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2016/2/29 4:48:26
A good Muvizu werewolf? That's a good-looking chracter! Is that a Muvizu environment?

If it's a frozen head, I think you can get away with more if the mouth is closed or only open a little. If his mouth is wide open but not moving that kind of looks frozen, like a taxidermy head, but if his mouth is closed that could look more natural.

I'm kind of a noob myself and I don't have Muvizu open to check this, but could you make Beefy's real head invisible so it won't show through the wolf head?
2016/2/29 2:07:55
A good Muvizu werewolf? If it works for your story to make the werewolf a knight, I'd say you're good to go! But if you're hoping for a non-knight, I'd suggest looking around in the furry/anthro community a little. Somebody must have a cartoony wolf head you could use, or even just a dog nose you could put on Beefy. I also think you could do the job by texturing Beefy, making him kind of a classic Lon Chaney Jr. wolfman with painted-on details. But again, if the knight thing works, I think you're all set!
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2016/1/28 0:29:29
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? The heroine is now hoppin' down the bunny trail on her way to completion!

I made the cuffs and tweaked the bunny ears in Tinkercad (since a lot of Playboy Bunny costumes feature a cute bend in one or both ears) and downloaded the bow tie from Turbosquid. I'm still very much a novice when it comes to fabricating 3D stuff and Tinkercad has some real limitations, but it's a much less intimidating program than the other 3D design programs I've looked at.
2016/1/27 1:29:07
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? Thanks for the suggestion, PatMarrNc! (I was having trouble logging in, so I'm just finally able to reply now.) I did look into Milkshape, and to be honest it's a little daunting for a beginner like me. Right now I'm looking at TinkerCad. It's less like math class and more like fiddling around with some blobs of Play-dough, which is about the level I was looking for! So far I've been able to save objects as obj. files and then convert them with Auto Desk FBX Converter, and that works fine... except for the FBX objects being kind of blocky and always appearing NEXT to the characters (usually at their feet) instead of attached to their bodies. But hopefully that's something I can crack as I keep fiddling with it.
2016/1/26 2:06:06
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? You guys are awesome, thanks so much!! Here are a couple of images of how it's coming along, with one red suit and one black suit as I experiment...

Now I just have to make her cuffs and bow tie, but I think those should be things I can apply as decals instead of trying to do them in 3D.

I'm planning to use these for a comic book/graphic novel. I'm going to do the whole thing in Muvizu, using screengrabs. As far as I know, nobody has done that before!

Just to bother you guys for a little more info: what program are you using to make this stuff? I've been pretty hopeless at figuring out the various 3D programs, and I'm hoping to find one where the process would basically be (for example): Create simple white ball, import white ball into Muvizu as an FBX file, use as bunny tail. (It's so frustrating that I can easily make a perfect white ball prop in Muvizu, but I can't apply it to the character!) I don't have it in me to mess around with meshes and a lot of different programs, and it seems like there must be some simple way to just make a red square or a blue triangle or whatever and then import it into Muvizu. (I've been reading the tutorials, but so far I haven't managed to figure this out.)
2016/1/25 21:52:30
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? Those look terrific! But for some reason those links aren't working for me. When I click on them they take me to a screen full of text gibberish with lots of weird symbols in it, like this:
Kaydara FBX Binary  ��„������������FBXHeaderExtension\��������� (etc.) 

drewi wrote:
these any good..download and import as glasses.
a couple of attempts sizewise.

2016/1/25 1:31:28
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? I'm trying to do a thing where the superheroine character is dressed as a Playboy bunny, and that's surprisingly difficult to make happen. I put together a fine bunny outfit from the options available, but I can't figure out how to put bunny ears on her head. There are bunny ears available for the regular characters, but not for the hero set. I have zero 3D skills and every attempt to make a pair of bunny ears has ended in failure. I've tried to find a pair I could import but I've had no luck.

Would any kind soul be willing to upload some rabbit ears to the store? Even if they were kitty ears that could be stretched vertically, that'd work. There are probably plenty of folks who could do a lot with kitty/bunny ears! If you did this, I promise I'd give you a great big thanks in the finished work!
2015/8/15 12:09:22
I'll be better in the Morning I got curious to hear the original acapella track, but I went to Looperman and couldn't find it there.
2015/8/14 22:29:02
I'll be better in the Morning Wow, that was pretty epic! Coming up with and recording the music to go with the existing acapella vocals, doing a whole music video with lots of character action and all those different shots... that had to be a ton of work. The song is catchy, and the video looks good.
2015/8/2 7:38:34
Update my copy of Play+ I'm not quite understanding. Where are we creating the "set"? I have a bunch of characters I made in Muvizu. Where can I save them so they won't vanish if I have to re-install Muvizu?

I've tried to look this up on the Wiki and elsewhere, but I haven't been able to figure it out.
2015/8/2 1:41:19
Update my copy of Play+ So, even if we delete everything, when we re-install we'll still have the characters and other stuff we've created so far?
2015/7/19 1:56:45
Can you swap props between character types? Thanks for the info. Too bad this option isn't available yet!
2015/7/17 9:03:34
Can you swap props between character types? I'm wondering if there is any way in Muvizu+ to take props from one set of characters (like the standard Muppet-ish cartoon people) and use them with another set of characters (like the "Hero" people). For example, is there a way to take the bunny ears from the Muppet-ish people and use them on the Heroes, who usually don't have that option?

Also, in Muvizu+ is there any way to take some of the props used for set-building and instead use them as attachments for the characters? For instance, could you use one of the squares or circles from the "shapes" folder, or one of the cars or whatever, and attach it to a character's body? If so it would seem like it would expand character customization in a lot of interesting ways. Characters could have pyramid shapes for heads, or pregnant (circle) bellies, or little cars for shoes!
2015/7/9 1:38:19
It's all happening here! Sorry for such a noob question, but I'm still not understanding how we're supposed to update. When I go to Tools in the program, there are no new features to download. I saw the stuff here about re-installing the program... do I have to do a full re-install every time there's an update? And if I do that, won't I lose character models and other stuff I've saved?
2015/7/7 7:53:21
It's all happening here! Oh, so the people posting in this thread have some sort of special status on the Muvizu site, so they're getting to see stuff early? That explains it. Really looking forward to any info we can get! After a long period of quiet from Muvizu, it's great to hear that things are happening again.
2015/7/7 5:01:47
It's all happening here! This all sounds exciting, but you folks seem to have access to a lot more info about this than I do. I received brief email updates about changes coming, but there were no specifics. I also don't see any specifics on the Muvizu blog. I fired up my copy of Muvizu+ and didn't see any updates or news there. Where are you guys finding out all this stuff?
2015/1/24 7:08:33
How to backup Muvizu settings for a system restore My new-ish laptop is already screwing up, and I probably need to do a full system restore. In any case I will need to ship it back to the manufacturer so they can tinker with it indefinitely. I just paid for the full version of Muvizu:Play a few weeks ago and I was designing characters like crazy until these new problems started. I'd like to back up my copy of Muvizu:Play and the characters I created, before I ship the computer away, so I can just re-install everything when I finally get the computer back... but I'm not sure how to do that. Can anybody point me to a tutorial someplace, or talk me through this? I know it's kind of a noob question, but I will be very thankful for any advice.
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