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2011/5/27 16:34:42
Ciao a tutti(Hi everybody!) Ciao peppe75,

Ecco il tutorial su 'Avanzate Dialogo', che vi mostrerà come ottenere due personaggi a parlare.

I tutorial sono un ottimo modo per imparare Muvizu.

Puoi guardare tutti i tutorial qui:


Avere un buon fine settimana!

2011/5/27 11:21:06
Performance Can I also request the option to temporarily turn off effects?
You probably thought of this already, but I find that they can be distracting when you are trying to animate.
2011/5/27 11:13:40
Fart in the Park 2 toonarama wrote:
Good to see that your standards haven't raised Mysto

PS I still can't work out how to embed the clips in the posts - exactly what is the format of the code that needs to be included?

edited by toonarama on 27/05/2011

Hi Toonarama,

You have to remove the formatting of the link, so you could copy and paste the link into Notepad or something similar so that it's only text you are pasting in.

2011/5/27 11:10:14
Fart in the Park 2 mysto wrote:
I haven't done any "toilet humor" in a while so I thought I'd bring out the "gas man" again. Enjoy... or not. LOL

Fab!!! Nice use of object movement
2011/5/26 15:09:06
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" chuckles wrote:
The animation works fine on the timeline, there are only 3 codecs in the 64 bit version, but nether will render the animation. I get a "Not responding" message. Please Help!

Hiya Chuckles,

For the codecs, you need to download a 64 bit codec pack, as per Luscan's previous post. You can download them from here:


As for the 'Not responding' message - I'm not sure of why that is, but if you send your set to bugs@muvizu.com then someone will take a look at it.

Hope that helps.

2011/5/26 12:40:46
Size does matter after all. Ah ok!

I'd help you if I could but I'm afraid that's not my area of expertise (don't ask what is...)
Glasgowjim, Luscan, MarcoD or Jamie are probably the best at answering these types of questions.


2011/5/26 11:34:34
The newest Muvizu release... toonarama wrote:
And you can have BAD moving hair on a stationary character!

edited by toonarama on 25/05/2011

Change the body to a browny-yellow colour and - voilà! - you have the perfect talking pineapple
2011/5/26 11:15:33
Size does matter after all. Hey Dimension_five,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the new version!
Don't give up yet, you can still get the old version of Muvizu from the download page:

2011/5/23 10:22:47
Industrial-scale collaboration mysto wrote:

Back to the Führer!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha! Bloody brilliant title DREEKO!!
edited by Emily on 23/05/2011
2011/5/23 10:16:53
website collaboration features Dreeko wrote:
It seems that there are a lot of users out there who wish to be part of a muvivu community collaborative movie. So with this in mind, I have been wondering what features (if any) would help to encourage others or to enable this to happen?

Here's a little idea..

At the moment this is what happens:
You have an idea for a movie, but you want it to be a collaborative effort. So you post your request on the forum and hope that someone comes to the rescue.

This is what could happen:
You have an idea for a movie, but you want it to be a collaborative effort. So you create a "Movie pitch" post detailing the movie idea, timescale you would like to see it done by or whatever piece of information you think someone would need to know who may want to be part your movie. Also in a movie pitch post there would be a "casting" feature.

An individual who wants to join the cast of your movie would click on a "cast me" button within the post and by doing so would be added to a list along with anyone else who has clicked on the same button. in addition to being on the list, a person would have at the bottom of their posts (in every thread they post in) an icon (possibly a star) which signifies that they are part of a collaborative movie .A forum member with two, three or more collaborative movies on the go would have two, three or more stars at the bottom of their posts and if someone clicks on a particular star it would link straight to the "movie pitch" post showing the curious star clicker what film they are involved with. Every star would link to the specific movie pitch post which earned the forum member the particular star.

what do you think? fancy being star struck?

edited by Dreeko on 20/05/2011

Hi Dreeko,

What you are describing is more or less exactly how our original webite worked!
We used to have a project based-system where you could assign various tasks to members. Clearly there is a lot of interest now in this collaborative way of working, so possibly it is something we might need to revert to, although that wouldn't be my call.

2011/5/11 17:01:55
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) ziggy72 wrote:
damned impressive. Thumbs Up

Yep - these are ridiculously good. Matt has a real talent.

Matt - if you've got time, could you upload these to the sets gallery?
The box links were created before we had this feature, and I fear your lovely work has gotten lost in the murky depths of our forum.

If you are too busy or lazy, then I can do it for ya
2011/5/6 16:11:04
Bark Park freakmoomin wrote:
! and pretty much what i hear most days

Do you have a lot of castrated friends?
2011/5/6 11:32:02
Bark Park Great stuff Wetdog! A really good first attempt, simple and very funny.
2011/5/3 11:32:32
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Marketing genius! I can confirm that this album is *$&%ing great
2011/5/3 11:26:06
Pet ewok! Chewbacca had a baby!!!!

So cute! Froot
2011/5/3 11:23:22
Scriptwriting competition Hi Toonarama,

Thanks for the suggestion, and yes, you're right, we are indeed in need of a 'killer' script.
Combine great writing with skilled use of the app and it's sure to produce some very watchable material - as 'Beware the Pie' and 'Ghost House' (to name just a couple) have demonstrated.

It's true that we need more gems like these, and you might be glad to hear that we do have a competition along these lines planned, but the details haven't been confirmed. When this has been finalised (and it might be quite a while away) it will be announced in our 'News' section. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - we're still working our fingers to the bone with the engine upgrade.

So, it seems that great minds think alike - or - is it fools seldom differ, I can never remember...but yes, in due course.


2011/5/3 10:41:30
Terror at Littletown Hi Wabby,

Welcome to Muvizu!

I'm scottish, so sorry for my bad french
C'etait très génial - thanks, I really enjoyed you vid. I liked the 'voices' too - reminded me of Pingu in that respect. Really well made, really great stuff.

I sense a sequel...
2011/5/3 10:02:24
9 Very atmospheric...the music/soundscape is brilliant and the textures are really well done too.
2011/4/28 13:50:17
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Haha - perfect choice of music!

Angel Wings
2011/4/28 10:42:22
Character fall sideways I look forward to seeing the results!

Did you give up on the Queen vid? I was looking forward to seeing a bit of Freddy
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