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2016/9/19 14:40:16

I think the spoof on a well known production company's trademark intro is clever. With a feature length show you can get away with such a long intro, but when your whole video is 2:53 long, a 42 second intro comprises 23% of the whole show! Then there's an additional 10 seconds of credits at the end, for a grand total of 30% extraneous content! (52 seconds of fluff divided by 173 seconds total = 30%)

I know you manage a movie theater, so you are perhaps conditioned to accept the fact that movies these days contain about a half hour or more of ads and promos before the main feature begins. But what works in theaters doesn't necessarily work on the web, where people haven't paid to get in, and will click away in a heartbeat if you don't hold their attention.

Having said all that, I still think the intro is clever and well done. I realize that above and beyond contributing a video for a contest, you also like to entertain your friends, and that is how I interpret your intent here.

The lighting throughout the video looks very good to me unless otherwise noted. I like the film noir look in films that are tragic and/or scary.

The water rippling in the footprint is a great takeoff on the scene from Jurassic park! No doubt you did that in HitFilm! Points for that!

I like that your opening credits appear over story footage...using the same frames to intro the story and get the credits out of the way saves time and gets the audience involved quickly. But I have to wonder if the same credits need to appear at both ends of a less-than-three
minute story. It suggests that you think the audience has the attention span of a fruit fly. I'm guessing your decision to do that is based on convention that applies to 2 hour long movies.

0:55 I like the camera shake when the T-Rex walks in the distance... I also like the way you synchronized the sound of the footsteps with the ripples and the camera shaking. VERY cool!

1:03 .... over a minute in before the action starts

1:05 ... I like the way backlit fog obscures the end of the jungle road, and the way action emerges from it

1:06 ... I LOVE the way the camera has water droplets on its lens! And I'd bet this came from HitFilm!

1:07 ... GREAT job of recreating the chase scene from Jurassic park!

1:08 ... Nice job animating the Jeep and T-Rex, although the sliding feet detracts from the ovrall effect. Maybe in some cases showing the upper part of T-Rex only, or using an animated backdrop while T-Rex walks in place would be a good workaround... but you already know all that. I have to keep in mind that I'm reviewing this weeks after you figured out how to do it, and although by now its been discussed & analyzed, when you created this scene it was completely new and a real breakout project. So rest assured, I am aware of just how awesome and creative this scene is! Total "NEW" points for this!

1:09 ... The lightning flash illuminates T-Rex's under side instead of his top side. No doubt a reflection from the wet road? ;-)

1:25 - 1:28 ... I like the contrasting light conditions from the lightning, and the way the rain supports it

1:26 ... your T-rex is terrifying here with those soulless eyes and menacing bellows and snarls...

1:29 ...I like the way the guy's eyes remain lit when nothing else is. In fact, it made me LOL

1:29 onward... As the phone messages play and they guy tries to remain motionless, it's funny to watch the look in his eyes. It reminded me of a classic Lucille Ball sort of comedy skit

2:00 ... just when it can't get any worse... T-Rex spit all over him!! An interesting way to separate the two phone messages

2:15 ... the Asian chick's message was totally hilarious, made me laugh out loud! I liked the way his eyes got the mad look when her message played. Clearly, this was the last straw that made life not worth living.

2:30 ... the line "EAT ME, PLEASE" wasn't even unexpected by this time, and it came as a welcome release to the agony you had built up to this point. ;-)

2:40 ... yeah... that chewing noise as the closing credits begin... that's just WRONG!! (but funny)

Judge summaries:: In spite of all the nit-picky remarks in this review, I think this is an EXCELLENT spoof, consistent with the rest of your very impressive spoof collection! Add the fact that you have used a number of interesting and advanced techniques, including a lot of cool post production stuff in Hit film... not to mention incorporating a new type of character with your T-Rex! If this hadn't come on the heels of Ikes' T-Rex, it would be a slam dunk! Nevertheless, there is something to be said for your amazing ability to recreate your own version of just about anything you see... from models to characters to movie paradigms.. you are the Master of Mimicry, the Duke of Duplication, the Royalty of Replication!

It’s well executed. Ramp down the tree swaying a bit, although as it was supposed to be a storm it wasn’t too bad.

