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2016/7/1 6:41:19
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips primaveranz wrote:
I just tried again with FBX 2012 and it works!

The best thing from my point of view is that SketchUp allows me to put transparent windows into solid objects. Something that I couldn't achieve with Milkshape-created FBX files.

So thanks for that tip Pat, I have learned a hell of a lot from you guys in the last week

cool! Are you saying that the transparency in your Sketchup model transferred successfully to the FBX? and persisted when you brought the FBX into Muvizu?
2016/7/1 4:25:42
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips followup to prev note about FBX converter:

I just exported an attachment from Sketchup as DAE and loaded it into the FBX exporter. From there I exported it as FBX 2013, and it loaded into Muvizu successfully.

I imported the exact same DAE file to Blender and converted it to FBX there, and it came into Muvizu at a much larger size... Interesting. Apparently 3D programs don't adhere to an absolute size standard.

I notice the FBX converter utility creates FBXs that are about the same size as the ASE files created in Sketchup. (At least, when I exported it from Sketchup as DAE)

There's a lot of weird JUJU in the world of 3D
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2016/7/1 2:51:00
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips primaveranz wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
the free autodesk FBX utility goes a long way toward making it a non-issue that specific 3D programs don't allow FBX export.

I tried exporting a Sketchup 13 model as .DAE, used the utility to convert to FBX and impored that to Muvizu - but I just got a fatal error so gave up

ah, now that you mention it... I paid for a Sketchup utility that lets me import and export a lot more formats, because I normally use the OBJ format as my universal format and for some reason Sketchup is the one 3D package I have that doesn't support it.

I think there's at least one free utility for exporting from Sketchup as OBJ... and the FBX utility does accept OBJ.

Also, if the utility accepted the DAE file, then the problem might be in the FBX version... Muvizu doesn't support the more recent FBX versions apparently.

The utility allows the exporting of different FBX versions. Try one of the versions from around 2012 and see if that works.
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2016/6/30 23:32:47
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips robert-j-ladrach wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
FBX in Sketchup? Which version are you using, and is it included with the package or is this an addon you've bought?

Good point! Only Sketchup Pro allows you to export FBX files.
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do you use Sketchup Pro?
2016/6/30 23:31:56
Let Sinister be Evil! of all the characters who needs the evil actions, I'd guess that Sinister should be on top of the list.
2016/6/30 23:30:15
Running on the spot Machiya wrote:
i am definitely Machiya .... yeap 100%. But am I....

wait... if Jamie really WAS masquerading as Machiya... wouldn't he deny it? Just sayin'...

ohhhh.. OK. I'll play along (wink, wink)
Thanks for clarifying that "Machiya"..... ;-)
2016/6/30 23:21:19
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips the free autodesk FBX utility goes a long way toward making it a non-issue that specific 3D programs don't allow FBX export.
2016/6/30 18:19:13
HIT FILM SALE June 30 - July 4 $100 off starts today
2016/6/30 17:50:20
Running on the spot MrDrWho13 wrote:
I just got this email again.

I've never gotten an email saying that Ikes was Jamie, but I have gotten similar emails about other people. I assumed it was because Jamie had to make an administrative change to the thread for some reason. But that's a boring explanation.

Just for the fun of it, let's concoct a full-blown conspiracy theory based on the scant evidence at our disposal.

Maybe Jamie has multiple personality disorder. Maybe one of his personalities works for Muvizu, but an array of other personalities have forum accounts. This would explain why Ike has so much insider information that nobody else knows.

Maybe the server at Muvizu has become self-aware, to the point that it has developed a sense of right and wrong, and it disagrees with the multiple logins, so it is trying to raise public awareness by notifying people by email whenever Ike/Jamie crosses some line that is unconscionable to self-aware networks.

It's just a start, but I bet as a team we could flesh it out and turn it into a full-blown script.

Or at the very least, make Jamie mad at all of us. ;-)
2016/6/30 17:22:09
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting ziggy72 wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
or unexpectedly high pitched for a villain? Maybe his wussy voice is what turned him against society and made him want to kill everybody who made fun of him in school

You're thinking of Skeletor Big Grin

Skeletor is my from son's generation of cartoon characters, so I had to research a bit. Here's a clip of the various voice actors who contributed to the character through the years:

Not so sure I can come up with anything this maniacal... and I'm pretty sure Red Dead McGrow needs a Texas Drawl...

but that's a very astute character comparison, Ziggy, and I appreciate being pointed in that direction. It's always easier to start with a basi9c idea then modify it than it is to start totally from scratch. I like have examples from which to work.

