13 wrote:
Oops, "licence manager" was "upgrade to Muvizu:play+" for a while, but they've changed it back.

If you've got regular Play it says upgrade, but once you get Play+ it changes to licence manager.
2015/11/2 11:37:12
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ukBerty wrote:
The "separate shadows" tick box on layers does not seem to save with sets.

Ta for that, we're getting it fixed.
2015/10/23 10:28:54
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ukBerty wrote:
And please, please allow groups to appear in the layers windows - you have no idea how tedious this is !

I've just had to ungroup around 100 groups and move single objects manually......
edited by ukBerty on 23/10/2015

If you right click and edit the group, you can set the layer of all the objects within that group at once, you don't need to ungroup and change them all individually. I hope that helps.

We're still discussing what to do about this and we think we have a solution but it might not make it in time. As you can imagine we're very busy trying to sort out the key framing and that's currently taking priority.
2015/10/14 13:05:59
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Jamie wrote:
We're looking in to this one. There's a larger consideration to get groups on the render layers window. Part of it is the technical side of how we actually manage the data in the backend but generally it comes down to a few questions:

The main problem is with selecting an object within a group. At the moment, you can click on an object in the layers window and it selects it in your scene. Similarly, you can select an object in the scene and it highlights it in the layers window.

However, the Muvizu backend doesn't allow an individual object that is within a group to be selected; it can only select the group as a whole. So I have to either leave it as it is until we find a solution, or remove the feature of selecting and highlighting from within the layer window (and then maybe put it back in once we find a better solution). I think leaving it as is for the moment is the lesser of two evils. For that I apologise, but we are still looking into it.
2015/9/13 12:15:20
Licence question tresor wrote:
I also got the same problem with my license reseting each time I turn Muvizu off. I'm obliged to connect to the Internet to reactivate it each time. Isn't there a way to have it activated once for all? Thanks

Activating it once will activate it permanently, but the licence system we use identifies your computer by its "MAC address" which is the ID of your network or wifi adapter. I think by turning off your internet connection, you're hiding the network adapter from Muvizu and it's unable to match up the licence with the MAC address.

If you start Muvizu up with the internet connected, I suspect it will work.
2015/9/9 10:53:11
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty wrote:
Just to make sure that Muvizu HQ know that "Camera Shake" is still not compatible with layers..

I'll log a call.

I poked Dave about it. He said "Oi, stop poking me" and then promised he'd fix it.
2015/9/8 11:43:14
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty wrote:
So basically if you save your set when any layers are hidden then the set will never open again Loo Flush
When you have a more complex set textures go missing from objects as well and if you save again the set won't open at all.
I'll log a incident with support as this is a nasty one and I've wasted days of work Violin, but at least I know what it is now

Thanks for the detailed report, ukBerty. We've figured out what's causing the problem and we're looking at how best to fix it (without hopefully breaking anything else in the process... oh dear god).

As you've noted, your actual sets are fine and haven't been corrupted, the problem is during the loading. So once we release a fix, your sets should load correctly again. Of course, you can't use them in the meantime and for that I apologise.
2015/8/18 11:21:45
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
When rendering could you only render the layers selected please.

Dave tells me this should already be fixed for the upcoming patch, along with the issue with the effects.

As for your request about remembering avi/tga, it's too late to make it in the patch (we'd have to start testing again and put it back a few days), but I'll get it sorted for the next release.
2015/8/17 18:40:51
4/8/15 Release Bugs ziggy72 wrote:
What I'm asking for is this - see that the header box at the top that says 'Layer'? I'd like to click that and, like Windows explorer, Muvizu would sort the layers into alphabetical order.

Yeah, I was hoping that wasn't what you were asking for. I'll have a look when I get chance. In the meantime, there's always the filter textbox at the top that you can use to trim down the list a bit. Assuming you haven't called all 200 objects the same thing, that is.

Regarding the transparency issue with effects, I *believe* this is already fixed and will be in the patch we're hoping to get out soon. I've emailed Dave to check but he's gone home already. The cheek of it, it's only 6:30pm!
2015/8/17 16:06:08
4/8/15 Release Bugs ziggy72 wrote:
it would EXTREMELY useful if we could use the headers on the Layers window to sort them by type (what we named them)

Could you expand on that please, Ziggy? Ta muchly.
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