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2010/9/15 11:51:53
Get Objects... Hola Alfons!

Welcome to Muvizu.

Unfortunately, the characters in Muvizu can't interact with objects at the moment. It is something that we would hope to delevop in the future though. You can edit carefully to make it appear that there is interaction though.
For example, in Jon Bez's video Amen it looks like the TV is falling on the man's head, purely by the way it's been cut together:

Or you could use some post processing software to create moving objects. In Matt's video Thanks, Muvizu.com he used Sony Vegas to make the effect of a door opening.

Hope that helps, good luck with your animation!

2010/9/15 11:05:16
Facial animation Thanks Dreeko - that's really insightful, it looks like a very good book!
2010/9/14 11:28:41
Simon Evans Nicely done! you have a good eye for lighting Applause
2010/9/13 11:44:51
Story Board and Pre-Production Software Alternatively, you could just print off this template:


There are some good links on this page too:

2010/9/13 11:16:45
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Excellent!!
2010/9/13 10:58:25
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Awesome!! How do they do it?!?!?
2010/9/6 14:07:52
New tutorials made Lol - 4 and 2 would be worse

2010/9/6 13:49:22
Lighting tutorial Some good points Barry, and some great links.

Something to keep in mind is that colour can define the genre of the film, but it can also be very cliche.

Take a look at this article, it sums this up perfectly.

2010/9/6 11:20:43
Jacob Patterboon Hi Than,

The audio wasn't terrible, but there are a few simple things that you could do to improve it, you don't need to spend lots of money. Turning off anything electrical that can will interference is a must. It's easy to forget to turn off your mobile, but the blips can ruin a good take.

Another simple, free and slightly odd tip to get good clean sound is to wrap a duvet around yourself as you are recording! It works really well to block out any background noise.

There are some more tips here:



2010/9/6 10:55:39
3d model of piano me075064 wrote:
Hi all.
Does anyone know any online resources of 3d models that are compatible with Muvizu?
I'm looking for a model of a piano. ;-)

John M

Hi John,

I haven't tried it myself, but one of our animators recommended Creative Crash, they have a huge selection. Some models you have to pay for, but many are free, and you can sort them by price.

2010/9/6 10:53:00
New tutorials made Kaynine wrote:
glasgowjim wrote:

Have got those and will work through them over the next few days with multiple cups of coffee.

(Mmmm - maybe my next experiment will need to be themed around 'Caffeine Overdose')

As a fellow caffeine addict, I thought I would share this with you:


Right now I'm at stage 3:


2010/9/3 15:08:03
Story Board and Pre-Production Software Here are some links to some freeware for storyboarding and pre-production.





Have I missed any good ones that you can recommend?

I've started using Celtx - it seems pretty good.
Have any of you used any of these?
What are your thoughts?
2010/9/1 14:16:22
Lying down Yep - just use the Spooky animation called - 'Fall into grave'.

2010/8/31 13:33:58
Backrounds, textz and objects.... Than wrote:
I hear future relases of Muvizu will have a method of importing other meshes too.

You heard right Than!
Take a look.

2010/8/31 13:31:28
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! mmarion33 wrote:
Hello just started playing with Muvizu the night before last and I really dig it. I'm working hard at my first project and noticed that in Emily's Gil Scott Heron poetry club animation that the camera moves. How is this accomplished? (Also really looking forward to put a guitar or drumsticks in my characters hands, I know that would require a whole set of associated animations, the import object function, and object interaction so I'll try and be patient

PS Really awesome work guys I'm astounded at how intuitive the process you are laying out is (I came in at beta, how would you live without the time line?)

Hi Mmarion33,

You'll be glad to hear that we now have genuine moving cameras in the new release!
Here is the tutorial:

Hope you can make another great music video with it.


2010/8/31 13:22:01
graphics card Fantastic ghrenig!

I'm happy that you can now fly around your set.
Was that what you used to create 'The Weather Man'?

Good work!

2010/8/26 15:08:36
Top things we love about our users #2 - Awesome, hilarious, innovative and freakishly random videos
2010/8/20 16:55:54
List of improvements Great stuff Mysto - can't wait to see what you come up with!

All the best making your animations and don't forget we have a competition running with some pretty nice prizes.
Check it out at http://raindance.tv/muvizu or at http://www.muvizu.com/SiteNews/Default.aspx?did=63.

Have a great weekend,

2010/8/20 16:51:15
Moving Vehicles Cars?! That move?! Whatever will you think of next Gunslinger

As Jim mentioned, they are still under development.

In the meantime, why don't you try a little cheat with using moving backdrops?

Create a transparent .png file and adjust the speed of your backdrop.

Take a look here:

Or, you can use my set, at:


(copy and paste the link, and the download should start automatically.)

Hope you can put it to good use!

Cheers Read Report

2010/8/20 14:44:22
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Bootiful!
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