By the way, the voice actors in the clip did an amazing job, didn't they? Which one was your favorite? The clip reinforces the idea that money can be made doing voice acting.
2016/6/30 17:01:37
Coming Soon 2016 If the table had been round, this would be a good setup for a Charlie Rose interview...
2016/6/30 1:16:32
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition)
5. Videos must be submitted no later than midnight July 13th 2016,

just a reminder... this is two weeks away

2016/6/29 19:21:55
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
Hey PatMarrNC ol buddy, I havent forgotten you on Read Dead Mcgrow , and I'm sorry it took so long, if you can send me some examples I would love to hear them, and for the scene with him, I haven't gotten to it yet.

No prob,Clayster.. I've been busy anyway.

But you seem to have a thorough understanding of your characters from prior years of using them in stories. I'm guessing you already have ideas about what they should sound like (voice-wise) so can you give me any guidance about what you're looking for in Red Dead's voice?

There are all kinds of ways that evil can be communicated in a voice.

Do you see him as a boisterous personality like Yosemite Sam?
Or a man of few words who'd rather shoot you than talk to you? ( speaks with his actions)

Is he just mean and dumb, with a limited vocabulary of gruffly spoken words?
Or smart and condescending, able to insult with words his opponents don't even understand?

Is his voice deep, booming and threatening?
Or throaty and raspy like the hiss of a rattle snake that smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day?
or unexpectedly high pitched for a villain? Maybe his wussy voice is what turned him against society and made him want to kill everybody who made fun of him in school

Maybe it would be easier if you compare your vision of Red Dead to a TV or Movie character...

Any defining info would be appreciated. Or, I can just make something up.. but I'm guessing you already know what you want.
2016/6/29 18:40:21
Where will I find Mandy's UV? I wonder if the OBJ models you extracted for us could be used to recreate Mandy's UV template?
2016/6/28 19:02:09
Muvizu rocks Cool stuff Jerry! Welcome to the forum!
2016/6/28 18:57:39
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting regarding microphones:
while it's true that the quality of the mic can affect the quality of your recording, most amateur problems come from a combination of other things

1) Make sure you have a good signal when recording. If the waveform is so loud that it gets flat on top, it will be distorted. If the waveform is too small, by the time you amplify it enough to hear it, it will sound hissy. Look at the following waveforms, and never submit any that look like either of the two extremes (too fat or too skinny)
The signal at the left is too skinny and it would not compare well when played beside the good signal on the right.
Likewise, the signal on the left here is too hot, and it will be distorted. In this picture, the wave form on the right is preferred.

2) Plosives (popped P) and sibilance (Hissy S)
I think Audacity has a way to correct sibilance. Plosives are best addressed with a pop filter

this is one of the most common amateur problems, and it is easily minimized with a cheap pop filter. You can make your own with any screen like fabric and a frame to hold it. Or you can record your voice from the side, so the plosives are not directed at the mic.

3) room reflections
Every room has an echo. You may not hear it but the mic does. This is probably the MOST COMMON problem with amateur recorded vocals. It makes vocals sound like they were recorded in a box or barrel. The easy fix is to put something that will absorb any sound that gets past the mic. A pillow, blanket or bit of foam works well. Anything that will keep the sound from continuing past the mic and echoing off the walls. Or you can buy a device made of acoustic foam and set it behind your mic:

4) environmental noise
barking dogs, trucks driving by, subway, trains , TV or radio playing , people talking in another room etc
Although you can't prevent those things, you can listen for it and retake any lines that may be ruined by it
2016/6/28 4:26:23
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
I finally finished the saloon set, now I'm just waiting the Voices for Quick Jack, Robo James, Wild Bill Hiccup, and Milo Bill, while we'r waiting here's an update screen shot.

Holy moly! Clayster, you are just AMAZING at this! And fast too! Remember all us little folk when you're famous, y' heah now?
2016/6/27 23:19:41
Look down a microscope primaveranz wrote:
Ikes, you are a genius!


Ikes has made a bunch of helpful contributions to the forum lately! We appreciate your insights, Ikes!
2016/6/27 23:17:35
Depth Of Field robert-j-ladrach wrote:
I figured out a work around to the camera DOF not working when there are effects in a scene. Set your DOF settings BEFORE you add any effects to the scene. I was playing around with a new set and it worked! The background blurs properly while the character stays in focus and snow falls around him and in the background. Yea!

now that's useful information! Thanks Robert!
2016/6/27 19:29:33
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:

I do hope the staff answer about the possibility of an animation building tool.

that would indeed be cool! You'll be everybody's hero if you manage to talk the Muvizu dev team into adding that feature!
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