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2015/12/22 19:22:13
Video Salvage MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks for posting that. The videos I've been watching over the past few days have raised the bar so high I may have to drop out of the game.

Pah, rubbish!
Everyone's got to start at the bottom and work up, you're already half way there by the looks of your videos. Just chuck some lights in and play around with the shadows and camera effects and your work will be brilliant!.

thanks for the encouragement... my comment above was kind of rhetorical, to show relativity between where I am and where so many others are... but I have no intention of dropping out. This is wayyy too much fun!

Oh and come up with something to make in the first place, that's where I always stumble.

indeed, that is the challenge all creative people face.
2015/12/22 19:18:40
Video Salvage urbanlamb wrote:
oh the sky dome lighting was a colour gradient video clip I did red,green simple gradient and rendered as an avi file and played it on the dome instead of a static texture.

in what software did you make the color gradient video? I like that idea, but I have no idea how to replicate it...

Anyhow everyone starts somewhere. After literally years of making models and creating videos one cant help but learn things and improve. That is why I keep everything I make its fun to see how I have progressed.

Your work is awesome! I'm so glad you are an active and value-adding member of this forum!
2015/12/22 19:14:24
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 ukBerty wrote:
Thanks for your review Pat, too kind.... too kind....

I think my favourite Muvizu animation has to be Dreeko's "The idea"

It is original, succinct and complete. It delivers exactly what it sets out to do with no baggage. It looks easy to do as it's mainly just a bloke talking, but there's actually a lot going on with the composition and editing.

I agree!

What is the mark of a great presentation? (be it video or audio or some other media or endeavor?)

I think "success" means the intended goal was achieved. When the goal is to get a point across, the presentation can be very simple and still achieve that goal. (assuming that the presentation is well planned, which Dreeko's is)

When the goal is to create something artistic and amazing, the rules change. I see your work (and that of UrbanLamb) as being works of art. The point is not so much a message as it is the artistic presentation itself. And, having compared you to Urban Lamb, it's worth noting that your approaches to art are also quite different.

Urban Lamb's focus seems to be a celebration of graphic design, an endless exploration of what is possible with various technologies, which include more than MUVIZU.

Your focus (I speak from my point of view, not as an authority on your intent) seems to be somewhere between Urban Lamb's love of technical mastery and Dreeko's love of the idea's presentation.

The best MUVIZUers have at least two of these three separate skills: storytelling, modelling and proficiency with MUVIZU. Based on what I see and like in these videos, my goal is to develop all three skills to whatever extent I am able.
2015/12/22 8:01:44
Star Wars Smoking funny dialog, and a GREAT job on your characters and set!
2015/12/21 21:02:53
Video Salvage WOW! Just wow!

That was so richly detailed you could easily have spun any of those scenes into a standalone story! The faeries are remarkable! And I was particularly mesmerized by the aurora effect in the sky... how on earth did you achieve that?

and how did you conceptualize each of those scenes? Unlike most music videos, where there are lyrics on which to base the visuals, you worked with instrumental songs, making you totally responsible for figuring out what would make an interesting scene for each musical passage! Great job though! It reminded me somewhat of Disney's FANTASIA! ( high praise, as I love that movie)

And beyond the use of MUVIZU for what it does so well, your incredible set is almost beyond belief! And the fact that you made it available for free... wow, what a generous gesture on your part! You clearly invested a great deal of yourself into the modelling, and then simply let people have it! This world needs more people like you!

Did I mention the lights? OK, let's do that. They're so... um... "lighty"... seriously, its as though you are the Sorceress of Scenery, everything is just over the top in terms of quality!

Thanks for posting that. The videos I've been watching over the past few days have raised the bar so high I may have to drop out of the game.
2015/12/21 18:21:27
Merry Christmas to my friends and family! thanks Ziggy.. good information there.

I'll give the hooves another try and slow down the elf's voice a couple of notches.

============ UPDATE =========
Now includes hooves

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2015/12/21 18:17:19

Many of the people on another forum to which I belong write songs and then follow up with a video to add an additional sensory dimension to the song's experience. As creative people, they (and we) search for inspiration wherever we can find it.

I presented UKBerty's video to them as having not only an excellent song from a song writer's perspective... but as a good example of capturing the songwriter's imagery and of making it visual... in a very emotionally impactful way.

Music and video are somewhat unique in that they both seem to offer direct access to our emotions, circumventing most of the filters we have in place.

There's so much good to say about this video that I'm not going to bother talking about each individual design choice that I found to be inspiring... except for one: the scene in which the overhead view of the family projects out into space until we are presented with a view of the planet.. which then morphs into a Christmas card. That was nothing short of being inspired! Very clever and effective transition!

It has been said that editing is a subtractive process... it isn't about adding more, but about taking away everything that isn't essential. I tend to be a minimalist, while UKBerty loves to fill his stories with lush detail on a variety of planes at once. Two schools of thought... but I am very impressed by his ability to retain so much detail without distracting his audience's attention with peripheral activity.

