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2017/3/10 12:28:26
Come along Guitar solo with the lens flare was my favorite part.
Well done!
2016/5/1 22:45:59
Mobile Phone Action Thanks Ziggy, I'll have to try when I have time.

2016/5/1 18:34:19
Mobile Phone Action @ziggy72 Would love to know your work flow with 3D-Coat, when ever you get a chance.

2016/4/28 20:19:59
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X Very cool

2016/4/19 17:46:58
animation fans part 2 Thanks Pat, looks good and it does XviD and 4K H.265/HEVC encoding too.

I laughed out loud when I saw this on their website.

2016/4/19 17:33:10
LOST IN MUSIC Great video, love her voice.

I was wondering if you have a light shade for that lamp?

2016/4/19 17:23:44
making money with Muvizu Creating videos for affiliate products.

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2016/4/16 22:15:55
Repositioning characters Under the Pose category in character actions.

2016/4/9 22:47:32
SKWERLEFEST! Episode #: The Sam BushyTail Band! Great vid Pat, love the mic it that realism touch.

2016/4/4 0:21:50
Nuts Amok #3 Love it!
2016/3/25 13:59:53
Beautyqueen hair WOW, thanks for the hair do.... just save $20 at the salon. lol

2016/3/25 13:57:12
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Very nice Braj
2016/3/18 22:56:21
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't Nicely put Pat.

2016/3/10 1:09:34
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? My post I did a couple hours ago....disappeared.... weird

2016/3/9 16:43:42
animation fans Loss leader so to speak....if you like version 5, maybe you'll upgrade to version 6.
This site has been around since 2005 and gets about 15 million visitors a month.

2016/3/9 16:04:28
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? I would export 1080 out of Muvizu then bring it into VEGAS export out the 720X480 Widescreen
for a DVD that plays in a DVD Player.
If you want higher quality like ritsmer says then do the above, but then export
out a 1080 file from VEGAS and burn it to a DVD not as a playable DVD(AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders)
but as a DATA DVD, this will give you a higher quality.
The thing to do when you want to play it back without any hiccups is put that
DATA DVD(or Thumb Drive) with a 1080 MP4 file on in what ever computer and copy
that file to the harddrive and then play it back from there.
MP4 will work on a MAC or PC

I think Movie Studio has basic DVD templates so picking 6,000,000 is not an option
like VEGAS Pro.
You can get 1hr and 30mins at 6,00,000 Mbps on a Regular Playable DVD,
so pick 1.5hr template if its over 1hr 25min pick the 2hr template if thats how it works
Don't pick a 1hr template thats too high to be safe on all DVD players

2016/3/9 1:29:15
mp4 vs.image sequence? I would just stick with the image seq.

2016/3/8 2:50:57
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? can you do a screencast of your settings and or workflow so we can see.

2016/3/8 1:25:36
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? CloudNinja wrote:
I'm using the mp4 / Sony AVC/MVC / Internet 1920x1080-30p template.....

30P might be your problem here if you are doing all 25p.

I live in NTSC land and videos for YouTube that I do start with a 1080 25p timeline in Vegas,
then edit my VO in Vegas and then export it as a 256kbps MP3.
As you see in the picture I put in a buffer so to speak for the audio so on
just so I can get head/eye etc. lined up so when I do
export from Vegas, I export a range that is labeled Full Video.

So now when I bring in the MUVIZU rendered layers for the final edit I start them
at the marker that says "Audio for Muvizu"
The audio "wav" file that MUVIZU produces just gets deleted and not used because
I already have the audio on the VEGAS timeline.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Sometimes VEGAS is a little finiky(spelling? lol)
Right click your MUVIZU layers in VEGAS and go to properties and make sure they are 25p
Sometimes they come in at 29.97

Another Note - You see how I duck down the audio in my VO... I don't care how clean you think your audio is
MUVIZU picks up on everything, doing this gives me less headaches.
I rarely have to do the TALK/SHUSH when I do the ducking.

The 3 dark layers are the muvizu shadow and background layers etc.

Hope that helps.

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2016/3/5 21:54:24
Use Mandy for animal heads Very Cool!! thanks for the tip.

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