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2016/6/15 18:16:00
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, looks really good. Your backdrop is a little warped - I always 'compress' my skydome picture vertically in photoshop because Muvizu stretches it out to fit (so it evens out in the finished shot and helps to avoid those kind of distortions). Incidentally, the ideal dimensions for the skydome sky are :

W = 2048
H = 512

If you reduce the width to 1024 and duplicate it you end up with a reasonably 'flat' looking sky. So, what happens now on the planet?

Cool ! Thanks that is very useful.
2016/6/15 12:03:36
Coming Soon 2016 Hi everyone !
Here´s my first animation test for this short animated film I´m planning to do with Muvizu. (Continuing what I´ve said on another thread here in the forum); Just the basics for now. Later it will be more polished and all that. Consider this like some sort of a trailer.

I´ve been around Muvizu for months on end now, but excepting for another early test of mine some months ago to figure out how muvizu worked; this one now "Planet of no Return" is my first official atempt of creating something with Muvizu.
For now my idea is to try to create a movie using only the standart Muvizu assets to get a general feel of the limitations, (except for my own illustration in the background); so essentially, it´s a test, not only for the animation but to see what I could do with editing, sound atmosphere, etc, etc, etc, you know how it is.

I plan to create a more detailed group of sets and then continue to fully develop my idea into a short animated movie, in between my illustration work. In the future I want to import my own models for sets, etc.
2016/6/14 11:08:06
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Yup, the mounds and hills here are spoiling the feel. I´m just using the generic stuff. Actually it´s part of the challenge for me here... how to create a set that looks interesting using nothing but the standart things. The background I´ll adjust it at the end. I´m at the experimenting phase now.
I plan to import some models maybe, when I have the time to do them...time is my worst enemy here right now.
2016/6/13 23:12:10
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Thanks for taking a peek at my illustration stuff.
I just got back to Muvizu, because I want to try to create a simple story I have in mind for years now and I think it will be a great way for me to explore the narrative potential out of the software. I´m building an alien planet set right now, using my own illustrations as background, so let´s see how this goes.

Here´s my alien planet on its first stage of completion. On the left the set, on the right, how it looks through a camera lens.

I´m running Muvizu on an IMac by the way. A 2012 IMac which I installed windows in it using the bootcamp thing. It took me months to get it done because for months on end I encountered dozens of problems (crappy windows copies I guess) and because I do not use a windows PC for many years now, I was unable to play more with Muvizu as I was actually hopping for a Mac version to come out.

Nevertheless I finally have it on my Mac. It runs fantastic although I keep having a problem with my muvizu registration as no matter how many times I activate it , it keeps sending me to the activation process a lot. I have no Idea why is this happening.
2016/6/13 16:11:31
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Yup, my avatar is one of my characters. You can get a better idea of what I do if you check
Although nowadays I do a lot of 2d illustration, some years ago I also worked in 3d. In fact I started in 3D back in 1993 when 3d Studio was in DOS and came in 10 installation disketes. So you can see how far I go with this stuff.

Currently although I haven´t been doing much 3D for some years now, my software of choice for that is Blender, but the fact is that I don´t have time for that. Either I do illustration or I work in 3d and that is how Muvizu really sounded like the perfect tool for me and it would be perfect if it would allow me to let my own character creations in there to take advantage of the incredible "directing" concept this software has already.

Crazy Talk Animator I have considered to use it for sometime now. In fact for some clients I went between Muvizu and Crazy Talk but I think Muvizu is simply the best on what it does and so I presented my ideas based on the use of Muvizu, and because of the lack of freedom to build my own characters I didn´t got the projects. My clients loved Muvizu actually, and if it was not for that little detail I would be doing a lot of work based on it.

I could have taken their project and do it in Blender but as I said, if I did that I didn´t had time to illustrate. Muvizu so far is the only real good software that offered me some shortcuts which would allow me to rentabilize my time.

By the way, when I came across Muvizu, I instantly thought it would be the perfect tool for me to create an animated version of my martian fantasy comics , but for that I needed to be able to model my own characters into it...!download-free-comics-fantasy-humor/dz87w
If that ever gets possible, for me Muvizu will be an endless pool of choices where I will have a ton of fun.
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2016/6/12 23:42:58
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Well I was hoping that would be the case anyway...

I still love Muvizu and I really hope to see some progress on our freedom to add personal characters to it soon. Get this in and this software will be a complete masterpiece.
As an illustrator I get asked a lot to create characters. Sometimes I have clients that want little animations to present a product or something and muvizu is absolutely perfect in everything for that...except for the characters. The last thing clients want me to use is someone else´s style when they hire me to create original characters with my own style and if Muvizu will allow for more character creation in the future I think nothing will beat this.
2016/6/12 19:21:06
Minimaker....New Digimania Product I´m completely puzzled by this site...
What is this software for anyway ? Is there a demo to download ? There´s a link there but then anything you want to do within the website it asks you for a private developer login or something...
And it´s not clear what relation it has with muvizu...can we finally see something that allows us to design our own characters ?...

I´ve been trying to use muvizu commercially for some projects for months on end now. My clients love the feel of the organic animation, the potential of the software but then... i tell them they cannot have my own characters in there and they can only have animations featuring costumizable pre-made characters by muvizu and everyone gives up on me. I´ve been "fired" three times now for trying to use muvizu in my own illustration related projects with my clients for illustration based work.

