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2016/5/21 18:56:14
avi import Rod,

Thanks for sharing the results of your research with us, and for narrowing the solution down to a specific encoder. Maybe now people who don't have one of the named converters can get usable results from whatever they have by selecting the encoder you've identified.
2016/5/21 15:00:57
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! and the good thing is that it's proprietary and nobody can hassle you for monetizing it!
2016/5/20 21:26:39
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! I say put it up for sale, put the commercial in your description, and let people decide whether to buy.
2016/5/19 14:37:23
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) Rocque, I want you to know that my quote from above wasn't meant to undermine future opportunities for you. I think that a female on an animation forum who is willing to do voice acting will have NO TROUBLE getting gigs! MOST scripts require dialog, there's no way around it.

In fact, if you are interested in voice acting, I can load you up with work myself!

However, The kind of stories Clayster is telling CAN be presented to audiences of any language because the images and themes are so universal. From the standpoint of marketing his videos, that is a significant thing to realize and actualize.

Don't underestimate Muvizu. An awful lot of people use it to make videos solely for the purpose of amusing their friends. The reward for all their work is a few laughs.

But you can make money with original video to which you own all the rights. And once you decide to make money, the next decision is how to maximize your audience. Once you add a line of dialog to a video, you effectively eliminate everybody on the planet who doesn't speak that language as a potential viewer.
2016/5/18 14:32:16
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) one thing you might consider, Clayster, since you're already not that far from doing it... is to eliminate dialog completely and let all your gags be visual.

The upshot of doing so is that your video immediately becomes viable everywhere in the world. If you build a large internet fan base and sell ads, the ability to get EVERYBODY on the planet to hit your site (as opposed to english speakers) ... that opens up your potential into the billions.

A thought for the back of your mind....
2016/5/18 14:01:53
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) I just noticed the AlienGrey logo you created for the series! Very cool! You are getting positioned to merchandise the heck out of your series!

Speaking of which, I notice that both of your paid assets are being downloaded (bought) at about the same rate as the freebies. I was wondering how that would work. I'm guessing that there is a transaction fee taken out for each DL, and I hope Muvizu gets a cut... but even if you get a fraction of the asset price for each of those transactions, over time you stand to make some serious money!

I'm a little surprised that so many here are content to make videos that use other peoples' intellectual property... (spoofs of movies and TV shows, comedy skits, music videos of popular music etc) After all the work, they don't own any rights to the project, and basically the only reward is whatever attaboys they get. If anything, using other peoples' intellectual property in your videos could introduce legal liability! That's potentially worse than making NO money for your time... there's potential to LOSE money!

The talent here on the forum is enormous, and I hate to see it squandered. I suggest that more people should take time to build a proprietary identity for their work, complete with Logo, theme songs, transition music, pro script writing etc.

I hang out on other creativity-based software forums, and I know that there are lots of creative people out there who are really good at one piece of the project. There are music forums, writing forums, graphic arts forums, 3d modelling forums, video production forums, animation forums etc etc etc... and people on all of those forums are open to collaborations.

What makes Disney and other such producers top notch (besides their budget) is the fact that they have teams of talent to work with... not one bright star who does everything.

Just a thought for the back of everyone's thinking.
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2016/5/17 16:46:59
Mobile Phone Action
I think the key here is how much you want to learn the stuff. I am fairly certain that if you sit and work at it you can learn a lot in a few months.

That's good advice, and I agree with it. But its kind of like saying that one's ability to eat an elephant depends on how much one wants to eat an elephant. No matter what the goal, its always one bite at a time. The question is... do you keep taking bites? Or do you give up?

Multiple learning curves (I want to eat a LOT of elephants) means you fill up faster.

I love learning, and I have no problem immersing myself when I decide to do so. But I've found that (for me) it's better to pick my battles and my learning curves so that I can maintain my appetite for each entree. Most of my learning curves have remained interesting for years... a few hit dead ends and dropped off the list.

