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2011/1/19 10:36:01
Ghost House episode 3 Jon,

Don't think we can pull stuff in from YouTube for some reason...if you upload them to your YouTube account via the Muvizu website they will show on our gallery.


2011/1/19 10:16:42
Logging in It's impossible to break Muvizu *cough* - what is it you are trying to import?
If it's audio, go to prepare>dialogue or prepare>audio.
If it's an image, create a backdrop, right click it and select 'edit'.

Does that help?
2011/1/19 9:59:23
Logging in Hi Muddybunny,

Logging into the site will allow you to access your assets on the site only. You can download them and then import them into Muvizu. There's a little bug that we need to get fixed and that's the only workaround I'm afraid!

2011/1/19 9:51:34
Ghost House episode 6 I saw it!

Bit of a movie geek so I like to watch things till the very end
2011/1/17 16:37:33
Hank Hill in Muvizu (Test video) I noticed it on YouTube, very nicely done!

You got the characters down to a T

2011/1/17 10:44:16
Ghost House episode 6 Beautifully animated, as always!
2011/1/17 9:52:29
Hello Welcome to Muvizu!

"You'll never leave"

2011/1/14 11:51:51
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Pete,

Sounds brill! Bohemian Rhapsody would get my vote. Have you seen the muppets version?

Although you could probably do any Queen song, there are a lot of great ones! I didn't know there was a model of Wembley - there's so much fantastic stuff on SketchUp!

There are a few speacial animations for 'We Will Rock You' too - so it would be good if someone ould make use of them.

Sounds like you have a lot of work over the weekend!

I'm sure the result will be awesome.

2011/1/14 11:38:48
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Pete,

Had a wee look at the Queen Stage in SketchUp - it's very very similar to our 'Gears rock stage' set (in the entertainment category).

The most obvious difference between them is that the SketchUp version has lighting panels at the back and sides, and a geometrical design at the front.

What I would suggest, to give you an easier life, is to export these sections of the SketchUp object, and place them onto the Gears set. In the Gears set, you can change the thunder bolt to black to hide it, and remove the Atomic bomb prop if you want a different look.

This will result in a similar style to the one in SketchUp, hopefully with less of a headache, and you can get on with the fun stuff - animating your movie!

Incidentally, which Queen song did you have in mind?

I started a version of '
- but haven't quite found the time to finish it

All the best with your project, can't wait to see the result.

2011/1/14 10:21:54
Noob Questions: CODEC Error and Importing Music Hi clebo99,

Welcome to Muvizu!

For your first question, it might be that the mp3 is being distorted somehow via the import process. We haven't seen this before. Best thing would be if you could send the file to bugs@muvizu.com

For the second question, it could be an issue with the particular codec that you chose. Which codec have you selected?

2011/1/11 11:29:09
Disabling blink behavior Also, if you change the colour of all the buttons to black, there won't be any blinking.
2011/1/11 9:49:09
Disabling shadows You could also try hitting F2 to remove all the shadows completely.

If you don't like that, hit F3 to go back to the normal mode.
2011/1/7 18:01:52
Chris Cohen - Fizzee Barstool Check it out:

2011/1/7 16:32:59
Movie in background Hi Mos6507,

The edge is very, very subtle, are you sure you're not being a perfectionist about this? If you are using the Keylight plugin for After Effects, I think there are ways to soften the edges. See here:

"Blurring the alpha channel after keying can soften the edges of the matte, which can improve compositing results."

Within Muvizu there's not much you can do, except maybe soften the image using the depth of field options within camera effects.

See more info here:


(About 3 minutes in)

Let me know if that helps you at all.

2011/1/7 9:21:03
xtranormal no longer free... Hi mos6507,

You have made some excellent videos with Xtranormal, I'd love to see what you can do with Muvizu. I'd also love to hear what you think of Muvizu, and how it compares with Xtranormal. In particular, if you have any input to the usablilty of it, and how you think it could be improved, as this is something that we are looking into.

Hopefully in the near future we'll introduce more control over facial animations, this is something that Muvizu is definitely lacking, and character interactions would be great to have at some point too. It all takes time though, and we are currently updating the back end of things - the Unreal Engine 3 and the morpheme blending system. More info here
In the past, suggestions made on this forum have made their way into a release build, so feel free to point out anything that you think we are lacking, or anything that you think would be good to have in the app. We are a small company, and we are glad to take input directly from our users.

All the best,

2011/1/6 10:02:24
better way to move characters No problem - all the best with it.

If your next animations are anything like Beware the Pie then we are in for a real treat!!
2011/1/6 9:43:33
better way to move characters Hi ukBerty,

I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and Muvizu runs very well.

2011/1/5 12:48:44
xtranormal no longer free... Kev, that link doesn't work.

Here's one for ya:


This is the best Xtranormal vid I've seen so far:

2010/12/31 13:52:07
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Not as far as I'm aware.
I can't test this at the moment but I'll get back to you next year
2010/12/31 12:45:30
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Ah - sorry to hear that!
It was the only suggestions that came to mind.

Can you email the object which is causing you problems to bugs@muvizu.com - we can look into it next week when the office opens again.


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