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2010/12/17 14:16:07
Fish and Globes Cheers Jim,
If you can't catch a fish, why not just... build one?

Stick Out Tongue
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2010/12/17 10:23:38
Fish and Globes I'll probably get my ear clipped for this, as I think I might have asked this already, but I have a lousy memory...
If you create a Muvizu object using multiple objects - so, take to small spheres, an oval and a thin triangle and link them together to make a goldfish - can you move it at all once it has been linked? Can you also save the object so that you can use it multiple times?

Also, can you colour an object with an effect rather than a colour? Colour a sphere with a map to give you a globe, for example.

Many thanks,

2010/12/7 13:15:34
Logging in OK, thanks guys.

Sorry I missed the already existing post.
2010/12/7 12:03:45
Logging in New whinge (I seem to have come up with a few...)
I don't seem to be able to log into Muvizu. I do have a true account, else I wouldn't be writing this post. However, my installation (Muvizu 0.14) says the user or password are wrong, else it works fine.

Any ides please?

2010/12/6 9:24:27
How do you loop character, object, effect movemets This is taken from another mail - I thought it might be a sightly different topic.
Is it possible to loop a sequence of movements for either a character, an object or an effect?
Looping could be used for - unamazingly - dancing, with objects it could be used for odd effects (keeping time), and again with effects - they make great volcano smoke or flames.

2010/12/5 10:36:38
How do you loop movement.. Is it also possible to loop a sequence of movements for either a character, an object or an effect?
Looping could be used for - unamazingly - dancing, with objects it could be used for odd effects (keeping time), and again with effects - they make great volcano smoke or flames.

2010/12/2 14:00:27
Fading and invisibility The latest changes in Muvizu are, it has to be said, incredible! However, you've already led the way to other thoughts...
When changing an object's colour, would it be possible to have it fade from one colour to the next? You could do, for example, a tree going from green to brown over an animation or something fading to black to have it being cremated.

Another colour request is invisible objects - the alpha colour, or whatever it is defined as. This could be used to have objects appearing from nowhere or, using the fading, having a certain blue phone booth fading in and out of existence...

2010/12/2 13:53:29
New character? The Brain??? What about poor Berk?
Incidentally, I've got a cyclops and I'll send instructions in as soon as I get a minute!

2010/11/30 9:31:04
Problems after the update A team member was very good and gave me the direct link to Muvizu since the update to the new site. I owe them (thanks Ian!) but I still can only access even after having cleared, cleaned and configged my setup.
I wonder how many other people might be having this problem.

Muvizu's a great tool - wouldn't want to lose it!!!
2010/11/22 13:51:12
Text? I know it's a frustrating answer, but you can edit your videos via YouTube - I think it's simply called the YouTube Editor. This enables you to add text to them.
I am after a decent, cheap editor too (i.e. free and legal) to add text to my videos. I think there might be one or two on the SourceForge site, but it does mean that you have to make your Muvizu videos first then add the text.

Hope it's of some use, although if anyone can do better, PLEASE tell me!!!
2010/11/17 12:14:52
Face animations Than wrote:

I wonder if they have to apply it separately to each character type? So the more character types they add perhaps then it's more work to introduce things like this, perhaps, or maybe not?

I reckon it varies. most characters have the same eyes, so they must be pretty swappable. Hats must be fairly swappable, only you can't give a Blob the full size horns.
Scary thought actually...
2010/11/16 16:56:36
Colouring I found a very useful site if anyone is after a specific colour:

I was after the colour for skin (without meaning to be racist, yes, I am Caucasian), and came up with the following:

I thought it was a pretty good likeness. It can also do a good job for my specs.

Hope it's of use.
2010/11/16 11:46:19
Face animations Doesn't surprise me, Dreeko - the whole system is an incredible beast and I think they've done miracles!
I'm happy to wait.

2010/11/16 8:58:13
Face animations The new beta is absolutely amazing! So much movement (I do love the windmill guitar!!!)

I know you've been talking about updating the face movements for a long time, but an additional thing is extra facial animations. Some that came to mind, and that I could have used in the past...

Whistling, dropped jaw, grin, poking out tongue.

Could be (again!) they already exists and I've not seen them - I'm good at that.

2010/11/12 16:40:49
Ragdoll mode? I like the concept. In free space, nobody can hear you scream.
Or cough.

Or anything much.

But the limbs are very much all over the place, which makes good sense here.
2010/11/12 16:38:30
Beta Installation Heya peeps!
I have (or had) the original Muvizu installed and went to install the Beta - gotta get the Beta!

I thought, "Be smart, pop it in a different directory, like Muvizu Beta". Clever, see?

On installation, I only had one running version of Muvizu - the new Beta one.

I'm not complaining, and may have done something wrong, but might be worth noting.

By the way, you're still great - it's an amazing product!
2010/11/12 13:18:45
Variable tubbiness I'll probably get slapped for asking this one, but with all the variations there are on the new beta (looking out of the back of one's head can be useful), would it be possible to have a variation on 'tubbiness' - how fat or thin the character is?
I do appreciate that the proportions of normal man and fat man are different (as with normal woman and fat woman - and Helga of course), but could even these be varied?
2010/11/12 12:58:35
New character? artpen wrote:

10- Cyclops head add on ( think Davros )

Just nosing in case anyone else had requested this. A cyclops would be nice please.
2010/11/12 9:22:19
Creation on-the-fly OK, the title is a fib.
Would it be possible to create an object, character or so on but bring them into play on demand? So, chap fiddles with bush and fire (pre-created) is now called into play to give the viewer the feeling that the tree has caught fire.

Another idea (none for ages, then two at once - like buses...) is to 'link' characters and objects or something of the sort. Link a fire to the top of a chap's head, and smoke to the top of that, and it will give the illusion that no matter where he goes, he's got a burning bonce.

Love the Beta version though - must play more!!!

2010/11/11 13:42:58
Free voices and video software Heya Tripfreak!
I've been perusing through the list of filters you've shown and there are BUCKETFULs of them - major thanks!

The voice package is going to be ideal (might tweek it to attempt 'singing', Heaven help us...) but there's a lot to nose through!

By the way, the second chap from the right has dodgy eyes. I don't trust him.

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