In my case that manifests as using a variety of less robust programs, oftentimes using them only for one or two things at which they excel. I accept the fact that at some point I will need capability that my current stable of tools can't provide, and then I'll have an incentive to eat another elephant.
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2016/5/17 16:35:17
Gallery of videos changed I'd have to say there isn't a convenient way to even FIND all the videos, let alone discern which ones are likely to be good. Even after diligently searching, I occasionally find something on youtube that blows me away. Taste is highly subjective.
2016/5/17 16:31:30
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - THE BABYSITTER this is truly entertaining, Skylike! You have a way of assembling a bunch of unrelated stuff and making it work together! I actually laughed out loud once or twice, and I rarely do that!

There's something about anthropomorphized animals that always cracks me up, so zombiedog is a keeper!

The line "You can come back any time, and by that I mean "NEVER EVER AGAIN" is inspired!
2016/5/16 23:10:44
Mobile Phone Action thanks for that info, Urban Lamb and Ziggy... sounds interesting! If I ever get caught up with the other 50 learning curves I have in progress, I'll have to DL that and give it a try!

(Is that screaming face one of your models?)
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2016/5/16 19:53:43
Outerra / Anteworld
I think if you're not making a blockbuster, you can use the video's.

then I'm safe. ;-) Not much chance of any blockbusters from me.
2016/5/16 19:49:29
Wheels animation trick
Thanks Pat for you kind words.
Although some of my videos were so applauded I've to confess that I'm a perfect amateur. I never studied arts, animation or design in any school. My professional formation is opposite to art if we put things at this level. I'm an autodidact. That means, I always learn from you all.
If I was able to make this movies, you will be too.
Keep trying.

there's more to the art of story telling than just knowing how to use the software effectively. What sets your stories apart is the ability to turn a dispassionate observer into a passionate participant in your event. Software can be learned, but THAT is a gift!
2016/5/16 19:43:06
Mobile Phone Action urbanlamb wrote:

Also 3Dcoat is very cool yup it lacks some things that zbrush has but its actually faster to work with then zbrush for the options that it replicates due to the voxel thing. If you just like to make cool art and never export it to anything else its good for that too. You can make some nice scenes just you know for prettyness right inside it. Although I find it awkward for hard surface modelling its really nice for anything that is organic. Big Grin

Have you tried the Blender Sensei add-on called ZeroBrush (which is apparently named as close to Z-brush as they can get away with, so it must be their intent to mimic its functionality)

But then, if you already have Z-Brush, why would you bother with a knockoff of it...?
2016/5/16 16:10:28
Outerra / Anteworld The more I explore Outerra, the more impressed I am. You can be anywhere in the world instantly! (but no cities unless you build them... the engine builds landscapes algorithmically based on geodata)

But the ability to import objects, build roads, shoot guns, drive vehicles and have vegetation that moves and water that ripples... these are all things we'd like to see more of in Muvizu, and now we can have the best of both worlds at a price that is even lower than that of Muvizu!

It would be VERY cool (since Muvizu is also based on a gaming engine) to see a collaboration between the companies. Outerra wants to eventually add animation (which Muvizu has nailed) and Muvizu would benefit from having more dynamic terrain creation tools (which Outerra has nailed)

But even apart from a collaboration between the two companies, the potential SYNERGY between them is already mind boggling.
For anybody out there using Muvizu who hasn't already invested in something like iClone to get 3-D terrains, I strongly recommend shelling out the small amount they're asking for what appears to be a perpetual license for all future upgrades!
2016/5/16 14:12:45
Outerra / Anteworld based on your observation about the left mouse button, my guess is that I was shooting the rockets myself without realizing it... fumbling with the mouse mindlessly while my attention remained fixed on the amazing panorama unfolding before me

----- edit------
I just tested the hypothesis, and yes, that is exactly what I saw: The result of pressing the left mouse button!

Which is great because even though it means I'm an idiot on one hand, on the other hand it also means that I won't be continually annoyed by attackers when I try to build scenes ;-)
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2016/5/16 14:09:01
Outerra / Anteworld ikes wrote:
Hi Pat,

Good idea to start a thread about this.
You can shoot with the left mousebutton, but I don't relate of being shot at? That did not happen to me, as far as I know you are roaming the world alone.

