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2017/5/23 16:11:08
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu How impressive to see what can be done when creating new sets and props and whatever the director wants is not an issue when one has got graphic skills as Clayster has.

The temple is simply awesome.

Whenever I make a Muvizu project I have to be content with the existing sets and things and most often the story must be changed to what is possible with the available stuff.
Don't get me wrong, however - making any project is always fun.

Therefore I very much appreciate all the great "stuff" made available by the graphics wizards in this forum - and from the Muvizu developers too. Thank you!

Looking forward to the next part of Indy's quest for the mystic Mr. Clayster ...
2017/4/25 10:19:23
New sets Overwhelming !

So many details.

Plenty of scenery for many, many stories.

Thank you so much for sharing it.
2017/4/23 16:25:52
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu clayster2012 wrote:
Well I guess Ill just say good bye to everyone,unless something comes up and i create my own forum!

Please count me in as your first member.
2017/4/23 16:24:08
Unable To Use License Key I have been busy buying the things I did not have already and downloading all the free things too.

Buying, downloading and installing i.e. the Chinese history pack yesterday went well - no problems.
2017/4/22 14:52:49
Digimania has gone into administration Well - 'In Administration' is not necessarily equal to a total 'Insolvency' close-and-forget.

And - as we can read in the letter to the employees: ...'there are a small number of interested parties for certain parts of the business'.

The management of Digimania surely will have tried to contact possibly interested companies already - but often there are so many factors in such a transfer of assets that it is only doable in combination with a close down of (some parts) of the company - which also probably will bring down the price tag of the assets.

If one considers the facts then it is quite conceivable that there might be companies wanting to continue the great work already invested in the development of Muvizu platform.

So let us hope the best.
2017/4/22 12:39:19
Update from 2017.03.31 ? Just noticed that there is an update available.

I'm using Play+ - and the full version of the new update seems to be noticeable bigger (626.504) bigger than the version from 2016.09.07 (605.488) that I'm using right now.

I downloaded - and installed it.

It opens- and works well - with my existing sets - including i.e. Rodrisilvas flying pigeons.

Any further experiences with this new version ??
2017/4/17 8:55:33
I've got an imaginary friend Hello andrekish -

Welcome to the great Muvizu Forum.

What you say sounds a little like Descartes philosophy ?

Wonder what the potatohead characters in my sets are doing when I think that they are just saved in a project on my hard disk ...
2017/4/14 9:43:13
Heaven Bound Test Render It is a long time ago that I have watched a film lasting over 3 minutes to the very end without skipping forward underway.

I just found myself again - sitting on the very edge of my chair, taking off the headphones - and trying to force my mind back to everyday - after having spent 38:40 of my (carnal) life watching this epic story.

Just one thing kept disrupting my thoughts a little while watching: How is he going to "land" this story at the end ? - but then we got the sweetest imaginable finish - delivered with the same steady hand that controlled all the previous scenes .

Thank you, Robert, for this great experience.
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2017/4/8 8:54:38
Old user of Xtranormal Yes - welcome too.

If you have not seen it already there is a good instruction video from Daniel Robinson here:

It has been mentioned here recently too.

One very good thing is actually that you import each characters voice audio track into Muvizu as this gives so many possibilities -

Recently I had to make Master Yoda say something - and I found nobody who could do the speak with the alien accent, that I wanted.

Solution: I wrote the lines in English in Google Translate - kinda backwards as he always talks - then I forced the input field to Serbian -or whatever- language and pressed the listen icon down to the left - and voila: Yoda spoke his lines with a most unexpected accent and a surprising emphasis on the syllables... and it could be recorded with the built in Windows voice recorder or the like.

It sounds precisely as Yoda talks in real life
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2017/4/3 11:06:42
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? PatMarrNC wrote:
is there any interest in a modular set with UVMapped walls and floor that can be used standalone as a simple 3 or 4 wall set... but which can also be combined together into a multi- room house?

I started it a while back but never finished.. if there's any interest I could probably have it in the store by Monday or Tuesday...

As a model, the walls would naturally be attached at the corners. If you combined several copies of it into different rooms, you might have to take care to avoid gaps though.

To make a 4 wall set into a 3 wall sitcom-style set, just apply an alpha texture to one of the walls.

Oh, yes please - and thank you
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2017/3/4 6:49:03
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
...But I would suggest that you send his siblings to a better educational institution...

Explanasjon, plase
2017/2/10 8:16:06
What Muvizu needs next are quadruped animals What about the Muvizu dog - it has an action called "pee on lamp post" ?

