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2011/5/26 21:20:43
New objects I am indeed the guilty party, and thankyou so much for doing that. I've downloaded both models and they look excellent (and we can always use the jet with wheels for cockpit closeups, and the one without for long shots). So, guns next?....
2011/5/26 21:16:01
The newest Muvizu release... Okay, got another bug (stop groaning at the back! Neil, come away from the door...)

I load up a scene, and when I open the scene window, it says I've used 0% memory. None. I know 8Gb is quite a lot, but a scene still has to use something, don't it? Also, the object list just keeps going out of it's list box, across the grey bit, and down off the screen. Still works okay, but it looks a bit...wonky. Might want to fix that.

Oh, almost forgot, all the timelines also run off the edge of the screen (to the right) outside the timeline box. Again, they still work okay, but....
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2011/5/26 20:49:21
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" Actually having a similiar experience - in Win 7 64 bit (Sevice Pack 1) I only see the MS Video 1 codec and the 2 intel YUV ones. I installed the K-Lite codec pack (7.1) and the 64 bit update, and it still only shows 3 codecs. Odd. And the rest of the system seems quite happy with the K-Lite stuff.

On a more positive note, I rendered a bit from Fistful of Coders using the Intel YUV codecs, and it looks good! Muvizu loads quick and renders at a fair old rate now on the i5 (not far off realtime - excellent), and the antialiasing looks beautiful (could've done with it last week!). I cant think why Chuckles is having a problem in both versions, unless it's a video card issue or something PC specific.

Keep the faith people!
2011/5/25 17:05:41
The newest Muvizu release... Got the 64 bit version on my shiny new CPU, and it looks good!
Nice to see you got the black light working

Also liked the scrapyard stuff, the swaying foliage (very handy), the new vehicles, the camera Horizontal/vertical flip (or was that there already and I just never noticed?), the ability to just type stuff in Muvizu letters (why didn't we think of that sooner?! So bloody useful), the new zombie stuff, the helmets (Judge Dredd!! LOL!), and the Look At speed control (subtle, nice one). And the Muvizu flip seems to be gone! I put a clock up on a wall, and it didn't start doing the limbo.

The only problem I noticed is when doing the Actions previews, the character's Initial state overrides the emotion of whatever Action you're doing. Recorded okay, but previewed as happy/sad/angry or whatever I had the Initial state set to (e.g. so you can see him doing Angry actions with (Initail State) Sad face while previewing, but it just records as a standard Angry action and plays back okay. Odd).

And then the inevitable request Shock No, no, not guns (again) but rather would it be possible to make the undercarriage on the jet removable, or be transparent, so it would look better in flight? Same with the UFO actually.

Excellent stuff regardless, and I look forward to the inevitable wave of drunken zombie movies to come!
2011/5/22 21:07:09
Garage Band Trailer... Quality! Looking forward to the whole sex & drugs & rock & roll & pixels experience! rock on
2011/5/18 22:12:16
prOp Animations @ InLimbo - I like the way you think! A wrist accessory shaped like a gun or a phone would be sooooooo good, and open up all kinds of stories that just aren't currently possible. It seems like such a simple solution too - am I wrong? Are the bandages, bracelets and cuffs really all that difficult to code? We should be told!
2011/5/18 20:04:16
Eyeball movement That is a very good list for reference - thanks Toon!

There is one other trick I would recommend for head/eye movement - when you animate a character, hold the mouse down on the control for the duration of the clip. It's nearly impossible to hold it completely steady the whole time, leading to unintentional (and therefore more realistic) movements. Real people don't hold their eyes/heads still for any extended period of time, even when they're trying to (watch someone else watching TV to see what I mean). If you can turn the DPI up on your mouse to make it more twitchy, try doing that as well.

The down side of this approach is an enormous number of recorded movements in the timeline, which will slow your machine down drastically (as I have discovered to my cost!). Some fine-tuning is also required, of course, but it's worth it.
2011/5/17 22:55:35
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Thanks Dreeko and Mysto and Danimal! Will post the sets tomorrow I think - busy now, just ordered the guts for my new machine (i5 2500, nice Asus board, 8Gb memory) so that when the 64bit version of Muvizu comes along, I'm ready for it!! (be afraid, be very afraid... )
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2011/5/17 19:41:43
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... New one for the heartbroken among you

Matt's Story. Sets will be uploaded soon...
2011/5/16 20:14:42
Youtube and copyrighted music This all reminds me of a joke :

What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea?

