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2016/6/15 14:37:41
Competition? MrDrWho13 wrote:

I'm not sure if I can come up with anything for this first one, especially with the high minimum time and forbidden external music , but I'll see if I can muster something up.

I'd be totally disappointed if you didn't submit something! In fact, I'll be disappointed if this doesn't draw all the moguls out of hiding! It's mogul-quality stuff we all want to see...
2016/6/14 23:23:05
Competition? MrDrWho13 wrote:
I think keeping each challenge separate would be best so they don't interfere with each other.

I wasn't talking about overlapping the contests... more like a "look-ahead" so we'd know what was coming. Or not. No big deal either way. This is going to be fun!

I'm not sure if I can come up with anything for this first one, especially with the high minimum time and forbidden external music , but I'll see if I can muster something up.

Didn't Clayster waive that music rule?
2016/6/14 18:19:31
Competition? since it looks like we're embarking on a series of contests, each one hosted by a different mogul.. I guess we should talk about whether or not to talk about upcoming contests in advance, or wait until the current contest ends before saying anything at all about the next one.

Speaking only for myself.. I admit to being painfully slow at this... to the point that a 4 week time limit might knock me out of the running.

If upcoming contests were declared in advance and everybody had a heads-up so they could start organizing ideas and creating assets, I think the end result might be better videos. At least, having more time would benefit me.

What does everyone else think? We have several weeks to form a consensus of opinion on the matter...
2016/6/14 18:03:22
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
regarding the requirement of using all original stuff:
does that mean you can't use any of the sets from the store unless you're the one who submitted it?

How about royalty free assets like background music, sounds etc?

as a musician with a recording studio, this rule gives me an unfair advantage. Not everybody is in the position to create the music that goes in their video. I can see limiting music videos to original music... but a monster video needs scary music, and the best source for that is royalty free sites.

The Moguls have traditionally used public domain music to great effect, and I'm afraid that if they aren't allowed to use royalty free assets, some of the best contributors might just bow out. We can't have that!

I hereby formally request that royalty free assets be allowed... but the use of anything that may be under a copyright that somebody else owns (pop music, movie or TV franchises etc) should be disallowed for legal reasons.

Having said all that, it's your contest and you get to make the final rules.
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2016/6/14 17:28:38
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) regarding the requirement of using all original stuff:
does that mean you can't use any of the sets from the store unless you're the one who submitted it?
2016/6/14 17:22:32
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) awesome looking sets there Clayster! They are very desirable as prizes!
I like the rules you've defined for your contest, and the logo too!

It just so happens that I already have a couple of funny music videos (featuring original songs) in the pipeline, so I might actually be able to submit something. My average prep time is about a week for every minute of video, and I have other activities cutting into the time I can allocate to Muvizu for most of the summer... so the work I've already done will probably make up the difference.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's submissions! I hope we get a pretty good participation
2016/6/14 17:04:34
Coming Soon 2016
I think Rocque was taking the mick, Pat

No doubt that's true.. but there have been other thread about comedy, and it's easy to get the threads intertwined logically.
(By the way, I'd never heard the term "taking the mick" before. )

Ziggy, you are indeed the master of details! This is a good story for you, because it is full of details from news stories, witness testimony etc.

I'd kind of like to see more of the photos you used to build sets and models... not yet , of course... until we see the movie you wouldn't want to give too much away. But after the fact, it would be a great follow-up documentary "the making of Sam Ammish", with all the behind the scenes and prep work details. Gee, that could keep you busy for another couple of years!
2016/6/14 4:59:49
Coming Soon 2016 Rocque wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Thanks, but it's a comfy chair, honest Big Grin Yeah, the straps have been tough to make, then even tougher to warp into a shape that looks half natural. Had to though, the Sketchup ones I had before looked like ass, and ruined the whole vibe. I think the box on the wall is a circuit breaker or something - dunno, I just copied the photos taken on the morning of the execution.

I am not sure what execution you watched, but it reminds me of that Tom Hanks movie, The Green Mile. That one guard even looks like Tom Hanks, well sort of. It is a great set, and I can not wait to see how you create a great comedy with it. Ewwwww.

Ziggy's work in process tells the true story of a serial killer (Ted Bundy), and it's a dark theme, not a comedy by any means.
2016/6/14 2:51:55
Minimaker....New Digimania Product urbanlamb wrote:
I probably should make a few more sets so many things to do so little time.. and its summer .. that time of year that I try not to sit in front of a pc 24/7 Big Grin

you've already made so many nice sets that you could afford to coast a while and spend the summer doing "outside stuff!"

We appreciate all that you have done already!
2016/6/14 1:25:48
An idea for a contest clayster2012 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Personally I like having a theme because I'm not a very creative person so it's good to have a pointer for what to make.

I refuse to believe that DrWho,

Yeah, I ain't buyin' it either. I've seen too much evidence to the contrary. ;-)
2016/6/13 18:23:43
Coming Soon 2016 cool looking set! Especially the electric chair!
2016/6/13 18:22:10
An idea for a contest MrDrWho13 wrote:
You should go ahead with whichever option you prefer. Personally I like having a theme because I'm not a very creative person so it's good to have a pointer for what to make.

yep, Clayster! The pressure is on! YOU and only you get to decide on the rules of your challenge! Others may have a different take when its their turn... but this is YOUR Turn, so ... your wish is our command!

