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2011/5/25 11:32:55
Geordie Elvis is in Toon - buying venetian blinds amazingly random
2011/5/24 11:30:14
Math Videos good idea!

i think muvizu could be a great educational tool
2011/5/23 11:55:28
Does Size Matter best title to a thread EVER

and yes......i think it does..... no matter what they tell us!!!
2011/5/23 11:54:08
Garage Band Trailer... cool trailer! looking foward to more!
2011/5/20 9:48:16
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system pretty nifty!

im starting to fear for my job.........but in saying that......ive been afraid of mocap for about 8 years and im still here

defo looks like an amazing direction for machinima to go in! As long as the technical side can be overcome for the average punter
2011/5/16 10:12:44
Youtube and copyrighted music glasgowjim wrote:
On a slightly different note, the estates of Marty Feldman and John Law (i.e. their lawyers) have taken down ALL of the Class Sketches on YouTube, including the one that I made using Muvizu.

I am in the process of appealing this for many reasons:

1. The copyright may belong to the BBC as they were BBC employees at the time (I have submitted an FOI request to get clarification)
2. The BBC only removes sporting events from YouTube - they consider other clips (as long as they are of decent quality) to be a form of free advertising
3. The clip was made 55 years ago and the copyright of broadcasts only lasts for 50 years after initial creation in the UK
4. It was a bloody tribute - I made sure that I credited the BBC, Frost Report, the actors and the writers (Feldman and Law) - the lawyers are being overzealous to say the least - they even removed a clip of a school play involving the sketch!
5. There is no way to buy this sketch or any other site to view it on, as far as I can tell, so it's not like people watching a tribute is depriving the families of income!
6. I hate lawyers milking corpses.

Calm doon jim!
2011/5/13 14:52:43
Youtube and copyrighted music toonarama wrote:
It's annoying really because I have already asked 3 songwriters from the late seventies - early eighties for permission to use one of their tracks and (unbelievably) they have all responded by saying "yes" interested aswell!

70's = musics greatest decade
2011/5/10 9:40:43
prOp Animations We all agree here at Muvizu and its something we all really want aswell.

As barry mentioned above its a task which involves the whole pipeline making it harder to implement than other features.

We could maybe shoehorn in a quick fix which isnt vert good but we really want to do features like this properly hence the reason its still not here

But its 100% on the radar....
2011/5/10 9:34:39
Which video editing software do you use? Just out of curiosity is there anybody out there using an editing package which can handle muvizu's raw output? or is everybody going via 'V Dub'???
2011/5/6 15:54:43
Bark Park hahahaha!

i thought this was amazing! and pretty much what i hear most days
2011/5/6 15:47:44
Shameless promotion for a good cause wat happened to emilys?
2011/5/3 10:48:49
Terror at Littletown My fav muvizu video in ages!

loved it!
2011/5/3 10:25:46
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Class
2011/4/28 14:37:58
A tutorial vid from Dreeko haha

quality dreeko!
2011/4/28 11:04:09
Character fall sideways im adding a Del boy type fall animation as i type .........cant garuntee it will all go through in time for the next release mind u.....
2011/4/27 10:06:59
Gooooooooo Pete! yep that works much better! now we all know for the future
2011/4/27 10:04:47
Locations? im from Scotchland
2011/4/26 14:20:41
Gooooooooo Pete! haha!

just tried the 'tash cigar' jamie works pretty well actually!
2011/4/26 12:32:50
Move Character hey

yep i think that would be the only instance in which anything like that would work mysto (although i could be wrong).

so if you want to animate a char + object going up or down its defo possible by hitting the 'can be stood on' option but going any other direction the char will just pop on top of the object and then back down to its original position again...

Hopefully at some point we will be able to group chars and objects and be able to animate the group
2011/4/25 18:06:24
The Office Another cool idea!

You could maybe experiment with camera angles and lighting a bit more to enhance your videos.

great ideas though!
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