Not sure of the tone of the whole thing. It wasn’t necessary to stereotype a whole race for the joke to work. It could have been his wife, or mother, or a smarter angle from a friend.

All of the credits are to the same person. I would turn the humility up and just have one credit per contributor.

There are many advanced techniques used in this video, but together it seems not quite finished.

I like the Digi Factor intro. You’ve cleverly made everything the same colour to give a sort of night-lit effect, and have even fit in a bit of comedy. However, I dislike how it lasts for over 20 seconds when it should probably be under 10. (People have short attention spans; especially on the internet)

The titles are well implemented, following a fairly consistent theme and moving with other on screen graphics. Having the title and “directed by” things overlaid on top of the footprint puddle is very good way of presenting that information.

I like the rain flowing down the camera lens straight away, and the headlight flares tracking the car are great. I’m not sure why there are slow flashing lights in this scene though (Lightning flashes aren’t continuous).

The dinosaur is brilliantly rigged and built, although limitations with its movement make the feet slide along the ground. This breaks audience immersion so you may want to experiment with layers next time.

I like how the dinosaur comes up behind the tipped car looking for the man.

The comedy effect of the answer phone message is brilliant and the slow dragged out time of this is good for the joke. The following message of the woman could be shorter though (And perhaps a tad clearer).

The final part of the camera fading out should probably be straight to black rather than faded, but the overall effect is very good.

Throughout the video, the sound effects and visuals were pretty good, and this is a well rounded film. There are always improvements to be made though.

Well done, Clayster! Thank you for taking time to contribute so much to this contest... not only in terms of submitting two videos, but also for donating one set and making your raptor set available as a gift that can be awarded to participants. I think you are avery central contributor to the forum at this time and I greatly value and respect all that you do here to discover and promote new ways of using Muvizu! I think you have a good future in animation, and we look forward to seeing more from you on the forum and beyond!!

Pat Marr, MrDrWho13 and UKBerty (comments scrambled, not in any particular judge order )

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2016/9/19 14:00:16
PAT MARR'S CONTEST WINNERS AND REVIEWS subsequent messages will be the individual reviews for each applicant.

A link to the zip file containing the prizes for all contestants will be PMed to each contest participant as soon as winners are identified (or shortly thereafter.)

It's taking me a long time to review the submissions, as I'm trying to really look at what each person has done and understand accurately the value you have tried to add to your stories through the tools at your disposal. As I finish each review, I will post it to this thread, so new reviews should be appearing here all day long.

Each of the judges assigned numeric values to the criteria stated in the first message describing the contest. I had originally planned to post the scorecards, but in retrospect I think that might open a can of worms I don't really want to deal with. In a contest where everybody wins something, I'm just not up for being challenged on how decisions were made. Judging is, by its very nature, a highly subjective thing, often based on attitudes and sensibilities that the participants might not share. Bottom line, people who don't want to be judged should not enter juried contests.

I have looked at the other judges' reviews, and I think all of the observations they've made are valid. I will add, however, that everybody has been judged to a VERY high standard, even though many of the participants are relatively new users of Muvizu.

From the standpoint of ego, it can be hard to read honest reviews of ones' work. But from the standpoint of seeing your work through other peoples' eyes, and then learning from it, honest appraisal is a far better gift than any cash prize. You will spend cash, but insight will remain with you for the rest of your life and it will lead you to a higher standard of performance.

Having said all that, let the reviews commence.....

(NOTE: the reviews are presented in random order, NOT in the order of judging... so you can't guess who won by the order in which the reviews are posted... )

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2016/9/19 13:51:11

1) Ikes for his DORIS PART1 : $50 (Excellent work, I'm so impressed!)
plus additional compensation for each copy of his T-Rex character which is being given to everyone who submitted entries to the contest

2) Clayster, for END OF THE CHASE : $40 (You submitted some pretty flashy stuff my friend! You da MAN!)
plus additional compensation for each copy of his new RAPTOR character which is being distributed to everybody who entered the contest!

3) TONY, for his clever and extremely well-done INSTANT KARMA! $40 (Tony! GREAT job! More, More!)