But don't take too long to decide or this whole thread will fade into oblivion and everybody will move on to other things.

Just declare the rules in a new thread, and let us know when to start and end, and we be JAMMIN'!!


(I kinda like the general theme of COMEDY. People are so different, no declared theme will work for everybody.. that's why I like the idea of each Mogul making his own rules. Spreading it out like that increases the likelihood of drawing more participants)
2016/6/13 17:58:24
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Hi Alquimista!

I visited your site and I just LOVE your illustration style! I can see why you want to retain it in your animations!

And I agree that Muvizu is wonderful animation software and very easy to learn and use! I have several other packages, but I always use Muvizu because its my runaway favorite!

FWIW, there is a FACE MASK that can be used to add any photographic or drawn face to a muvizu character... have you tried using it to put one of your drawn faces on one of the potato heads?

Looking again at your work, I have to say that Anime Studio might be an even better match for you. Although it takes more effort to create a full-blown animation, Anime Studio would let you stay in the style of your graphics throughout the entire project. And your work is SO GOOD, I'd guess that would be the ideal scenario for showcasing your art.

By the way, when I came across Muvizu, I instantly thought it would be the perfect tool for me to create an animated version of my martian fantasy comics , but for that I needed to be able to model my own characters into it...!download-free-comics-fantasy-humor/dz87w
If that ever gets possible, for me Muvizu will be an endless pool of choices where I will have a ton of fun.

I think you are right... the ability to create truly customized characters is Muvizu's primary weakness, and if they ever overcome that obstacle, I think its usefulness will increase exponentially!

Whatever you decide, best of luck to you! You are a very talented artist!
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2016/6/13 15:28:50
An idea for a contest one idea for a challenge that I think would be WIDE OPEN for interpretation, useful to everybody, and guaranteed to be short and interesting: "Create an exciting Intro scene"... (you know, like the beginning of a TV show or movie... the scene that isn't part of the episode, and is the same for every show)

Equally interesting might be a challenge for the most interesting way to display the credits at the end of a video.
2016/6/13 0:25:29
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Alquimista,

have you looked at Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator software? It might be a good fit for you. It shares some of Muvizu's ease of use by having pre-programmed actions that can be applied to characters. It is a 2D animation concept, based on drawings, so as an illustrator you can design your own characters and sets.

If you go to YouTube and search for Crazy Talk Animator, just watching the videos should give you an idea about whether or not it would be useful to you.

Be aware they have a related (but different) product named CRAZY TALK (without the "animator" ) and it is all about heads.

If you drew your avatar, I'd guess that your skills will give you an advantage in a 2D animation paradigm.
2016/6/11 6:47:31
Minimaker....New Digimania Product interesting... but I didn't see any info on how to buy it.

If it's possible to save the characters in one of the standard 3D formats, we could break them into pieces and animate them with keyframing
2016/6/11 6:39:36
An idea for a contest I agree that it would be best to start each contest/challenge with its own thread. That way the rules for each can be posted at the top, and all correspondence for each one can be kept in one place.

I'm looking forward to seeing your guidelines, theme and prize!
2016/6/10 16:18:47
An idea for a contest assuming we went with the idea of Moguls running a series of challenges, and offering custom sets as a prize... here's an idea that would provide an incentive to participate in the challenge, and minimize dissatisfaction of people who didn't win:

1) Everybody who participates gets the set, and the set will NEVER be offered in the store... so the ONLY way to get it is to submit a video to the challenge

2) There could be a secondary "attaboy" award for best video... maybe having the video displayed somewhere with the other winners... but not a physical award, since that's what tends to make people feel slighted

or maybe everybody starts out with the set, and the challenge is to see what everybody comes up with

or whatever the mogul sponsoring the contest wants to do....

I like all of the ideas that have been set forth so far... all we need now is for one of the moguls to declare the rules of his/her challenge and say "ready...set...GO!!"
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2016/6/10 16:07:47
An idea for a contest How about if we combine forces in this way:

1) A series of challenges, and Clayster's is first

2) Each challenge will be defined and judged by a different mogul.

3) All the other moguls can participate in the challenges they don't judge... that way everybody gets to play

if different people define each challenge, that will make it interesting and will give a lot more people input without having to decide by vote or consensus, which really tends to slow any idea down to a crawl. One person can make decisions easily... get many people involved and no decision is possible.

If Muvizu gets involved and declares their own challenge, of course they can award whatever prize they want... but if the forum members do this without sponsorship, I kind of like Clayster's idea that a Mogul could offer a custom set as a prize. All the moguls tend to be really good at that.
2016/6/10 12:30:37
FBX strikes again! just taking a shot in the dark here... but I've noticed that models from different sources are sometimes made in a different coordinate system than Muvizu's. When Muvizu is telling a model to stay upright, that means Y+ will be forced to the top.

If the coordinate system of the models you bought uses X or Z as the vertical axis, then forcing Y+ to the top will look like the model is being flipped over on its side. If that's the case, the solution would be to rotate the object in blender and make whatever part of the model you want to be "up" to face in the Y+ direction.
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