As I do not have resources like Pixar to control my animations 100% I normally let the "art of the possible" kick in already at manuscript drafting.

Then I start up Muvizu and check if the planned characters can do what I intend - using the time needed to go through - and watch - all movements and actions for the planned characters.
Often they cannot do precisely what I intended - but more often they can do something instead - something that I did not imagine when drafting the manuscript - and something that even adds a surprising touch to the film by letting the characters act like what they are: cartoon characters - and not like just a simplified copy of a human character.
2017/2/4 21:02:42
Quick shot with a cellphone Thank you for the feed-back.
I thought that sharing a "public link" where "everyone with the link can view" was enough - but obviously not so

But I hope that it works now.
2017/2/4 16:11:06
Quick shot with a cellphone Recently we were in the Far East and strange things happened at the hotel / especially at night ...
One day I suddenly saw this - and fortunately I had a camera cellphone in my pocket:

For the Muvizuers: This is one of several tests I have to do before I can finish the next manuscript down to details - I mean: I can not write the details before I know if it can be made or not.
Also a great process, Btw - by making these tests - I often notice new things that can be done.
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2017/1/27 9:15:39
getting into "the zone" for creativity... "The Zone" is pure hell. Gruesome.

Talking about Muvizu projects as well as camera projects - and combination projects: when one has given the best possible effort and has thought about nothing but making that project for weeks or months it is such an anticlimax when the project is finished. Period.

Similar to driving over the edge of a tall cliff: suddenly hanging there - in the empty space - nothing one can do ...

All the -once so great- projects on the ToDo list seem so little interesting - why did I ever put them on that list ? - and the doubts are severe: will this or that idea ever reach the same quality as the last project?.... hardly?.... no! ... Aaarrrgghhhh!

Here - I'm just fighting through the 3.rd week after the last project - and it is not funny. Not at all....

The last couple of days I have turned the antennas on - slowly - and the ideas are popping up - although small and cloudy - and some of the ToDo list ideas even seem better...

... hmmm....

... especially that idea of having doors and lift doors opening to something surprisingly different from where you are - like the movie "The adjustment bureau"....

... Nice idea ...

You step into this lift on a rainy day in Copenhagen. Then you press the button B1:

... and when you have reached the basement floor the lift doors open up to:

You hear the birds and see the leaves moving slowly in the warm wind - and - and -

... let's dust off the green screens - and maybe let some Muvizu characters enter the scene - and -
Yes! Hell is over.
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2017/1/27 8:16:49
seeing if there's any interest.... Precisely ...

... and that fine red fire extinguisher in the corner ... just right for some unkind of treatment of Darth Wader ...
2017/1/26 22:07:04
seeing if there's any interest.... This machine shop is a great idea.
Having such a set in the tool box gives our creative minds wings.

The more sets and tools and objects we have to work with - the less restricted we are when making the subconscious steps towards ideas for future projects.
Right now I have Wabby's spaceship corridors (and what he announced to come) quite deep in my mind and expect some ideas for a manuscript to pop up in a week or two.
It seems I can not speed up this process - but I have learned that the more basic things my mind has got to work with - the better the ideas will be when they mature ....
Quite an interesting process, it is ...
2017/1/20 10:17:02
WAV file associated with image sequence Right - and the too short audio track also comes with rendering to i.e. mp4.

The embedded audio track in the mp4 file is too short if there is is no soundtrack to render in the Muvizu timeline.

Normally this should not be a problem, however, as there always is some ambient sound(s) in a film - seldom total silence:

The dog barks twice - and then does nothing.
Rendered out from Muvizu as a mp4 file and then loaded into Sony Vegas so that we can see the audio and the video tracks inside the mp4 file.
Notice the gap between the end of the audio track and the end of the video track.
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2017/1/19 9:35:48
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs PatMarrNC wrote:
... update: ... I'm happy to report that after re-downloading the pack and reinstalling it, I have all of the UVMaps

Re-download and reinstall works here too.

Probably because the Asian Characters pack has been updated recently:
My "old" AC pack from february 2016 is 62 MB and the one downloaded today is 71 MB.

Wonder if other of my downloaded packs have been changed too ? and what the updates contains ?

That said: good to see that the packs are updated when necessary.
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2017/1/13 17:16:13
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" Well done!

There has been some negative talking about Muvizu's ability to make lip synchronization - here is a positive example of how well it can be done.
Just watch the "O" sound - incredible. Great.

Did you use the music that we hear for lip-sync - or do you have the voice tracks?
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