4) the random drawing winner is: Rocque $30 (Congratulations Rocque)

uncompensated honorable mention: Zayha, for his KUNG FU TEST... (very clever short! Welcome to the forum!)

I think everybody's submissions were praiseworthy. I wish I were rolling in money so I could send some to everybody... but knowing that's just not gonna happen, I did at least make provision that everybody who entered got some very nice sets, some of which aren't in the store and might never be. As it is I ended up exceeding my prize budget by more than 100%.. but I think it's money well spent to encourage friends to pursue their hobby, participate on the forum and share their knowledge!

I will get links out to everybody ASAP so you can DL your zip files full of new sets and stuff that you scored by submitting an entry to the contest

Cash winners should PM me with your preference of a paper check (in which case, I'll need your mailing address)
or PayPal (in which case I'll need the email address you use for PayPal.)

If you send me the wrong address, you 'll never get the money, and I ain't sending it twice. ;-) So it's on you to get it right the first time.

Congratulations to everybody who participated.. great job across the board! If you have comments, please share them at the end of this thread. Contest is now officially over!
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2016/9/18 20:54:02
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 This thread has grown so large that lag is occurring. Therefore, when I post the reviews tomorrow, I will create a new one.

Winners will also be announced in the new thread
2016/9/18 16:34:01
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry Pat, but I won't be able to finish my animation before today is out - it'll take a week or so to fix it. It would have been done much quicker if the keyframing worked so I wasn't forced to animate everything in Hitfilm and then try to match that to the Muvizu footage... you know how it is.

I'm disappointed that your video won't make the deadline... but your announcement probably just made the day of all the other contest participants, since your video would almost certainly win.

Well.... that makes for a much more level playing field! It will be an interesting outcome for sure! And there's still the random drawing winner to make the opportunity of winning completely level.

note: people who have won on one level will be excluded from the random drawing. That way, nobody wins twice while other people haven't won at all.

But, as stated multiple times already.. everybody wins a bunch of stuff just by submitting something! So there are no losers in this contest!
2016/9/18 16:21:39
Easy not perfect face attachment the procedure for adding photo faces to character templates is as follows:

1) open the character's UV template in a graphic editor that allows layers (Photoshop or equivalent)
2) open a photo of the face you want to place on the character
3) crop the face to a rectangular image that includes a front view of the head, (no shoulders)
4) hilight and copy that image
5) click on the tab for the UV template to make it the active document
6) EDIT > Paste as new layer (or, create a new layer in the document and paste it there)
7) use the select tool (the arrow pointer) to select the pasted object
8) use the handles to drag, resize and rotate as necessary to put the face in the right place on the template
9) then hide the template layer (to keep the UV lines from showing up on your character)
10) save the face as a PNG file at a location where you can find it later

back in Muvizu:
1) right click on your character to open the EDIT dialog
2) click the DECALS tab
3) click the CUSTOM TEXTURE icon
4) on the dialog that appears, click IMPORT
5) navigate to your PNG file and select it

you character now has the face you added to his UV Map!

I usually keep the image editor open so I can tweak the positioning until it imports the way I want it.
2016/9/18 15:38:10
Is anyone using muvizu to create explainer videos? I think there is great potential using Muvizu for that application, but most of what gets posted to the forum is for entertainment, not presentation. I would like to see what you are doing with Muvizu. You might start a new wave of interest in using this software for presentations by showing samples.

The upshot could be more free sets that can be used for such presentations. Speaking for myself, I'd really like to see a niche group of trainers-presenters developing this on the forum.
2016/9/18 15:27:11
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Thanks Gman... I missed it because you posted it to a different thread. I'll have to look there for other submissions. Thanks for adding yours to the contest thread! If anybody else out there doesn't see their submission in this list, please post your link below in this same thread where I'll find it with all the others submissions!
2016/9/18 3:42:59
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 ok, it's easy for stuff to get lost in the forum. If you posted a video to the contest and it isn't in this list, please let me know so your submission doesn't fall through the cracks








2016/9/18 2:11:14
Is anyone using muvizu to create explainer videos? here's a link to an office area.. sort of an open cubicle layout
2016/9/18 1:28:38
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. Clayster, you've put a lot of work into this point in letting that go to waste. I say finish it.

