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2011/3/8 14:04:28
Promo for an upcoming project looks promising looking foward to more
2011/3/7 15:42:25
Bizarre news reports haha! thats hilarious
2011/2/25 14:19:43
free range features! a good feature to have would be to have an "invisible man" feature.........

so you can set opacity for objects and chars etc so you could have the char invisible but still see his hat and eyes or whatever.....
2011/2/23 14:56:30
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Neil wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
yeah this is annoying.....would be good to find a solution to this......

Not being cheeky but isn't it *ahem* your department?

if were going to get technical department is Animation
2011/2/23 14:54:08
My First Effort pyrrho wrote:
claireq wrote:
I can sense good things to come from you in the future

Good grief, Claire's gone all Deanna Troi on us again.


The woman who almost single handedly brought star trek to its knees.......Troi not claire
2011/2/23 10:18:13
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! yeah this is annoying.....would be good to find a solution to this......
2011/2/22 16:41:17
My First Effort Cool video!
better than watching the dna results on jeremy kyle every day
2011/2/22 15:52:38
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! YEAH BABY! rock on
2011/2/17 9:09:16
just wondering if this is good ... I think its pretty good!

you should add some more subtle animations to the background chars to make it more interesting and to give the chars more life.

good start tho!
2011/2/14 13:59:51
Ziggys new animation amazing!
quality animation!.......i cant believe ive never heard of 'The Troggs Tapes'!!! amazing and most definetly the inspiration for spinal tap
2011/2/14 10:00:18
Why Realistic Motion & Design Doesn't Work yep!
spot on really......this was one of the major factors in how we went about designing muvizu.... this is probebly the number one reason why we have cartoony chars and animation

we thought the audience responds much better to actual cartoons rather than 'the sims' type model....

fingers crossed that we are right
2011/2/11 16:46:07
Sad old man brill video!

great atmosphere and lovely cinematography!
2011/2/11 15:12:46
Batdork completed yeah i think the char is cool!

and the voice sounded great! maybe try a short dialogue piece and see how it goes?

cool vid!
2011/2/10 9:54:34
xtranormal no longer free... for sure PinguinoStudios!

They have to make money somehow.... i hope they do well out of it as they have delivered a decent bit of software for budding film makers.

Im not sure of all the in's and outs myself of how they went about starting to charge but it defo caused some waves and upset people.

its something that has to done very carefully and thoughtfully otherwise you can **** a lot of people off!
2011/2/8 13:27:47
Custom Animations Dreeko wrote:
gongonut wrote:
Wath about using Kinect to control characters

With Muvizu using morpheme for the animation system this comment might not be as daft as I first thought considering this article about morpheme 3... and does it mean that we may be leaping around our living rooms to create our muvizus in the future?!!! Lol!

edited by Dreeko on 06/02/2011

hhhhmmmmmm intresting...VERY interesting................
2011/2/8 13:20:10
Lock Eyes To Camera / Eyes Track Objects There currently isnt a way to do this at the moment......


I think its a great idea! Its something that has defo been disscussed in the past and its a feature that i think would work well in muvizu as long as we can make it simple to use and fit it into the current workflow
2011/2/8 13:15:08
Muvizu is a savior for me yep!
fingers crossed! just need to get the muvizu word out there
tell all your friends!
2011/2/8 13:09:04
Interface & Timeline all great suggestions zig!
2011/2/4 13:32:19
Output Sync timing interesting stuff!

ive not got a scooby whats happening here but im sure the brainbox's over the coder side will have an idea or 2
2011/2/4 13:26:54
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground ziggy72 wrote:
I dont know if this helps all that much, but I find the answer to the sliding to be just putting the timeline back to zero using the Home key. If you play it again after that it should work - seems to for me anyway.

yep this is a bug that creeps up sometimes and ive found the solution ziggy72 mentions seems to solve the problem for me.
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