A Start.
2011/5/10 20:49:23
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) Hi dude, I am also in the process of creating a half hour film and there are some things I had to write around for sure - here are my top 5 ;

1 Characters can't hold anything.
2 Characters can't interact with each other physically.
3 Movement is tricky.
4 Wardrobe is limited
5 Characters can't talk over each other - that is, they can't be animated to show different mouth movements at the same time (having said that, I just added a split screen so that I could do just that, so there's always a way...)

If any of the above is vital for your script, now is the time to start sending in those feature requests (like the rest of us!)
2011/5/10 20:27:25
Which 3 additional features would you most like I would like
1. Guns
2. Guns
3. Guns

2011/5/10 20:24:48
Which video editing software do you use? freakmoomin wrote:
Just out of curiosity is there anybody out there using an editing package which can handle muvizu's raw output? or is everybody going via 'V Dub'???

I use Xilisoft Converter 6, which does a nice job on just about everything.
2011/5/10 0:14:52
Which video editing software do you use? @ UKBerty - Yeah, I did pick you up wrong now that I read your post again. And please don't think I was having a go at your methods, I was just noting the differences in all our approaches to essentialy the same problems. Whatever floats yer boat, as they say I would love to be able to do everything inside Muvizu too, but right now I'm happy to use it to generate images only.

@ Mysto - Premiere was never all that friendly to begin with really. I'm just used to it's peculiarities, I guess.
2011/5/9 20:13:31
Which video editing software do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro. Quite old version by now, and I have to do the whole 'convert to compatible format' thing too before I can use it on Muvizu clips, but it's good. I'm surprised Mysto said it's hard to learn, I've always found it quite straight forward - bars of footage, you cut it up, you move it about, you drag and drop effects directly onto the clips, then alter the settings later if you want - Simples! (Sorry to all non UK residents out there who must be wondering why some members of the forum use this term - it's to do with an advert for cheep kar insurance by a talking meerkat. Seriously).

Also, and unlike UKBerty, I do everything possible not to ever involve Muvizu in the editing process, or the sound. I use the sound tracks on the clips to cue the shots together, then delete them and use the original audio instead. Every shot is one take on one camera. Isn't that what everyone does?
2011/5/5 22:43:39
Scriptwriting competition Danimal wrote:
Oh and please don't forget the most crucial element to this simple plot structure: the audience has to want to see the protagonist get what they want. If it's just some unlikeable slob doing random stuff to get something, no one cares and your audience is leaving. If you need an example of this fatal mistake, watch pretty much any American-made movie in the last 10 years or so.

America makes the most bad movies, and the most good movies, because they make the most movies overall. The problem is our (European) idea of an loveable loser is different from the American idea, so to us they are just unlikeable slobs, like you say. Beavis And Butthead - 'nuff said
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2011/5/5 22:27:38
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? jawright3130 wrote:
More hair options, more clothing options, need animals. Make the dog act like a dog too.

Under Miscellaneous* in the Actions list are the dog movements. Lots of good stuff in the Misc list to cover all kinds of odd actions.

But yeah, I agree with clothing especially - you can't have a character in a suit. Everyone has to wear tshirts or some kind of jumper or nothing at all. No trousers, always lycra shorts and leggings and nudity. It's difficult to convey what someone is like, or what they do, just by looking, and first impressions count for a lot. Just another one for the suggestions mountain...

* I meant Themes - I just think of them as Miscellaneous
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2011/5/4 22:13:16
Scriptwriting competition Kiwi is great, inlimbo, thanks for that, and it also shows quite well what clamtom was saying - pacing. Every shot is (just) long enough, and never hangs around for longer than necessary.
2011/5/3 19:35:02
Pet ewok! That is so f**king adorable - although, couldn't you get one with eyes?
2011/5/3 19:30:31
Locations? I'm from Scotland too Buddies
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