I feel kind of responsible for talking you out of your spoofs. My only intent was to encourage you to pursue your own marketable products. But your productivity is so high, I think you have plenty of time for both. And the spoofs might help draw audiences for your own proprietary shows. So... as long as you don't get sued for using other peoples' themes in your spoofs, I don't see why you shouldn't continue with them

I'm not sure what legal protocol is about that. Sometimes the lawyer sends a cease and desist letter and you have a chance to pull it from circulation before they take legal action. I'm pretty sure that simply saying that it's a not-for-profit video doesn't protect you legally. Copyright law doesn't differentiate between for-profit and not-for-profit use.

The good news is that you can buy a license to use just about anything... including well known movie theme songs (which is the most likely thing you'll get nailed for). I think it isn't terribly expensive either, but each case is different.

here's an overview of the topic:

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2016/9/17 11:25:52
COMBINING TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLBOX... ditto! Thanks! That's exactly the sort of tool I hoped this thread would encourage people to make known.

If anybody else is using other software in conjunction with Muvizu, please talk about it in this thread. For example, what modelling program do you use? Why? What does it add to the equation that isn't already available in Muvizu?

SKETCHUP is free, there is a ton of info about it here on the WIKI, and it has a plugin that converts models to ASE format, which can be imported into Muvizu

MILKSHAPE is a fairly inexpensive modelling program, and it has export capability for both ASE and FBX... the only two formats that can be imported into Muvizu

BLENDER is free and it has native export capability for FBX... and there is a plugin for ASE export

If you are already proficient in another modelling program that doesn't offer export options for Muvizu, AUTODESK FBX CONVERTER is free. Most modelling programs offer export to OBJ format, which can be imported to the FBX converter

I use Nevercenter Silo for modelling because its interface makes sense to me (not true of most modelling apps) and its sculpting paradigm is well-suited to making characters for game engines.

Most of these modelling programs have already been discussed at length in the forum, but for the sake of putting a lot of useful information in one place, I mention them here again. The topic of other software that works well with Muvizu is something that comes up periodically.

Here are two links to the WIKI page that mentions other useful resources:
2016/9/16 14:50:22
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Ikes, given the time constraint, I'm glad you decided to split the movie and submit what was done! VERY nice job! You should be one of the moguls for sure...
2016/9/16 3:56:38
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Ikes is indeed awesome! I'd almost have to disqualify myself if I planned to judge based on personal preference.

I can't speak for the other judges, but my judging won't be entirely based on what appeals to me. The contest criteria is clearly listed at the start of the thread. I will print a copy of that list for each submission, and for each bullet point I'll note whether the project included it, and if so, on a scale from 1 to 10... how effectively was it it used?

I'll post the score sheet as part of my review of each entry.

It's possible that a great video could score badly if they didn't work from the list... likewise, it's possible that a newbie who used the list as a guideline could have checked of all the points and scored very well. We shall see. ;-)

There will also be a randomly drawn winner, and plenty of prizes just for submitting, so nobody should leave this contest feeling like they lost! Everybody wins something!

Due to the time involved in scoring the way I plan to do, There will probably be at least 24 hours after the end of the contest before I list winners and post reviews.

As a reminder... the deadline has been moved to Sunday the 18th at Midnight, UK time (GMT). That gives stragglers a full Saturday and part of Sunday to wrap things up.

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2016/9/16 0:38:28
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Wow, this is great! ! I'm happy to see more entries rolling in! All good ones, too!

1) Ikes, the six minute thing was intended as more of a recommendation than as a rule. ANY length is OK for this contest. I didn't want anybody to feel like they couldn't use their idea because it was too long or too short. The only reason I mentioned 6 minutes is because I had this scary vision of receiving 20 one-hour long videos to review at the same time!

2) I've heard through the grapevine that Ziggy does indeed have something in the pipeline, and he isn't a judge... ;-) The preview I saw looks pretty awesome. I think we'll all be impressed. I'm glad to see some of the moguls getting involved! (Judges are MrDrWho13, UKBerty and I.)