Yeah, I posted my question on the Outerra forum and got mocked by the gamer crowd that hangs out there. ;-)

They suggested I might be hearing some environmental noise and interpreting it as gun shots... but I actually didn't hear any noise at all. Did you watch the demo about real-time craters? What I experienced looked like the rocket flares that caused the craters. Pretty hard to confuse that with something else. They kept streaming over my head (always from behind, no matter which direction I faced) and landing near me, like I was being shot at in a first person shooter game.

I'm a workaround kind of guy... if I can get what I need, I'm willing to delete a few seconds of unexpected footage to get hours and hours of top notch 3D environment! I plunked down my money as soon as I saw that it worked with my hardware!

They really should consider a separate marketing plan for animators who want to use the footage to make money. I notice their present position is that paid users can use footage in films for personal use, but not for professional use. I figure eventually they'll open that up, but it certainly won't be for 14 euros.

Their current offer to buy into all future updates is just too good to pass up! Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!
2016/5/16 4:57:53
Outerra / Anteworld I'm starting a new thread for this because I think there may be enough interest to merit future discussion.

Based on my exploration, I am totally excited about the potential to create virtually any navigable landscape effortlessly. That's powerful, and worth a lot more than $16.25 USD to me. But I'm not so excited about the bullets that keep whizzing past me every few minutes. I don't have any interest in it as a game engine, only as a terrain generator.

If anybody figures out how to opt out of being a target in somebody else's game, please post the answer here. Meanwhile I'll keep reading in hopes of finding the answer myself.
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2016/5/16 0:09:07
Sjesus - Going to the beach I just got back from reading about Outerra and downloading it... this is an AMAZING resource for anybody who needs 3D terrains or backgrounds! For far less time and money than it would take to model a handful of assets, you can have the whole world in 3D, viewable from any perspective, pannable, zoomable... and it can import objects too! So you can bring sets directly into the world!

and for those scenes where you want to drive a car or plane or rocket... all the details just got a LOT easier! Did you say the whole shebang costs $14? Wow... if that price is correct, what you get for what you pay is unimaginably high in value-to-cost ratio!

But DANG! I didn't really need another learning curve right now! I grew up in the 60s and I'm down to my last 3 brain cells. It's all I can do to keep my balance, let alone learn new stuff!

Ironically, I had spent the day modelling a tree... and now I just downloaded about a million of them. I feel defiled somehow, yet in a good way. ;-)
2016/5/15 22:35:01
Sjesus - Going to the beach Hi Ikes!
I was totally blind-sided by your surprise ending! Should have seen it coming, but for some reason, I didn't!

GREAT use of blue screen! I need to mess with that, it always looks so good!

Thanks for the info on Outterra!
2016/5/15 20:53:49
KYUSS DEMON CLEANER Hi Salemkarlos! I see this was your first post... welcome to the forum!

First of all, I really liked the song... not a genre I normally listen to, so I'll ask if it's your band's original music... (update: just searched youtube for the band and song and now know the answer to my question)

I liked this video a lot, for the following reasons:

1) the scenes were framed in interesting ways , using angles that many people wouldn't automatically consider. This made it very fresh and attention grabbing right away

2) The camera movement really adds visual interest and keeps the scene changes from repeating

3) nice choice of your background sky

4) I thought your text animation at the intro and credits was cool

5) I liked the story you added. Music videos tend to get redundant pretty quickly, so adding any kind of sub-story really helps to avoid that. I suppose that's why you hardly ever see a real music video that consists entirely of the band playing a song.

6) I liked your use of special effects. I'm a bit surprised to see that the only effects you used were from Pinnacle, which is a reasonably priced editor. I was expecting to see that you used After Effects or Hit Film.

7) Cool rotating logo.. I'm guessing that's what was animated in Blender?

Very impressive first entry to the forum! I look forward to seeing more from you!
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