I love the software, but it seems to be stuck in its potential until the time it allows from some serious individual creation from illustrators and or modellers when it comes to character uploading. If there is one thing that Muvizu should be focusing as an update for this program is in allowing us to -really- create our characters in there.

When I saw this Minimaker page it seemed like the answer to my prayers, but now im totally download link, nothing is clear on how minimaker relates to character creation for muvizu... i´m completely lost here and its about time we get more creative freedom for characters because this software is brilliant but it seems to be stuck until this chatacter creation is really adressed as an upgrade on of this days.
2016/3/25 10:47:44
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! This Dragon is really excellent. This is the type of character style that´s been missing in Muvizu.
Thank you very much. Maybe it can be used for something for sure.
2015/6/3 12:24:59
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Thanks for the help (love them). Im going to write a nice review about muvizu soon for my pages too. I really like this software a lot !

Ive spoken to another client of mine and Muvizu is going to be used for a big project ill be working on soon. If all goes well by February of next year , dozens of little muvizu movies will be spread out all over Portugal and Brazil as they will be part of an (already) sucessful comercial educational software for kids around here in Portugal, ( which ill be updating with new animations. That is why the character bit of muvizu is so important to me right now. I really need to pull the most out of the character costumization to bring this thing to life.
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2015/6/1 23:31:34
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Hey, that is actually very cool !! It can be used as a gargoyle perhaps and it certainly has a lot of uses !!

By the way, if i can have one more request... a typical grey alien would be very welcome too. I have some stories to tell that would be perfect to be created with muvizu.
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2015/6/1 19:52:18
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Well.. although I love Muvizu, my client just got me fired because of this video. Haha, really. At least the animation section I had planned is not going to go ahead...although Im still going to illustrate her books she absolutely hated the test video because she hated the visual style of the characters, does not like the muvizu program at all mainly because of that and does not want to see her children poetry work associated with the visual style of muvizu at all...Personally as I said i would love to have really good flexibility with the characters visuals and style but I still think this is a great tool if we focus on specific projects.
Unfortunelly this one I had high hopes for to spend a lot of fun times animating in Muvizu is not going to happen.

My client wanted to see a dragon character in the film and she wanted the story animated instead of just having a character telling it. When i said there is no way to create a personalized dragon character here, I was just told to scrap the entire project because the client hates everything about muvizu now....

Fortunelly , I have another client for children books which actually loved the animation and totally understood about muvizu limitations, so i might end up doing some projects for her in the future. Meanwhile im planning my own personal muvizu projects just for fun.
2015/6/1 0:12:14
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Hello everyone.
I´m a professional illustrator and I´ve recently discovered the Muvizu software because i was searching for something like this to create short story movies for a new client of mine. Im doing a bunch of children books for an English lady who writes amazing children poetry and I always thought their poems were perfect to create little animations and so this was my personal project that came out of that illustration work.

This is my first muvizu animation. Sorry its just in low res because i mainly wanted to try the directing tools more than anything else and so this was just to see how fast i could do something like this. I didnt even bothered much with the lighting, etc, etc.

I think i really love this software. The only thing that i still absolutely hate about it is not allowing much freedom in creating real unique characters which would go away from the muvizu style. As an illustrator i would love to see muvizu one of these days allowing me to put my very own style into the characters and not have to stick with what´s pre-made visually.

In this case i actually wanted to include a dragon and theres no such character in muvizu we are not able to insert our own characters i had to just have the old lady telling the story instead of actually show bits of what was going on in the narration as i wanted initially.

Anyway, despite all this , i really like Muvizu, and im going to stick with it, also for professional projects in the future. Im also going to create a bunch of new sets in sketchup so lets see how this goes.

For now this is just to show you my first atempt at muvizu. Thanks for watching.

2015/5/28 14:59:54
Children characters...anywhere ?.... I was thinking more of the user being able to have more control with the shapes of the characters. I understand this isn´t possible yet but i would like to see more flexibility in the future.
I´ve been searching for a software like this for ages to create educational material and this one is just perfect in everything except that character flexibility thing. You see the company I do work for, already has some characters established and me trying to recreate the look of those when limited by the shape of the muvizu character heads and eyes for example is almost impossible.
I would love to have some characters with more round heads for example. The body shapes in my case are also an issue and although i like the muvizu style characters, that thing of not being able to create my own body types might prevent me from using the program 110% as i was expecting too.
Anyway, ill try to work around that because i really want to recommend to the company i do illustration work for to go with muvizu for sure because the animation and directing aspect of this software is a dream come true.

By the way...on a personal note, I would love to create some fantasy themed movies so...some dragon characters would be really apreciated in the future for example.
2015/5/27 20:23:00
Children characters...anywhere ?.... Is there any way I can get some children type characters in Muvizu ? Are there any of these available ? I really needed to create some movies with a group of at least 5 different kids and from what i see in the default body types in muvizu theres no way to customize their body proportions to at least make them look like kids...larger heads, small bodies, etc.

Muvizu is an amazing software but this character type limitations is really frustrating...
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