I had five goals for this contest:
------1) to draw out some amazing work from the moguls
------2) to encourage people using the free version by offering a paid license for somebody
------3) to draw more lurkers into participation in the forum
------4) to support the creativity of Ikes and Clayster by buying copies of their cool characters to use as prizes
------5) to showcase some of the cool ideas that people here at all levels are playing with!

so far, these goals seem to be fleshing out nicely. I may have to kick in more money than originally planned, but I think it's worth it to stir up enthusiasm and participation on the forum!

In closing I want to say there are still a few days left... with Muvizu, that's still enough time to do something cool! There are still prizes that haven't been identified. Submit something and get all the free stuff! And maybe some cash too!
2016/9/15 17:13:15
T-REX set now in store I've been playing around with Clayster's T-Rex and Raptor sets, as well as Ikes' T-Rex. Making characters like this opens whole new set of possibilities. It would be really cool if the character movement in Muvizu had a % slider so you could make a character cover more or less ground when they walk. This would eliminate the appearance of "sliding" when creatures like the T-Rex (whose legs are longer than those of the core character) SHOULD be propelling the character forward relative to the longer leg length, but instead the character only moves at the speed of the core character.

If you could double the speed at which the core character moves forward, adjustments could be made for an almost infinite set of creature configurations. Add this to my list of things I wish Muvizu could do.

But while I wait, I'll put the character on his own layer and keyframe his motion to the right speed in HitFilm. (or make the core character walk in place and animate the background to move past him)

But it would be a feather in Muvizu's cap to keep the coolness and enable possibilities inside their environment

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2016/9/14 17:41:44
A little tip Video I did for playing in Muvizu Thanks for sharing your tips, Speedking!... I'm not sure I understood all of what you were saying... but I especially like the idea of projecting a camera's view onto the face mask (at least I think that's what you were advocating...if not, then my mistake. But I'll be experimenting with that one...)
2016/9/14 12:11:50
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Speedking5 wrote:
Made this mini Tv show for a Mom comedian friend a few weeks ago. Sorry would have liked to come up with something better but I am working 6 days a week bartending at the moment. Great videos guys Thanks for making this contest Pat !

Cool! Thanks for submitting a video to my contest! (I'll withhold any comments until after the contest closes, then I'll review each video to the best of my ability)
2016/9/14 12:10:00
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 zayha wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
is kung fu test another contest entry?

Wasn't sure if we can enter more than once or not , if we can yes if not no biggie ,enjoy either way ☺

yes, multiple entries are allowed. Naturally, the freebies you get for entering will only be given once... but additional entries gives you more shots at the cash prize.
2016/9/14 12:06:05
COMBINING TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLBOX... another bit of software that works well with Muvizu is HIT FILM.... and there are a number of compelling reasons to look at this particular tool:

1) Most people use Muvizu to create scenes, then they join them together with a video editor. On one level, HIT FILM is a video editor... and a very good one! Editing is linear... placing a bunch of clips end to end and trimming them to remove anything you don't want.

2) but it is also a COMPOSITING software, which is different. Compositing is where you build layers, create green screen, add special effects etc. HIT FILM shines in this arena!

3) HIT FILM also offers a free version, with much of the cool stuff included! Even if you'd eventually like to own the pro version, their sale prices are better for those who are already using the free version.

4) there is a growing core of Muvizu users who have embraced HITFILM already, and therefore you have a built-in resource of people who are using the two products together and can share how they're doing it.

5) HITFILM is somewhat unique among video editors in its ability to import, render and animate 3D models (paid version only). Since Muvizu is a 3D environment, merging it with other 3D content is a good match.

6) 3D stuff can drink up a computers resources in a hurry... so depending on how much horsepower your computer has, you may experience performance hits as the complexity of your projects grows. With Muvizu's layers it's easy to export clean cutout layers without having to deal with green screen. For example, HITFILM can layer ten clips of 10 people each using far less resources than if you tried to put the same 100 characters into the same scene in Muvizu.

7) Perhaps the most compelling reason to pair any two software resources is when they complement the strengths and weaknesses of one another. HITFILM does some stuff well, Muvizu does other stuff well. Put them both together and you have a new set of capabilities that neither product alone could provide!

on the down side, I think it's a bit more complicated to use than many other video editors... but its capabilities are worth the learning curve.
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