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2016/4/22 5:31:20
avi import For someone who is not all that familiar with what you are talking about, but has already had difficulties with creating videos that won't work right, I am hoping that maybe one day it will make sense to me. That is the beauty of a forum. The knowledge is there.

I am now editing using Camtasia, and it is taking a very long time since this is my first real project using Muvizu. I am not sure how it will all turn out, but I am learning a lot. It is frustrating having to make the first video with Muvizu and then having to fine tune it somewhere else, so maybe one day I will figure out how to get Muvizu to work better.

Thanks for sharing your discovery, emergencysquirrel.
2016/4/16 20:19:35
avi import I followed this link: and before downloading had to make a post on FaceBook since I did not want to share my email address right now.

I will see how this works. Thanks for the share PatMarrNC. It seems we can not have enough animation tools...ha, especially when they are free. Let me know if you have any glitches with it and how it works for you.

2016/4/16 5:20:03
Is there another tutorial for the Video Joiner? I have been finding out how to save my animation parts into something compatible with Windows 10 Movie Maker, and now that i have something that works it is going okay. However, i am going to give the YT editor a try to see if the quality might be better.

One day, I might have my first Muvizu project finished. It might take 2 more weeks, but I am really learning a lot.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of You Tube.
2016/4/15 0:35:58
Is there another tutorial for the Video Joiner? I have watched the One, Two, Three, tutorial for the video joiner (Tutorial 23: Make video and using the Video Joiner),but the way they show to record the video and the choices made are not on my version of Muvizu. I am making bits and pieces of my animation and wanted to test out joining them together.

The .mp4 videos I created will not load into the joiner. The .avi ones I load are hit and miss for getting the images to display. The tutorial videos showed neither being used.

Everyone has come up with great solutions so far so here is another challenge that I am facing. Thanks in advance if you have a solution.
2016/4/14 1:37:30
Movie Poster font jgourlay,

Thank you for all your help. Now I have a lot more options to test out. I already was able to import a title to a widescreen backdrop. Now I can have more fun experimenting around. I am going to test out most of your suggestions.

Thanks again. I am one day closer to getting my first project completed.
2016/4/13 0:24:01
Movie Poster font ziggy72 wrote:
Rocque, you could make your titles/credits as a picture (in photoshop or whatever), apply them to backdrops, then animate the backdrop (so that they scroll) and point a camera at that. Just a thought.

I had a feeling this would only be easy for those who have expensive photo editing or experience making the files that Muvizu will accept. I have read that I can not upload a .png file and I have tried to make sure but that is a no go. I have not done any 3-D modeling and that seems way to involved for my time commitment right now. I do not have anything that will make an .ase or .fbx file to import.
I have GIMP editing on my computer, too and it is mentioned in the Wiki, but I can not save it in a compatible format (at least as far as I know).

So I can load my Muvizu project into Camtasia or Windows, and add the titles there? Is that the best option? Once I get an update to this thread I might have more to ask.

Thanks everyone.
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2016/4/12 3:06:05
Movie Poster font I have been searching for a way to add a title and credits to an animation here with no luck. Maybe this is it. If you want to point me in the direction to do that I would appreciate it.
2016/4/12 1:23:14
SKWERLEFEST! Episode #: The Sam BushyTail Band! Hello PatMarrNC,
I saw the topic of your SKWERLEFEST! on the side bar of this forum and had to go have a lookie see (trying my Skweraneese language).
That was so great! Since I am just working on my first real video here and might be attempting to go too "big" for my first attempt, I appreciated everything you did.

I used to animate on Go!Animate, and music videos were one of my favorite things to create. However having your own original music is so much better. I enjoyed everything about the video. The skwerls were so much fun to watch that I think too much other distractions would have taken away from the fun to watch animation.

Thanks for sharing.
2016/4/12 1:07:41
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? What if you are recording on Audacity (which I have been using for years) and it is showing Red, but the play back shows Green? Will there still be problems?

Which is better to use for voice dialog recordings: Muvizu live or Audacity?
2016/4/11 14:58:43
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? ritsmer wrote:
Yes: try to output it in mp4 format (max = 10.000 Kbps) to identify where the problem is.

If the issue is still there in the mp4-output the problem could be that your audio-input to Muvizu is not quite to the rendering codecs taste - and you might have i.e. to maybe lower the bit-rate.

Thank you both MrDrWho13 and ritsmer! I did just as you said in the quote area above and it worked great! This forum has helped me so much to save hours of work (that I would have deleted again). Now I am happy and can continue to make my whole video. I am sure I will need more help so please do not go away.
2016/4/11 5:35:20
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? I am having a lot of trouble with my audio part of the video. It sounds fine in the previews, but when I actually create the movie, the sound gets all garbled and there is static. It is terrible.

I have some music as MP3 files that I import, and then I have created some live dialog. The videos I am making and testing are not very long, but I end up deleting them and starting over since the sound quality is terrible.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is this one for customer support? I have my latest .avi recording if anyone wants to hear it I can post it somewhere perhaps.
2016/4/4 15:24:40
Camera Cuts Once again thanks for all of the help. I am amazed by everyone taking the time to share with me. I will get into key frames tonight since I tried last night but could not get them to work at all.

I am looking forward to more experimenting tonight. Stay tuned for more questions.
2016/4/3 22:07:47
Camera Cuts Thanks for your replies and links everyone who responded. It definitely helped. I am starting over today, and will come back to edit this post to let you know what happened.

I might have made a mistake before because I added the song that I want to have play throughout the video first by putting it with character actions. Then I recorded the character. I am going to try the camera cuts first this time, and then see if I can drag them as shown in the tutorials later. This is where I am right now.

Once again I appreciate all of the help.

The new part: It is going a lot better with the help you gave. I would like to do some camera movements now, such as zoom, or use movements if possible.

Since my camera cuts are set up can I go back in now and add the movements? That is going to have to be another learning experiment.

Thanks again, the video is moving forward, and looks like someone learning, but it is fun.
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2016/4/2 23:25:56
Camera Cuts I appreciate this discussion since I am starting to use Muvizu. I made an animation test over a year ago and it was fun, but it seemed easier at that time. With this discussion I have learned that it is a bit confusing. I learned how to find the filters which will definitely help. Now if I can get the camera cuts down and make something where more than one camera actually shows up in the time line, I will be happy.

I have looked at all the tutorials, and the .pdf. file which were helpful, but they still seem to leave things out. Maybe I need to watch them in slow motion?

I am going to save what I have made then reopen it and delete everything from the timeline and start over. Maybe then I can get the camera cut thing better.

Over an hour later and I can not get the camera cut thing right. I have one camera no matter how much I switch them in prepare, direct, and record. Can someone direct me to where I can learn how to do this? I would appreciate it.
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