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2010/8/26 11:28:22
FPS id imagine so

ive no idea how big a job this but if it isnt too big then i think it would be a valuable addition.

Could even do it in presets like premiere (PAL, NTSC) for users who arnt sure. and custom settings for more advanced users.
2010/8/26 11:25:14
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Good topic!!!

weve had a few requests for a lying down state now so thats one i think we defo need to address at some point......

good sugestions

2010/8/24 11:00:44
still cant get into chair aaahhhhhhh didnt think of that, could defo be the "can be stood on" thats the prob here!
2010/8/24 10:27:56
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) these are great for the community.

cheers than
2010/8/24 10:25:57
hiding character from camera the best way to do this (and most complex) would be to output your char on a green background (green screen) and you can do what you want with him in after effects or other compositing software....

sorry but theres no easy way to do this in muvizu...yet.........but this method defo works
2010/8/24 10:22:55
still cant get into chair if your char isnt sitting EXACTLY in the chair then the easiest way to sort it is move and scale the chair as needed
2010/8/24 10:21:25
Trouble uploading vid was worth the wait! quality vid!
2010/8/24 10:20:52
VideoJoiner fails yeah ive had varying results with the video joiner.......i would defo find aternatives just incase, defo dont rely on it, seems very picky with what files it likes....
2010/8/22 18:03:35
Hi all - just finished my first small project :-) hahaha

OMG can you believe lovin buzzin
2010/8/22 14:03:54
Muvizu thoughts?? thanks a lot for the kind feedback guys!

makes us feel like its all worth it when we hear such good stuff!

2010/8/22 13:57:14
Hi all - just finished my first small project :-) nice vid!!!

glad ure enjoying muvizu. always good to have more members to contribute
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2010/8/22 13:55:51
dogs yep weve made a dog char

hopefully it will be bug free and in a release soon. its still a biped char (think brian from family guy) but it will lip sync fully and will have some custom dog animations aswell
2010/8/11 0:07:04
copying characters animations both good ideas!

really like the clone idea
2010/8/11 0:03:52
Download Stuck There are some download mirrors in this thread

hopefully these might work better?
2010/8/11 0:01:30
my first movie cracking video for your first attempt!!!

love it!
2010/8/10 23:58:49
massively confused Hi

theres a whole load of video tutorials you can view here and there on youtube aswell i think.

prob worth a look if ure unsure how to start

2010/8/10 23:55:00
Camera cool sets!!! cant wait to see more!
2010/8/10 14:16:27
Intellectual property i think that sounds about right......but im sure somebody more in the know about the legal stuff will let us know for sure
2010/8/10 10:51:42
Can't make movie Bugger!!!
im frustrated just reading this thread......
2010/8/9 15:35:41
Re: FireWall Blockage depending on what firewall you have, you can usually go into the settings (in ure firewall) and there will be a 'program control' section where you can allow access to whatever programs you want......

you shouldnt need to do anything to muvizu if its just a firewall issue

good luck.
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