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2011/9/6 10:38:31
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. love this idea dreeko! some of the sets you guys make are gorgeous! so much attention to detail and lighting it's a total shame not to showcase them on the site (and share them with others - sharing is caring after all).
2011/9/5 16:52:12
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:

I'd best get on and animate something then.

indeed you had! and that goes for the rest of you too.
2011/9/5 10:22:24
Another odd one ooh that is weird. right, well leave it with us and we'll get cracking. i'll report back here once the web dudes have kicked it about a bit.
2011/8/17 11:03:44
Saw Trailer ( Muvizu ) you guys could definitely do something along the 5 second films series..

2011/8/16 10:26:46
Saw Trailer ( Muvizu ) that's a gorgeous video Kelwin! have you uploaded it to the site yet?
2011/8/12 14:28:20
Alt F2 Movie that's awesome! really love the concept and really well executed
2011/6/21 15:50:45
Spartacus Murphy hahaha! nice one dreeko. there's always one.....
2011/6/16 16:36:19
Favourite ever cartoon? Danimal wrote:
KerryK wrote:
her boyfriend whatshisface


Yeesh, I remember more about that show than I thought.

hahah! yeah that's him! what a jerk - going out with jem the alter ego and her normal persona at the same time and thinking it was ok. ps: i think you're my new favourite muvizu user.

Voltron RULED! my bf has a pair of sneakers reebok released (the voltron pack) that came with actual action figures. they're awesome

*edited bc i wrote jem and her alter ego. i get confused. it's the alcohol abuse
edited by KerryK on 16/06/2011
2011/6/16 15:36:59
Favourite ever cartoon? @Danimal ridiculous but AWESOME! my little sister and i both had jem/hologram dolls that came with a TAPE with all their rockin' tunes on it! it was the best thing ever. although i have to admit i always preferred the misfits and wanted them to win (jem et al were whiney & don't even get me started on her boyfriend whatshisface). they had better outfits, hair and music.

le sigh - i miss that show
2011/6/16 14:35:04
Favourite ever cartoon? DUDE! i can't believe no one's mentioned this yet!

2011/6/10 15:29:41
Muvizu and RATS!!! freakmoomin wrote:
Just found evidence of RATS nesting in Muvizu HQ!

Meth. Not even once.
2011/6/3 14:41:34
Muvizu Roadmap not at all a pest! it's a good question/request. we'll try to get a preliminary-please-don't-hold-us-to-this list as soon as we can. it's like freakin' gladiator battles in here at the moment (well not really, but still). keep on asking and recommending! we listen
2011/6/3 14:33:42
Muvizu Roadmap hey toonarama,
we're in the planning stages for the next release at the moment - the battles are happening as we speak so i think it may be a few days before we could say anything about potential* things being pencilled in. bear with us! there is a huuuuuuuge list on the go at the moment and we're a small team. we'll report back soon!

*does not necessarily mean it will be in the final next release but we'll do our best. fun technology fact: things tend to collapse like a flan in a cupboard despite planning and estimates. we always try to get as many useful/fun/new things in as possible.
2011/6/3 11:55:09
Problem with New Upgade Dreeko wrote:

Don't you find it a bit scary that the bugs are now deciding how Muvizu should look?

oh my god the bugs have become sentient!!!! we're DOOMED!
2011/6/3 9:59:29
Problem with New Upgade Dreeko wrote:
restarted muvizu and all is well again..............stranger than a strange thing

ahh the old 'have you tried turning it off and turning it on again'.. it's a thing because it's true
2011/6/1 14:59:31
audio crash again mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hi Jim,

Artpen has sent us one of the files - it seems to work fine here. Not sure what on earth is causing this at the moment.

may i suggest 'Gremlins'?

2011/5/20 10:18:28
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system Dreeko wrote:

" And next on the floor..It's Crazy Dave!!....Oh dear,... could someone phone an ambulance..." LOL!


truer words have never been spoken
2011/5/18 15:31:54
Industrial-scale collaboration well this is all very exciting! i expect great things from you guys. GREAT things. i hope everyone picks up on this. EVERYONE!

2011/5/6 16:28:18
Bark Park loved it! really very funny - however, i swear like a trooper on most days. a particular frustrated expletive escaped my lips today whilst fighting with a spreadsheet. i shocked a lot of the men in the office who heard. it was pretty bad. very good video tho!
2011/5/5 10:15:46
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? wetdog2 wrote:
I would love a neutral emotional state for characters, with accompanying poses.

hello! well a neutral mood is definitely on the cards and will be available in the near future. It's a much asked for feature. keep your eyes peeled for announcements.
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