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2011/3/9 18:00:31
Animations Characters do while Creating Them Okay, thanks. I was following up because Gordon wrote that back on December 2nd, and on top of that the release is mainly focused on the engine update. So, I wanted to check in on it.
2011/3/9 0:35:07
Animations Characters do while Creating Them Hello. I'm following up on this one. I know your focus is on the update to the Unreal engine, but if it's easy enough to do, would it be possible to make these animations (that are already in Muvizu) available for recording use in the next release? Thanks.
2011/2/26 1:00:11
prOp Animations Thanks for your input Barry! I do understand that you weigh updates as far as their commercial value. The only thing I can do is stump in favor of prop handling, whether it is a temporary solution or the final of picking things up.

The ability to show scenes where characters handle props will expand the types of stories that can be told with Muvizu. Expanding the types of stories expands the user base which expands the viewing base.

I would say the top 2 things left for Muvizu to really compete with MovieTempest and sighClone is better facial animation and prop handling. At that point things will really open up. Since there already is basic facial animation then prop handling or the simulation of prop handling is really number 1 if you think about it.

note: I don't know about code's resources, but if you only did 1 animation with each prop and had like 4 basic props that had basic shapes to them, then Art's resources would not be drained too much.

That's my rant!
2011/2/25 2:02:23
prOp Animations Hello there Muvizu,

Just checking in to see if you have considered what I've proposed.

I know all of us are like cats on your back porch meowing to be fed, but....what do you think about a few basic prop animations to hold us over until you get true prop interaction going?
2011/2/21 9:13:24
prOp Animations Muvizu,

This is a carry over from the actions thread. Since being able to pick up and set down props is a ways off, can Muvizu have a temporary yet effective solution similar to Musical instruments? I'm not saying the instruments aren't useful, but it's such a narrow focus, with a few prop animations you could help a lot of people tell stories in a variety of genres.

Just like the guitar prop, the drum prop, and all musical instruments, can you create animations with a few basic props?

These are just what comes to mind as being useful across the board: a box, a pen, a cellphone, a mug, and a ball.


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2011/2/16 15:59:31
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I understand about it being complex and taking time, but what about doing a few prop interactions in the vein of musical instruments way sooner? Muvizu makers would have to cut around shots as we couldn't pick up or put objects down, but at least we could hold a few.

Just like the guitar prop, what would it take and how soon could you add animations with a box, a pen, a mug, and a ball?

2011/2/15 22:06:52
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? That's true, but mocap certainly can't add well placed exaggeration to sweeten the timing, the spacing, and the overall motion.
2011/2/15 21:27:14
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I appreciate your input, I think there is a great need for customization and animation "coverage". As far as I understand what Muvizu intends, their style, focus, and mission is to have hand animated motions in their software and never have motion capture.

The strong aesthetic of hand animation is undeniable. Plus I much prefer the smoothness in Muvizu over the popping motion in MovieTempest.

And once they have Huggies and crawling animations their animation catalog will be complete! Well, that and animations for wings, a tail and a long neck.
2011/2/15 18:25:47
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Following up on when I can recreate Raising Arizona in Muvizu. After the Unreal Engine gets updated, when might I expect to be able to do something similar to this?

1. Ability to hold and carry a box (Huggies).

2. Ability to crawl.

Thanks for listening!
2011/2/15 1:27:10
Ziggys new animation Nice Video.
2011/1/21 0:15:18
Creating a story for new animated series... I would recommend keeping a small journal and when ideas come to you during your day jot them down. This way you don't have to depend on Muvizu sets and characters to inspire you, although that can certainly work as well.

Also you might study animated stories or films in general.

Most stories have a person with a goal, and then obstacles they have to overcome to achieve that goal. Hope this helps.
2011/1/11 18:52:18
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Basically I want to be able to do scenes from Raising Arizona. I will link to images below that are two separate Raising Arizona scenes. These two scenes have actions that I can't yet do in Muvizu. Please give me a rough idea of when I will be able to accomplish these types of actions in Muvizu.

