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2010/9/30 11:26:34
Geraldo In Stockholm Brilliant!!
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2010/9/30 11:25:31
Music? No instrument?? Heehee
2010/9/27 10:47:33
Music? No instrument?? Mozart wrote:
Emily wrote:
Mozart - I've heard you've had some projects to finish for quite some time!! :P

Hi, Emily, yes, I do. Before mid-October. Not very long, around 5 minutes. I'm thinking about setting the characters(male characters) in a Court, King Art~~~things like that~~still in process.
I will write script and invite vocie acting.

Sound good! But I was referring to this one:

219 years unfinished
2010/9/22 11:15:17
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube On the subject of rawk - try 'rocks out with' a bear...brilliant!
2010/9/22 11:11:11
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Frendor wrote:
Pee is funny, although 30 sec's too long!


Ah hahahhahhahahaa!!! It's never ending!!

rock on
2010/9/22 11:05:45
Music? No instrument?? Mozart - I've heard you've had some projects to finish for quite some time!! :P
2010/9/20 13:08:57
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube ghrenig wrote:
Emily wrote:
Awesome!! How do they do it?!?!?

It is a piece of flash which convinces you that you are watching a video but the video is within a flash movie.
this should make it clear


The above link is just embedded into the youtube page

They missed the comma in the number count, which is the giveaway. They also got the font size wrong. Twitchy
2010/9/20 12:58:47
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube ghrenig wrote:
Great stuff.
Fart smoke and talk , with fart being the best.

Holy smoke!! My favourite is tickles Pat on the head
2010/9/20 12:02:04
Codecs Download link here:

2010/9/20 12:01:05
Visible audio Yeah I suggested that a while ago, there was some reason why it couldn't be done...it would be really handy to have this.
2010/9/20 12:00:52
Music? No instrument?? Awwwww yeah!
2010/9/17 15:33:42
Vertigo Please say Fireman!
2010/9/17 10:05:55
Vertigo Ohh....I feel dizzy!!!
2010/9/16 12:41:35
Vertigo Hi Frendor

Have you got another link for this?

When you click play it gives the error:

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by TheOnLineEngineer.org"

2010/9/16 12:33:10
the importance of hands Ah - the genius of Aardman!

Hands are indeed very expressive and relay a lot of emotion.
It would be good if we could get more control over this. I guess the problem is just how it's implemented and how we get all these different suggestions working together in a system that's simple enough to use, yet specific enough to provide all the desired control.

Answers on a postcard please...
2010/9/16 12:28:21
Steve hughes part ! What happened to "a good workman never blames his tools"?"
The workman would have to blame the tools if he were trying to hammer a nail with a banana. That's what it can be like sometimes working with Muvizu on an OAP computer sadly.
Anyway - nice work with the second part of your animation, and I'm sure you'd be welcome here at Muvizu Towers anytime.
That is, of course, if they let you out of East Killie
2010/9/16 11:03:15
Steve hughes part ! Dreeko wrote:

mental note - I'll need to start animating in stages rather than in one go for each pass

Good one Dreeko! As for animating in stages - did you not find the timeline handy for editing your animation?
2010/9/15 14:44:53
new characters Dogzwash,

You can make a baby using the fat character, and adjusting the scale.

Take a look at these pics:

You can download the set from this link:


2010/9/15 12:17:51
Bad request Hi Frendor,

Thanks for letting us know. I had reported this a few days ago - it's v annoying! I think it's to do with the links having invalid symbols - such as "&" and "..." the web guys are working on it right now. You can still access the links if you go to the recent posts section.

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2010/9/15 11:54:40
Importing from Google Sketchup Much better!
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