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2016/8/2 22:43:19
Chicken test from Sinister That is just amazing! Great work.

Pigeons, ducks, crows and parrots would also seem like good possibilities. I was thinking this could have applications for a dinosaur too, or maybe even a dragon. (Although I wonder if there would be a way to do either without the character having such skinny legs. It works well for a bird, but other creatures would be more problematic.)
2016/7/22 22:05:10
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) So, is winning the competition the only way we could use these sets? I hope not, because those are great sets!
2016/7/18 21:59:10
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) That is so clever! That opens up possibilities for dogs, horses, elephants, all kinds of things. I suppose you could keep adding guys to the train, and create six-legged insects or monsters with lots of legs.

For people trying to come up with workarounds like this, it may help to think of Muvizu as being more like cosplay or puppetry than animation, in some ways. You can't actually change the shape of these characters, but you can add stuff on and/or make some parts invisible. I wonder if there'd be some way to create "stilts" for the characters. That would open up a lot of possibilities. You could even give them cosplay-style animal legs.

Some of the work here (like Clayster's stormtrooper helmets and stuff) have made me think it would be possible to create "masks" for the characters, so they would have totally new heads and you wouldn't be stuck with the Muvizu character designs. The main drawback there is that as far as I know those heads would be frozen, and the only way to change them would be to do a morph in editing or to change them between shots. (Is there a way to add an animated 3D element to the Muvizu program? Could you create a 3D head that had its own animation cycle, and attach that to a Muvizu character?)
2016/7/17 2:42:42
Sweet Home 3D That's great! Me likes, Ikes!
2016/7/12 4:48:19
Finally got my first Muvizu video done I like that upside-down hair! It's a cool, kind of Bride of Frankenstein look. (If anybody wanted to make a Universal horror-style monster movie you could have Heroine as the Bride, Beefy as Frankenstein's monster and a good Dracula in Sinister.)
2016/7/6 9:45:33
New South Asian character pack available! Not to be ungrateful, but I hope Muvizu will move away from packs where we get a few characters with rather limited options, and get back into giving us characters with lots of flexibility. Please give us characters with more options, or give us more options for the characters we have! (I REALLY want to see more costume options for the superhero character pack!)

With characters we can't change much, there are only so many stories we can tell. I still haven't seen a single movie made with the Asian characters from the previous pack! If we had more options for their outfits, hair, etc., I bet people would get a lot more use out of them.

(Again, I don't want to be ungrateful. It's good news when Muvizu puts out a new character pack. But it seems like they're shifting over to this model of characters with locked-down looks, and I feel like that's the wrong direction.)
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2016/6/30 8:55:23
Coming Soon 2016 Wow, Sinister makes for an absolutely perfect Burroughs! I suppose he could make a pretty good version of various other gaunt dude celebs. He could do well as a lot of classic rock stars... Iggy Pop, Bowie, Mick Jagger, etc. (So if anybody wants to make the Dancing in the Streets video in Muvizu, you're good to go.)

ziggy72 wrote:
I know I said I wasn't going to post any more pictures of what I'm working on for Clayster's competition, but I love this image This is what Burroughs used to do, just go on a stage and sit and read to the audience in darkness. A little sepia tint to the camera output is the only effect added. So simple - this is why I love this program you know, its not for the tricks its for the looks you can achieve.

2016/5/27 11:27:26
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) The President randomly offering the alien a cookie is cute, but if he'd randomly offered the alien a quickie that'd just be weird!
2016/5/27 11:18:09
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" Wow, those are great!
2016/5/26 8:53:56
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) I was generally very impressed with the animation, and thought it was clever the way the theme song combines a C&W twang with that spacey Theramin wee-ooo sound. But at the end, does Obama ask, "Want a presidential quickie?" Or maybe it's, "Want a presidential cookie?" In either case, I'm afraid I don't get the joke.
2016/5/2 6:19:39
Has anyone made a movie with the Asian characters? Well, I was assuming they moved the same ways, but I was hoping to see them in action. I haven't seen anybody using these characters.
2016/4/29 0:17:05
Has anyone made a movie with the Asian characters? I'd like to see the Asian characters in action, but I currently can't download them to try and I don't see any movies here or on Youtube where the characters are used. Has anybody made a movie featuring those characters?
2016/4/26 23:06:16
Music Video for Netherlands band RnAM Is there any way to see this on Youtube or another video sharing site? I don't know if other people will have the same problem, but for me it was so choppy and laggy that it was hard to see what was going on. Are the first 35 seconds supposed to be silent?

It looked good from what I could see, and the blob did seem to work very well as a dog.
2016/3/26 5:12:33
Beautyqueen hair Oh, that's terrific! I can't wait to try that out.
2016/3/25 22:11:11
Beautyqueen hair I couldn't get it to download in Firefox, but it worked in Explorer. It looks terrific! It also seems to work for other characters...

I also briefly tried it on the Villain character, and it was really big but kind of worked as rock star hair. This hair offers a whole lot of new possibilities, for both the male and female characters! I'd love to see more stuff like this... it really expands the range of characters you can make.
2016/3/25 9:14:54
Beautyqueen hair It looks great, but when I click on the link it doesn't download... I just get sent to a page full of letters and symbols, presumably FBX code.

Can this hair be used with the Heroine character?
2016/3/3 5:37:21
A good Muvizu werewolf? That's terrific! It should blend in very well with the Muvizu look. Are you going to add the wolf head to the Muvizu store, so people can download it?

If I was going to criticize Muvizu, I'd say that I'd like to see more customization options and less "finished" stuff. Characters like Mandy and the new Asian characters look great, but you've only got a few outfits to choose from for their look. I'd like to see more options for the existing characters, or new characters with more options. I used to do stuff on Xtranormal and it was a big frustration how you could hardly customize anything. Muvizu is much, much more customizable, but I see these new characters without a lot of options and I worry Muvizu may be moving in the wrong direction. I'd really like to see the superhero characters have just as many options as the other older characters, so you could easily give Beefy the dog head or bunny ears or whatever.
2016/3/1 10:31:50
Preserving color when importing assets Well, thanks for the Sketchup link, MrDr!
2016/3/1 8:23:02
Preserving color when importing assets Thanks! I haven't tried Sketchup, but it looks like that will preserve the colors for ASE files. Is there anything on the site about preserving the colors for FBX files?
2016/3/1 4:08:53
Preserving color when importing assets This seems like a really basic thing, but I've searched around on the site and I'm not finding an answer.

Whenever I try to important a 3D asset into Muvizu, whether it's one I've downloaded from the web (from Turbosquid, for example) or one I've made using TinkerCAD, it always appears as a gray object. Even if it was originally in full color, in Muvizu it's just a pale shade of gray. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? How can I preserve the color when I import an FBX or ASE file into Muvizu?
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