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2011/3/30 14:30:41
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Clearly we need a Dreeko Tutorial Tutorial.

Nice work (yet again), Mr Dreeko.
2011/3/28 12:07:12
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? bigwally wrote:
Hopefully, there will be new features that will allow me to do what I needed to do (or at least, fake it).

The next release is primarily an upgrade to the Unreal Engine platform and Morpheme animation system that we use to power Muvizu. Sadly, there won't be a huge number of new features in the next release. The latest news post describes it better than I could:

News wrote:
So, when it finally arrives, what will the next release contain? The short answer is everything and at the same time, not much. Everything under the hood has changed - for the better, we think, and so that should improve stability, but very little of this is visible.

However, the upgrade will remove several roadblocks that have been hampering our developers in recent months. We'll return to our frequent release schedule and we'll hopefully get to the features you need.

bigwally wrote:
Also, how about multiple soundtrack channels for smoother dialogue direction. No more characters mouthing to other characters dialogue.

This is one feature that is currently being worked on. It won't make it into the next release, but should hopefully be in the one after.
2011/3/26 18:12:59
Sets/Objects - Works in progress
2011/3/26 17:59:16
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko wrote:
Every day is a day at schoo it seems!

Some of them should cover spelling.

Love the tutorial, btw.
2011/3/24 15:08:31
Camera Order If you bring up the Timline, there should be a coloured bar labelled as "Camera". If you right-click this bar, you can change the camera.

Hope that helps.
2011/3/23 15:25:26
CLR20r3 error Excellent! That's the sort of tech-support job we like. The ones where it just gets fixed and we don't have to do any of that hard stuff like figuring it all out.

Enjoy your speedy new laptop.
2011/3/23 14:53:12
CLR20r3 error Hi,

Sorry you're having trouble with Muvizu. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it and get you going.

The CLR20r3 error is a .NET Framework error, but it's a vague error that means "there's been a problem". There should be some further information in the error message that appears. If you could send us that information, or a picture of the message box, that would help us to figure it out.

Thanks in advance.
2011/3/22 10:33:02
Numa Numa Guy Great, it's stuck in my head now. Gavel

Nice work.
2011/3/21 14:39:46
Ziggys new animation Luscan wrote:
New version is up. Thanks for your patience, Ziggy. Outstanding work, have a gold star.

Oh yeah, we should probably introduce Jim's replacement, Luscan. Please be nice to him.
2011/3/20 0:52:11
keyboards and drums? I'm glad it worked. It's something we really need to fix once and for all.
Looking forward to seeing your video.
2011/3/19 18:00:30
keyboards and drums? It sounds like a sitting / standing thing.
2011/3/17 10:30:47
Recording conversations Tangledbliss wrote:
Does it all have to go in line by line alternating between each character?

For the moment, yes. In a future release, you'll be able to assign a separate dialogue track to each character. I'm not sure when, however.
2011/3/12 12:59:27
Random faces/heads Dreeko wrote:
Glad to hear Jim's send off was a good un! He will be missed I'm sure..

True, but it'll be months before they find the body.

Just Kidding
2011/3/12 12:43:31
Random faces/heads Danimal wrote:
Sounds like a pretty wild Friday night!

It's actually a good description of Jim's leaving do last night.

The random face button is a good idea and I'll try to incorporate it with the UI redesign. I'll probably add a "random body" button too. It'll be harder to do favourites for faces, but I'll look into it.

As for grouping characters and editing them, we've had technical issues with grouped characters which is why we don't currently support it. It's something we'd like to get working eventually.
2011/3/10 17:44:03
Muvizu Ghoust?? They're Muvizu characters.
2011/3/10 16:58:35
Muvizu Ghoust?? JonBez will be able to explain it better, but I believe he filmed the scene twice. The first time, he recorded it without the ghosts, then recorded it a second time with the ghosts. Then he put the two videos together, one on top of the other, to make the ghosts look transparent.

I hope that answers your question.
2011/3/10 11:56:29
Is it possible to add video or animated textures? mongrove wrote:
Is it possible to us a video with an alpha channel?

Not currently, but it's something I've been promising to look into.

mongrove wrote:
Is the only compatible format avi?

Yes, only AVI is currently supported.

mongrove wrote:
Is there any way that the plane can show just a part of the texture, ie can you modify its uv map?

In the current version, no. The next release will have limited scaling of the texture on the abstract blocks.
2011/3/9 16:03:48
Jim's last day glasgowjim wrote:
Only one Baldy? If the blokes from this office went out on a bright day passing aircraft would be dazzled by the glare!

That'll never happen in Glasgow!

Keep in touch, Jim and good luck with the new job. We'll miss you.
2011/3/9 10:45:34
Speed up, Slow down animations? I posted about this just the other day, but I can understand how you missed it as oddly, it was in a topic about lights.

Here's the post:

Neil wrote:
There is currently a technical limitation with the animation system we use that prevents us from changing the playback speed of an animation. The next release (due soonish) will use a newer version of both the Unreal Engine and the Morpheme animation system that will lift this restriction, among many others.

Now, I should mention that the next release won't include the ability to change the duration. It's been a busy release cycle for us with a lot of technical shenanigans, so we haven't had time to add many new features. We'd prefer to release something with bug fixes and whatever small improvements we've managed to make and spend the next release cycle working on new features based on the new engine.

So, the tl;dr version... It's coming.
2011/3/9 10:33:03
Animations Characters do while Creating Them Gordon wrote:
This is an easy feature to add, so should be available in the next release.

Since Gordon's the dev who's responsible for programming the animation system, you can take this as already answered. It'll be in the next release.
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