Regarding all the detail... watching through UKBerty's videos I am astounded by the minute details he works into each scene... a flickering light in one of the letters in the sign of a sleazy motel... coordinated sound effects for just about everything that is going on in every scene... relentless attention to continuity in all of the seemingly extraneous details. Multiple stories seem to be happening at once, much like in real life. He probably triples the time it would take to make his videos by including such an intricately woven tapestry of detail... but wow.. the end result justifies the effort!

Thyanks for including this video on your list, I might have missed seeing it otherwise, and it is a video that I';d strongly recommend to every MUVIZU user
2015/12/21 15:59:53
Objects from Christmas set have lost their color Here's an odd problem that just came out of nowhere...

I was working on a project that used objects from the new Christmas collection. The sleigh and the Christmas tree. They originally came into the project with their colors intact.

At some point, however, I noticed that all of the objects in my project that were drawn from the Christmas collection were displayed as grey models. If I open the properties tab, it shows the correct color; but no matter how many times I change it, the color does not activate on the objects.

Has anybody ever seen this? Any ideas what might be causing it?
2015/12/21 15:48:43
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... what a great community of people who are willing to help!
2015/12/21 5:54:30
Failed to load object from file For whatever it's worth.. armed with the information presented in this thread, I went back and recreated the project that wouldn't open, and got all the way through with no problems... presumably because I didn't make any timeline edits of head movements. If I wasn't satisfied, I just recorded over it rather than dragging it... recording over head moves didn't cause any problem

I do have the keyframe pack, and there is keyframing in the project, and lots of head moves and eye moves. The only thing I did different was to steadfastly avoid dragging head and eyes moves around on the timeline.

=============== UPDATE ===============

I take it back. Today when I tried to reopen the project after making head moves, I got the dreaded "Failed to load object from file" error again.

So (at least in my case) making no timeline edits did not save the day. In retrospect, I guess the only reason I was able to finish my project is because I added the head moves and then created the video without closing and then reopening the project file.
edited by PatMarrNC on 21/12/2015
2015/12/21 5:14:55
Merry Christmas to my friends and family!

This is actually scene 1 of a longer project... but Christmas is sneaking up fast, so I'm just going to post what I have. Comments and reviews welcome. I know there are nits, some of which didn't show up in the MUVIZU environment, but did in the Adobe Premiere environment... and by that time, I was unwilling to revisit the project.

Some concerns I have are as follows:
1) can you understand the obnoxious elf? Or do I need to slow the processing down a little?

2) A key part of scene is Rudolph's frustration with having to type with hooves. I actually made hooves that attached like gloves, but I elected not to use them because the built-in clearance for characters hand and arm movements is close enough to the body that it continually looked like the hooves were passing through his body. I found that to be more unacceptable than my final approach of shrugging my shoulders in defeat and using the title to let my audience know they havbe to play along with the gag.

But what are your thoughts? If I were SELLING it, it would be unacceptable... but its an informal Christmas card

3) there's a moment just after the camera enters the building when you can see a flaw in the surface of rudolph's head. That didn't show up in MUVIZU... any ideas what may have caused it?
2015/12/21 0:22:41
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... I don't know if Roland hand-typed the example of his error message, or if he cut and pasted it... but if he cut and pasted it, the "file not found" error could be coming from a typo in his ASE file where he edited the texture file name.

His example error message said "toto. bpm" instead of "toto.bmp"
2015/12/21 0:18:12
I accept your challenge sir!

PatMarrNC, I look forward to your detailed synopsis of each one - should only take you a couple of months...

heh heh... as I read your list , I was thinking "this is gonna take more than a week!"

But, I'm up for the challenge, as time allows! I'm currently working on my own Muvizu Christmas project, so that's keeping me busy. I'll review a few each day until my video is finished, then I'll spend more time on the list! I'm looking forward to watching movies that are so highly regarded by talented people like all of you!
2015/12/20 18:57:06
Failed to load object from file winini33 wrote:
Small further clarification:

The .set file deteriorates with action "head movement" on characters.
It is systematic, if you move the head, and move a little parts on the timline, and save after this.
With a timeline not modifided (the line named "head"), I have no problem.

I have not tested all the characters, but this is more precise.

yes, now that I look back over my work flow just before I got the error, I do recall that I was working on head movements, and tweaking the timeline was the last thing I did before the project stopped opening.

I guess one workaround would be to save head movements for last, and have a good copy saved before starting to work on them. Also, don't tweak the timeline on any head moves! I figure if I have a project just about done except for head moves, in one sitting I may be able to wrap it up and create the video... that way I won't get caught dead in the water ten minutes away from being finished
2015/12/20 18:45:47
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... roland1963 wrote:

I tried all of these; no result...

