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2016/6/21 11:12:55
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
And another thing!
Being able to apply transparent textures to the body to mask out limbs etc. It would make Muvizu far more useful to me in the medical sphere.

You can do this with the 'new' characters (Mandy, Heroine, etc) but not the 'potato heads'. You just set their top to None, or legs, hands, etc.
2016/6/19 22:16:46
Is there a way to add text to characters in Muvizu You know, you could make the speech bubbles as images with a transparent background (a PNG file from photoshop or what have you) and have the bubbles displayed as backdrops - you could then just animate their visibility inside Muvizu. That would work.
2016/6/16 18:33:37
Nick Danger is back! "Frank Gehry has ruined my building" Big Grin Made me laugh anyway...
2016/6/15 21:11:53
Coming Soon 2016 MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Stated differently: if it were illegal to have artistic talent, and you were in a court of law being tried on such charge... I'm afraid there's more than enough evidence to hang you.

Well that's one way to say it, I suppose! laugh
edited by MrDrWho13 on 15/06/2016

No need for hanging! I've got a perfectly good chair for that...
2016/6/15 15:11:35
Coming Soon 2016 Yup, looks really good. Your backdrop is a little warped - I always 'compress' my skydome picture vertically in photoshop because Muvizu stretches it out to fit (so it evens out in the finished shot and helps to avoid those kind of distortions). Incidentally, the ideal dimensions for the skydome sky are :

W = 2048
H = 512

If you reduce the width to 1024 and duplicate it you end up with a reasonably 'flat' looking sky. So, what happens now on the planet?
2016/6/14 19:30:37
Coming Soon 2016 @ Fazz68 Thanks, it's your kind of prop isn't it

@ PatMarrNC 'Taking the mick' is a pretty standard saying in the UK, but in an international forum like this one regional sayings can cause confusion - I should remember to keep it less regional Big Grin And btw, I've kept all my 'work in progress' shots of my sets as I built them, with a view to making some kind of tutorial to aid others (once I'm finished). I forget how I built the sets sometimes, so it helps me too.
2016/6/14 15:01:16
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Nicely done layout there, but one quibble - 3 minute minimum? If you want to encourage people, especially noobs, that's rather a big requirement. 2 minutes seems more reasonable, I would say, but it's your contest I'm just giving feedback
2016/6/14 14:44:53
Coming Soon 2016 I think Rocque was taking the mick, Pat

The set is based on the photo (inset) that was taken on the morning of Ted's execution. The chair is slightly different because of 'making it work with potato heads' reasons. The head cap they used wasn't fixed to the chair in real life, that's a slightly different design of chair also in use at the time.
2016/6/14 14:34:38
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Yeah, there's only so far you can go with the inbuilt stuff before you have to start importing. I lasted exactly one video - my first is made of 100% Muvizu, the rest aren't (increasingly so!).
2016/6/13 23:46:32
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Damn, but you can draw! Had a look at this http://www.icreateworlds.net/#!download-free-comics-fantasy-humor/dz87w...and was amazed. Excellent stuff. As for your movie, your framing looks great, but the Muvizu mounds are letting the shot down. Damn things are only good for extreeeeeeme distance <cof> Urbanland posted some great sets with nice craggy rock formations that would work better for you, I reckon. Have a look at this one and you'll see what I mean : http://www.muvizu.com/Set/23484/Road-To-Denver-or-some-other-place

Copying and pasting between sets is your best friend sometimes
2016/6/13 19:21:23
Coming Soon 2016 Thanks, but it's a comfy chair, honest Big Grin Yeah, the straps have been tough to make, then even tougher to warp into a shape that looks half natural. Had to though, the Sketchup ones I had before looked like ass, and ruined the whole vibe. I think the box on the wall is a circuit breaker or something - dunno, I just copied the photos taken on the morning of the execution.
2016/6/13 18:17:31
Coming Soon 2016 Pull up a chair...
2016/6/10 16:11:27
An idea for a contest I'd recommend staying clear of anything 'franchised' like Star Wars (lawyers never sleep). I'd keep the theme to one word, to make it as unrestricted as possible (like Crime, Tragedy, Journey, etc). Maybe make a list of a dozen theme words, and entrants have to combine two of them (so everyone doesn't go making the same movie). Set the minimum to 30 seconds, max 5 minutes (to keep the judges from losing the will to live through a 20 minute diatribe). Make the deadline 3 weeks from the date of announcement (more than enough for most, not enough for some, but it forces you to plan ahead). I like the idea of a 'lottery' prize as well as a 'merit' prize, it encourages more participation. Most of all though you shouldn't overthink it - it's all about having fun after all
2016/6/9 13:59:18
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" No, they don't go in your mouth...
2016/6/8 22:33:38
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports You can test whether or not it has a texture by pressing N when in Blender, then, on the bar that appears on the right, scroll down to the Shading section and tick Textured Solid. If it doesn't show it's texture, then you need to re-apply it somehow. You can do this in blender, but I'm buggered if I know how
2016/6/7 20:35:55
Thinking of getting this software Hello Zeke, please put all those worms back in the can Big Grin

Pros are simple enough - it's relatively easy to use, you can make as complex a set as you like, there's unlimited lights, rendering out is easy, and it's cheap.

Cons - The animations are fixed, so you can't create your own. The characters are flexible up to a point, but you can't import your own. Although you can import FBX files, the importer is limited (to say the least).

Depends what you want to do, and how much time you want to devote to doing it.
2016/6/7 18:13:11
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports urbanlamb wrote:
People hate changing their habits so I blame human nature for this! ^^)

I always blamed blender's horrible UI... :P
2016/6/7 13:11:40
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports I usually only have a single layered model to take into blender, I didn't take the 'multiples' into account. So yeah, do what you did jwalshiv Good to know you've got it working.
2016/6/6 21:23:34
just about to give up with this program Speedking5 wrote:
I run in to render issues constantly
Like...? An example would help.

Speedking5 wrote:
certain outfits like Textures and everything else brings it to a halt completely (can even use Rosie in this version or the whole program fails.
Which outfits? And are you saying that using Rosie crashes Muvizu?
2016/6/6 21:18:31
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Hey Jwalshiv. Collision is a pain, yes, but it's built in to the way the Unreal engine works, so you gotta learn to live with it and work around it. ASE is the simplest way of making models with 'low' collision, but only really in Sketchup (which doesn't support FBX, and the ASE exporter for Blender does it's level best to drive you nuts at every turn).

For blender, you import your model - let's say it's called MODEL (yes, use caps, seems to avoid problems).
Press N, and go to the Textured Solid tick box and make sure it's ticked (you should see the textures on your model at this point).
Create a little cube (this will be your collision volume). It must be called UCX_MODEL (must!! underscores mean something to the Unreal engine, so only use them like this) You can avoid problems later on by making sure it's at the 0,0,0 axis point (dead centre) of the workspace.
Select MODEL, and Shift select UCX_MODEL
Export as FBX

And that's it. You can help avoid the Muvizu 'jiggle' by setting the centre point on MODEL to the 'centre of mass', and then moving MODEL to the mid point of the UCX_MODEL so everything is as centred as possible. In the FBX export settings, set the Smoothing to Face rather than Normals to avoid the FBX segmented look, and it should look like your source model. Hope this helps (it's actually Urbanlamb who knows most about this process, I just cribbed off her )
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