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2010/10/18 10:21:20
BEING ENGLISH looking forward to it. there seems to be an a lot of series made using muvizu on the horizon - this we really like here at Muvizu HQ.
2010/10/18 10:16:12
Ghost house: Episode 1 that's brilliant john! very slick - really exciting for us to see as many quality clips coming from our users now. can't wait for the next episode.
2010/10/14 15:01:42
Animatable objects-props Hermit wrote:
GUNS! That's what we need, lots of guns. Old, new and sci-fi, that the characters can use
Let's nurture the primal need for creating death and destruction

who said our users are crazy/serial killers in the making? *cough cough* not me!

please don't shoot me
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2010/10/13 12:22:15
Staundoone Uncovered mysto wrote:

Your work inspires me to come up with an ongoing series myself. I have a few ideas floating around in my head that need to be worked on.

brilliant! i love series and it's very heartening to see so many users picking up on Muvizu's ability to quickly create a series (or as quickly as you guys can think them up) so i'm really looking forward to seeing exactly what you guys come up with.

exciting times in Muvizu land are neigh.

EDIT: GAH! NIGH not NEIGH! stupid haribo for breakfast

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2010/10/8 11:24:23
Geraldo In Stockholm Neil wrote:
barrys wrote:
The Devs will set conditions for the art assets in Muvizu, such as, the number of texture slots, legal geometry, proper naming etc. If anything fails then the object gets spoiled by a big Skull-and-crossbones decal. Unfortunately there are quite a few dodgy objects in my opening scene. Damn, going to need to fix the material assignments on the palm tree...

Hi barrys,

Sorry to hear you're having a problem with the internal dev-build of Muvizu. Have you tried making the objects correctly in the first place?

2010/10/8 10:12:00
Geraldo In Stockholm eeeeeeeeeek! cannot wait to see it! maybe just in time for halloween? any of you guys got any halloween ideas in mind? i'm working on mine at the moment - the homage to my favourite ad ever and it's quite spooky. i'm aiming for a halloween tie in for it's release... muhahahaaa!
2010/9/30 10:44:26
Geraldo In Stockholm about bloody time! we've been starving for a new geraldo. have you considered giving geraldo his own twitter account? now you've gone all new media and shiz....
2010/9/29 15:01:19
Film Festival toonarama,
we're always looking for suggestions and recommendations for events that would be useful/exciting/beneficial. never considered the tyneside cinema but will def be looking into that!

Dreeko, FilmCamp went very well! we had such a positive response which is always nice to hear. and had a few conversations around things we may do with them in the future so watch this space - i think the next year will be very interesting.
2010/9/29 9:59:00
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? ziggy72 wrote:
Hell, just remembered - should also be considered for greatness, because it's so well done, has a great look and it's just so...mental.
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if you like that, you really should look into the geraldo back catalogue and watch the story build up. they're hilarious and very disturbing (but then again, i love the league of gentlemen
2010/9/27 14:43:26
Top things we love about our users glasgowjim wrote:
I feel the need to share my favourite Simpsons quote:

i tried to find my favourite quote but to no avail. instead, the next best thing
2010/9/27 12:24:16
Top things we love about our users Neil wrote:
#10 - They can count.

and theii can speel very good
2010/9/14 11:59:03
Simon Evans great clip! looks really good - very nice ambience
2010/9/14 9:43:20
Facial animation hey dreeko,
thanks for the reference clip - it always helps when users can back up their suggestions/recommendations with something so visual. am sure it'll be of much use to the guys. as with everything, it's an evolving bit of software so getting a list of what you guys want to see in the app is a huge help to us.

thanks again
2010/9/10 11:11:44
My first little animation - David Brent Great first attempt! very slick

also gave me a much needed chuckle this morning.
2010/9/7 11:27:15
3 Point Lighting Tutorial @Hermit thanks for that! it looks awesome. don't forget you can upload your own hints and tips in the brand new tutorials section - scottish accent optional
2010/9/6 12:24:12
Jacob Patterboon @Than - great first clip! really enjoyed that & it was nice to see that alien corridor get used in a clip finally. the whole clip looked gorgeous & the storyline is intruiging. Can't wait to see what part 2 is like
2010/9/6 10:53:25
My first video @omnissiuntone that was hilarious! seriously slick for your first Muvizu clip - i hope there are many more in the pipeline
2010/9/3 14:44:33
First 23 seconds the tension! the suspense! we're desperate to see what you've made *fingers crossed*
2010/9/3 12:38:36
Website and project collaboration @artpen that is a very ambitious plan! sounds exciting and like one hell of a project - but i think something that can be accommodated on the current site.
2010/9/3 12:37:20
Website and project collaboration Thanks guys for your quick response!

toonarama, as usual - a very detailed response so i'll pull a neil and respond to each:

1. the cc badge: great idea - we're currently looking into implementing something along those lines (i believe vince mentioned it here Further to the technical hurdles, we'd also like your thoughts on ownership and rights. We are thinking of going down the GNU GPL v3 route, which allows owners of content to say how it may be used and so protect their rights, commercial and intellectual, to that content. Information about GPL v3 may be found here.*) with some guidance on preference from our users. we're looking into what we have to do to integrate it into the site, so watch this space.

2,3,4,5: all excellent points! a way of filtering and categorising these assets is imperitive - especially when we integrate the site with the app. what we need is categories, but i like your suggestion of starting off basically (ex: audio split into dialogue, sfx, background noise, music). what i may do is put up our proposed categories here for all the above and if i've missed anything out, please just shout at me.

will keep you guys posted.

*taken from the gallery page under 3D assets tab
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