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2013/12/16 23:13:51
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Smartypants (that is a good name actually) are you using the Logitech Profiler software as part of installing the joystick? If so, the calibration options are in there.
2013/12/16 23:03:41
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly, those barrels already look great
2013/12/15 23:29:43
Hello All Howdy
2013/12/15 18:48:54
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Hi, yeah, it's called the Deadzone on your joystick - that's the extent to which the joystick has to move to trigger an input into the computer. If you've never changed the default deadzone before, it'll probably be set too small (less than 5%). Check your Logitech control panel and increase the deadzone to 7 or 8%, that should help.
2013/12/14 15:35:35
Charactere Not Moving I don't know if this helps, wdeprospo, but I've never really used favorites for characters and I've never encountered this bug (as far as I know). You could maybe strip the characters of their 'favorite' status, see if that helps.
So how would you un-favorite them? Eh...backup your existing sets, then try this :

Create all your favorite listed characters in a blank set, save the set (I'd call it Cast List or something)

Close the set, exit Muvizu.

Open Muvizu again, check that the Cast List loads without any issues. If it does, delete any characters in the Favorites list (so you won't accidentally use them again).

Copy and paste the characters you require into your set. Whenever you are creating new characters, do so in your Cast List set, then copy and paste them into your working set.

This is the system I have been using since, ooh, day 1, to avoid problems caused by the updates making things break. If using this system changes anything, please let us know so we can eliminate it from your enquires
2013/12/13 23:33:14
How do I make a character type in a computer? The laptop model has a screen picture you can replace with your own picture/AVI movie.
2013/12/13 22:18:40
How do I make a character type in a computer? hectoritobh wrote:
The video I am creating requires me to show a character typing in a computer. Is it possible to do this?

Also, I can only find a keyboard and a computer monitor. Is there a laptop somewhere I could use?

For the laptop, this one is very nice http://www.muvizu.com/3D/17219/Laptop
Just use the menu Create then Import to get it into your scene.

There is a Typing action (in the Boardroom section of actions) you can use too. And welcome aboard
2013/12/13 19:21:33
SPECIAL CHARACTERS The teeth you can add as a head attachment in Play+, or for Play you could draw in teeth like Chuckles did here : http://www.muvizu.com/Texture/31882/Sharp-Teeth

Wolfman-type? Start with the dog character and work from there, I would suggest
2013/12/12 22:28:09
speed of background animation jerks with change There's no acceleration curve or anything in Muvizu (although this kinda shows we need them) so you'll have to do it another way or reframe the shot. Dragging the slider smoothly and precisley is not something humans do very well - a little automation would help, Muvizu HQ
2013/12/12 20:28:30
a few christmas photos (the made up kind) Very nice, although the last one, with the flag, reminds me of South Park for some reason : )
2013/12/11 20:18:07
My first effort And, because it's on Vimeo, you don't have to bow down before Google+ to post a comment!
2013/12/10 20:19:29
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? This guy says it best, in case any of you are wondering what the fuss is about.

Please like his video. Please email Google and tell them they are idiots. Please remember, when your videos have practically no comments made on them, this is why.
2013/12/10 19:41:49
Dreeko's extra bits I was only joking, but what the hell, yeah! Thanks D!
2013/12/10 19:37:55
Storage location Don't think so...I mean, the sets you create can be saved anywhere, but the preloaded ones (and favourites) have to be in the installed Muvizu folder to work. You could reinstall Muvizu onto another drive rather than the default C: though.
2013/12/10 19:34:02
Dreeko's extra bits Just...yes! I want a pair! with eyes!! Big Grin
2013/12/10 19:28:59
Gallery What else could they have? It's a classic
2013/12/10 0:07:20
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) joeactor wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

Interesting... first I'd seen that. Guess I didn't notice since I'm already on G+

If you don't already have a G+ account, they sucker you into it by telling you they're 'merging' all of your names into one - then they create this stupid social media account for you, whether you wanted it or not. I did not Up yours, google, and well done on destroying the Youtube community as it stood. (now that there's no character limit on YT comments, people are posting the Bible, scripts of Star Wars, novels, links to spam and viruses, etc, as comments on videos. Idiotic).
2013/12/9 18:45:08
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) Perhaps you hadn't heard...?

2013/12/9 17:41:53
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) Good first Muvizu! The titles are especially slick, nice job

(just a pity I can't comment on Youtube about it - Google+ ? No chance. Gave it a 'like' instead).
2013/12/9 14:32:35
Skeleton with clothing urbanlamb wrote:
It has an attachement system to pretty much all the major bones in the characters so you can attach things to each of it they probably should have a 14 day trial of this for users to try to figure out if it fits their needs.

I third this idea!
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