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2011/1/31 10:56:45
Ghost House Complete series yep amazing!!!

such a shame its gone
2011/1/31 10:33:21
Mitch Benn Music Videos hahaha!
'please dont release this song' is class
2011/1/31 10:22:24
Dancin' on the White House Lawn (Dancin' Obama) haha! cool mask!
2011/1/31 10:17:53
Walking in a straight line thats a good tip 'lchicker'!

we are currently looking into how the locomotion system works and how it is controlled after a lot of feedback from users......

so there may possibly be some changes to this to make it easier to use...

watch this space
2011/1/27 16:15:10
facial animation workaround how the hell did you do that???

2011/1/25 14:07:16
facial animation workaround even with that simple test it shows how powerfull seperate facial animation can be.......

fingers crossed we get it soon!
2011/1/25 12:54:30
Ghosty Dog - Organ Solo haha

works great
2011/1/22 12:17:06
Ran into a Wee Problem im no expert but it defo sounds like a codec issue to me.....

have a look through these threads for more info:

im sure a simple install of a new codec pack will prob sort this..........probebly.....
2011/1/22 12:13:22
Muvizu Pimped on StoryMode. cool!

lets hope ghost house keeps on running!
2011/1/22 12:06:58
How do i copy actions? not as far as im aware....
the best way to do this is to simply record the action/actions you want onto all the characters one by one and then line up the actions exactly on the timeline editor.

not a quick fix but unless there are loads of chars its pretty easy
2011/1/19 13:43:45
Making character fly looks great!!!

i love seeing what people come up with!
2011/1/19 13:41:10
Creating a story for new animated series... im pretty dire at the ideas myself......

I go down a similar route to jonbez.....just start making stuff and sometimes an idea comes just through the process of making a char or a set....

prob not the best way to do it but its a start
2011/1/19 13:38:54
Hello The League of Gentlemen has got to be one of the most original best comedys ever!

loved that show!
2011/1/18 9:54:53
Ghost House episode 6 great as always!!!!

I almost just take the quality for granted now.....
2011/1/18 9:53:42
Hank Hill in Muvizu (Test video) yeah seen this on youtube!

i think uve done an excellent job with this......would really love to see you try a spoof with your own voice talent or take this further in some way alteast
2011/1/18 9:49:53
PICTURES! the 'prtscn' button
2011/1/11 9:46:45
Disabling blink behavior Unfortunatly theres no 'off' switch for the consol lights......

But when you move it all to its slowest speed its REALLY slow. You almost dont notice its cycling anyway.
2011/1/11 9:44:23
Disabling shadows Im sure if you play around with the position of the lights and also experiment with the 'individual shadow' check box in the light options you should be able to get what your looking for.

2011/1/8 15:06:59
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? hey mos6507

almost all of which you described is pretty much how muvizu works (with the facial controls the obvious exception).

It would be usefull for us for you to delve straight in and play around with the muvizu animation tools and then tell us things that you like and vice versa. we are always looking at ways to improve muvizu.

At the moment we are looking at ways to improve the movement system and additional facial animation is also high up on our list.
again please give us any feedback that you feel would improve the animation system, were all ears
2011/1/6 16:17:34
xtranormal no longer free... welcome to muvizu mos6507

im sure you will enjoy it here, looking foward to what you can come up with in muvizu
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