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2010/9/29 18:48:13
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software The danger with that is it deviates from "make flicks" to "make money" model.
Look at iClone: so many people selling things, so few making movies.

Personally I love the Muvizu stuff I've watched for its spontaneity – all about the fun.
2010/9/29 18:41:22
Characters with the AIR of Realism iClone and Moviestorm aren't exactly realistic either.
There's another thread around that praises the Muvizu ease of use and fun factor: that sets it apart.

iClone sets look great, but most animations are horrid. Plus, more of their users seem interested in money rather than making flicks.

Moviestorm is cheaper and easier than iClone, but there are few folk actually making movies. All very serious "artistes"

I'm loving the fact that people who use Muvizu make stuff... for fun. That's what's missing from "realistic" machinima.
2010/9/25 21:09:00
Halloween Film Fest Promo WarLord wrote:
...the acting was brilliant in that clip... particularly the male voice actor! Cool

I'm not that good an actor...

help me!
2010/9/25 18:08:06
Halloween Film Fest Promo It's not as good as the Editor's choice
Meh, what do I know, I'm the flashlight guy Whaaaaa?

Nice work Warlord, I'm hoping to get something done for Halloween myself.
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