The ASE file is in plain text format. Are you saying you opened it in Notepad and manually replaced the path and filename from TOTO.BMP with the path and filename to your texture, and MUVIZU still won't find the right texture?
2015/12/20 18:39:53
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... Roland,

On a slightly different topic... if you are now importing models, I must assume you've either solved the enigma of installing Sketchup's ASE converter, or you downloaded and installed some other package that supports ASE export.

What did you end up doing? Enquiring minds and all that.
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2015/12/20 18:04:10

At only 34 seconds, this video offered up several creative concepts that will be useful to me, and no doubt to others. First of all I liked the idea of using a speech engine to create the robot's dialog. I will definitely be latching onto that idea! I also thought it was clever to use dance moves coupled with robotics audio to make the 2nd robot all the more convincing in his actions and sounds.

It was a clever idea to make a spoof about an infomercial too... you really nailed it! Classic infomercial logic presents two examples... one desirable (after using the product or service being advertised) .. and another one that isn't so attractive... much like the person who is up at 2 am watching late night TV infomercials while eating junk food. The two robots in this short episode do a good job of approximating the two character paradigms.

I thought this was an interesting "concept video", exploring the TRON-like idea of a computer user getting sucked into the PC... then following it up with an opposite but equivalent transfer of the PCs character to the real world... leaving the original user trapped inside while the robot takes off to explore.

The fact that all this happens with no need for dialog made it somewhat of a universal theme. I also think its cool that video can be applied to some objects, and applying it to the computer screen in this video was an ideal application. It really ended up being the central focus of all the action, effectively making the computer itself an implied 3rd character
2015/12/20 17:20:04

Wow! That was awesome on multiple levels!

For starters, the characters were very convincing clones of the originals! And then.. there is that awesome Enterprise bridge set! Whoever created that sure did a great job! Looks just like it! Having already matched the characters and the set, the look and feel of the original series is completed by ripping audio directly from the episode, and by using a display font that looks like the one used in the original TV show. Within a few seconds, I am already totally buying into this as a lost episode that has been rediscovered in Muvizutopia.

But then the scene turns into a StreetFighter spoof, and I might add, one that is equally well done! (I was especially amused by the health gauge at the top of the screen. It would have been cool if the color in that bar turned a little more red every time Kirk was kicked)

At this point in the review I should probably remark that I had never before seen blood spewing forth from kicked testicles. Nice touch. Apart from the kicking, I'd like to know how that was accomplished. I'm pretty sure Muvizu doesn't have a "testicle blood" effect. ;-)

I thought the "FINISH HIM" climax was a good way to go full circle from Star Trek > Street Fighter > Muvizu because it employs a clever use of one of Muvizu's available actions to complete the Street Fighter scene logically.

I even liked the credits! Where on earth did that jazzy version of the Star Trek theme come from! VERY cool! I'm assuming the bouncing text credits were added in whatever editor was used to piece it all together

Lots of technical skill demonstrated here in terms of making it all work, but even more than that there is a great deal of conceptual cleverness displayed too, especially the way Star Trek segued into a video game. Great job, Fazz68! I'm very impressed!
2015/12/20 16:44:28
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 Let's make the week leading up to Christmas into a "BLAST FROM THE PAST!"

Break out all those videos that you poured your heart into when you first discovered the possibilities in Muvizu, and I'll rave on and on about how awesome you are! (And I'll really mean it! I'm truly impressed by the videos made by the people on this forum!)

There may be people out there wondering whether to buy Muvizu... those people need to be inspired by your collective genius!

And if you are an altruist who feels that breaking out the old stuff for praise is a little bit self-serving... then you're looking at it incorrectly. It is my opinion that even creative people hit periods when they just can't think of any new ideas. There is no better cure for that problem than total immersion into a world of other people's inspiration. So think of re-posting your work as a public service, and let no negative reasoning enter your thoughts at all.

Plus, I find it helpful to analyze what works in other peoples' videos. It eliminates a lot of trial and error, and helps me learn more quickly.

Eventually, we should do something similar to showcase the modelling gurus here in the forum! There is a LOT of talent here, and I'm just blown away by the fact that everybody is so willing to share their knowledge!
2015/12/20 4:07:50
Failed to load object from file Add my name to the list of people whose projects are stalled by this error.

I don't know if it's significant, but the last thing I did before the problem started was this:
I wanted to delete one of my characters actions, but I went brain dead and instead of "right-click > delete" I pressed the keyboard's delete button, which effectively deleted ALL that character's actions .. and the character too. Seems like maybe something more benign could be programmed to happen when the delete key is pressed.... like maybe a dialog box that says "CURSE YOUR VERY EXISTENCE? (Y/N)"

When I saw what had happened, I closed Muvizu without saving, hoping that when I opened it back up, my last saved copy would have all my characters and 99% of my work intact. Instead, the project failed to load at all.

Previous messages in the thread indicate that the promised delivery of the fix was sometime last week. So I guess asking for more dates is kind of pointless. The fix will come when it's ready whether I pester or not.

In spite of stuff like this.... I just LOVE this software!!
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