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2010/10/19 10:56:21
Any news on the raindance competition hahaha
2010/10/18 10:24:51
Ghost house: Episode 1 quality video!!
and causing a bit of a stir on youtube some cracking comments!
good work all round!
2010/10/14 15:22:08
Smaller Head Movements some great tips there hermet
2010/10/14 10:31:47
Animatable objects-props nope.......not yet

but i might make one to go in just for you........

2010/10/14 10:16:59
Smaller Head Movements agree
2010/10/12 14:52:31
Favourite ever cartoon? oooohhhhhhhhhhh so no particular order......from the top of my head.....

jace and the wheeled warriors

foghorn leghorn

the moomins

garfield and friends

captain simion and the space monkeys




the racoons


paw paw bears

muppet babies

dungeons and dragons

chip and dale rescue rangers

and many many more.......
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2010/10/12 12:36:30
Staundoone Uncovered looks good!!!
cant wait to see the actual vid!
2010/10/12 11:00:24
Website and project collaboration pretty cool website that!
some of the live action stuff is pretty high quality!!!

collaboration is kinda the holy grail and extremely hard to get right, but hopefully we will see something here.

the most successfull animation collaboration idea ive seen is prob

but this is run full time by a studio and a whole lot of £££ is pumped into it.....good idea tho.
2010/9/20 11:59:06
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? i think 'Hipster Bebop Junkies' might be my fav so far.....but there are so many good vids..........

and i love the idea of end of year awards i think we should do this!!!
2010/9/20 11:53:50
Music? No instrument?? Yep dont worry....

music instruments and animations are coming very soon

Muvizu.....ROCK BAND!!!!!
2010/9/19 14:38:04
MAKE VIDEO Heres some links that may help
2010/9/18 17:27:38
Animated Concert Great video!!!!

love 'defying gravity'

nice subtle stuff going on, more often than not less is more!

good stuff, looking foward to more!
2010/9/18 17:25:43
2 vids from Frendor AAAAARRRGGGGGG what the hell does it mean!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?
2010/9/17 11:11:42
Vertigo what do you work as dreeko?
2010/9/17 10:56:54
New character? Spot on dreeko

we are looking into ways of head replacements just now infact (although as usual there are 101 issues with it from a tech point of view)

im really hoping we can find a way to do this as it will allow for a lot of expansion with a lot less work......
2010/9/16 16:06:27
New character? yep

thats the only way we can do it just now and its basically a non starter

It would mean that for every different char we need a complete new animation set and its just WAY too much would take months for each char and weve not even scratched the surface with the original char

so we really need to look at a rigging/tech solution to sort this.

in the meantime we can hopefully find some workarounds to keep people happy (biped dog chars and skeleton chars for example)
2010/9/16 15:19:44
New character? Hey

all good suggestions.

one of the main reasons we dont make drastic changes to the chars shape is because of the skeleton/proportions of the original char.

We need to stay close to the original proportions of the char or the animations which have been made for the original character will look terrible. There would be all sorts of cut throughs in the animations with hands, arms and stuff dissapearing through the new chars body and just all sorts of ugly problems.

We also cant change the leg length because all the locomotion anim would then not work..... bla bla bla

theres literally a major list of stuff that would break and need re-worked for any char which would need different proportions.

This is something we are however looking into very seriously as it would be a major improvement to muvizu if we could REALLY change the chars proportions etc. so fingers crossed theres a solution to this prob without having to animate everything again for a new char.

Our rigger binu will hopefully come up with a solution somewhere down the line

just out of curiosity could i get some feedback on the question below?

How much would it bother you if we had a massive fat char with tiny legs, but as a result 70% of the animations looked terrible and didnt really work....... and because of the tiny legs the locomotion looked horrendous and slid all over the place...

would you still want that character? or would it be left on the shelf as the animations looked crap?

2010/9/16 14:03:38
Vertigo i saw it yesterday aswell. absolutly terrifing!!! wouldnt do that for 100 million quid!!!
2010/9/16 14:02:47
Bug that is driving me nuts Good work davey boy!!!
2010/9/14 12:57:47
Importing from Google Sketchup The subtitles are great jim

but i can bearly hear the audio on my machine. its VERY quiet...

might just be me
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