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2010/9/29 18:28:54
Error saving set file HI

I've made some scenes and saved no problem. But now when I open a few of my scenes to make a few changes and tweeks I cant resave because I get an error message that says
"there was an error saving the scene unknown error"
Heres a pic
Hope theres a fix or work around. I got a ton of scenes that need tweeks and I'd like to keep the set files aswell as the output render.

Thanks in advance

2010/8/21 16:39:05
Consistent crashing. I had a similar problem last contest. My pc just got blue sreen of death and reset all the time. I never found out why. I had to switch to an older graphics card to use muvizu. Hope you solve you problem Matt.
2010/8/16 14:19:05
Lock / unlock object movement Being able to lock an objects movement when your happy with its placement would be good.
I had problems in the passed moving a floor plate by accident. which resulted in everything on it moving too and the undo didnt put everything back.
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2010/8/9 14:44:08
tweeks and suggestions Thanks jim

You guys keep up the fantastic work. Looking forward to future version.

2010/8/7 17:03:07
tweeks and suggestions Thanks jim for quick reply

glasgowjim wrote:

6. Alpha maps on importing textures so transparent textures is possible

Transparent textures can be used at the minute - as long as you save it as a .png (if I have got the wrong end of the stick let me know)

I was meaning more along the lines of an alpha with a smooth transition between solid to fully transparent
black being 100% Transparent
mid gray being 50% Transparent
white being 100% solid

One more thing I forgot
speed and direction controls on enviroment textures
I made a video with a ship in water called "the who" and it would of made life easyer to make the water move with one of these speed direction options for the enviroment floor. I found a work around by making a background plate and setting the move speed then pointing a camera at the background plate and using the camera as my enviroment floor texture.

it would be handy for things like glass and water
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2010/8/7 15:01:06
tweeks and suggestions Hi

A few little tweeks that I think would be helpfull

1. Flip texture option. Helpfull for making a mirrow using a camera as a texture.

2. Illuminate on all textures and on skybox textures.
Example ( If I need low enviroment brightness but nice bright sky.)

3. Being able to apply a texture to all simple blocks

A little bit more ambitious suggestions

4. option too slice dialogue track to make adjustment tweeks to timing

5. A little bit of a trickier tweek. Scale option to head bone.
Example ( give a character a peanut head or fat head, ofcource hats, eyes, nose, etc.. need too scale aswell with the head. )

6. Alpha maps on importing textures so transparent textures is possible

7. Keyable props

8. Green screen option on selected camera.
Example ( camera displays the selected picture or video full screen no matter where the camera is moved so the charater can be put in position on top )

Keep up the great work I love using Muvizu

2010/8/7 13:45:00
Trouble uploading vid Thanks jamie looks like your right. I used music from rambo and it picked up the fingerprint of the wav and set syndication to no . I managed to solve the problem by giving the audio a heavyer mix. Its pending now on muvizu so all looks good. Thanks again for the help.
2010/8/6 14:27:16
Trouble uploading vid hi

I've uploaded my vid through muvizu a few times now and it appears on youtube but not muvizu site. is it possible for it to be manually added so i dont have to keep uploading as this is my 4th atempt and it takes forever to upload

last upload

2010/7/16 22:02:17
Object Animation - especially changing position I had similar thing in this video

I just made to identical sets in the same scene and cut between the too.
So u can have the character kick upright table then switch camera to identical set and charater with the table knocked over.
I know its not perfect but it gets the point across.
2010/7/16 13:48:44
upload problem Thanks for the reply
Yes your right if i left it long enough it did appear on the muvizu with the pending message.
2010/7/16 2:14:16
upload problem Hi I've tryed several time to upload my video through the muvizu site but I keep getting this message after its uploaded
" sorry we were unable to upload that video "
it seems to have uploaded and is on youtube ok but not muvizu in pending approval state.

Heres the links if it can be fixed from your end

thanks in advance.
2010/4/28 11:25:16
My Wishlist for Muvizu if you go to your profile page you can use the Upload video under assets.
I seen your video on youtube very funny m8 great job.
2010/4/26 23:29:24
No thumbnails :( Had this problem aswell I fix it by deleting the following files from two locations

( Windows 7 paths)
C:\Users\All Users\Muvizu

....... files .........

They should rebuild there self when restarting muvizu like admin said.

Warning definitely do not delete any files from the original install path. Example C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\Binaries or where you installed too
if you do a search for these files you will find them there too do not delete.

Hope it helps
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2010/1/8 13:16:19
community library Community library would consist of users being able to make there own props, animation, clothes addons etc.. and import to muvizu community library.
ofcource assets would need approval from the muvizu team before being added to the collection.
2009/12/23 16:54:51
Regarding Competition Rules ? Thank you for the quick response.

I still plan to make an entry for the competition but will keep it will in the muvizu app only. Thanks for the info.

I'll also be looking forward to your February release.
2009/12/22 20:57:49
Regarding Competition Rules ? Hi

First off congratulations on muvizu its a great little tool for making fun movies.

I was wondering what can be done with in the competition rules and what cant be done.

As muvizu only allows 4 cameras to one set. If i made my movie with more than 1 set. Like If I used 4 sets it would enable me to have 16 camera angles.

But of course this would not play as one movie it would be 4 small movie parts. Would it be breaking the rules if i put the 4 small movie parts into one movie

using a 3rd party app ?

Are we able to use 3rd party apps to add credits and title screen things like that, because its would be a shame to use up 2 or more cameras just for that ?

Do u plan on releasing a muvizu character in future version for max or maya so users can add the own animations.

thanks in advance

Jon Bez
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