This one he's crawling under a crib after a baby:

This one he's holding a package of Huggies diapers:

2011/1/7 21:57:33
Facial animation Well said!
2011/1/3 7:43:57
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? One more vote for generic all purpose animations. This is back from Ziggy's comment:

"I agree with all above - subtlety and more control over the existing animations would probably allow most actions you could think of, rather than just adding more and more preset animations."

If we can cover most bases and be able to position the hands, stance, and various expressions in the spine and neck, then the characters will be able to do most actions. It's the context of these generic moves that will give them emotion and meaning. If we are locked in to the excellent animations currently in Muvizu then we often have to work around them to tell the story. Functional and generic animations will allow story to come from the context and the audio.
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2010/12/23 17:40:32
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Thank you for sharing Matt!
2010/12/19 3:29:48
puppeteering or manual animation If user created animation is a ways off, what would be great in the near future would be a solid index of moves that would cover most bases.

This might include a deep index of gestures, and a deep index of functional hand and physical actions (ie. reach and grab, push/pull, kneel, crawl, normal jump or hop, light lift/heavy lift, etc.). In terms of the face I would find it valuable if there were a set of expressions that could be struck at any moment, and vary according to intensity and duration. Thanks for listening.

ps. I know that you have to update the engine next, and the next great thing would be to have the ability to pick up and set down props, but until then it would be cool to have a few other basic pre-set prop animations similar to Instrument handling. (ie. coffee cup holding, gun waving, comb brushing).
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2010/12/19 2:15:50
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments.
2010/12/9 22:20:00
New Tutorial Vids Thanks for the link. After trying to think of other nuanced tutorials in addition to lighting, I realized something. If you make a series of tutorials that cross over into the subject of film making itself, through the use of Muvizu of course, you are bound to get internet traffic that was not previously looking for Muvizu.
Just random people looking to learn about film will show up on your door and get hooked. Some won't, but some will.
2010/12/8 20:26:41
Animation Problems and a Question about Shadows Hi Muvizu,
This post has stuff I started talking about in the tutorial video request thread. I just got carried away over there and thought I should formally ask questions here.

Sometimes when I set a character's initial state to stand, and then have them sit they will stand up a few moments later, or they won't for several moments, but they will right at an inconvenient time. How might I avoid this?

Other times I will animate one of the poses, and if they walk soon after they awkwardly carry that pose in the walk. I know you split the upper and lower body on purpose, but there has to be a way to reset the upper body to cleanse the palate so that the walk isn't a stiff held position?

I also noticed that some shadows seem to go through objects and walls. One example you can see is if you stack the building sections on top of each other and put a spot light above and behind it. The top unit will cast shadows to the units below it. The way it likely should be is it should cast shadows on the ground as a whole unit. It’s hard to explain, but check it out. Thanks for taking a look.

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2010/12/8 20:18:28
New Tutorial Vids An advanced lighting tutorial would be very valuable! Something that would cover exterior lighting, then interior lighting, and possibly where they both meet: windows. Another area to cover would be lighting for different times of the day. And also how we can shoot day for night....wait a minute!

All of your other ideas sound great. The green screen etc. Maybe a short one on how to open a door with the new system.

But what I really feel I need is a tutorial that deals with animating a character through a little sequence of mood changes, gestures, walking and sitting. Basically, something that shows common pitfalls and how to avoid them!

For instance, I don't know if it's a bug with the new version but sometimes when I set a character's initial state to stand, and then have them sit they will stand up a few moments later, or they won't for several moments, but they will right at an inconvenient time. Other times I will animate one of the poses, and if they walk soon after they awkwardly carry that pose in the walk. I know you split the upper and lower body on purpose, but there has to be a way to reset the upper body to cleanse the palate so that the walk isn't a stiff held position. Okay it looks like I'm sneaking How To questions into this tutorial thread! I'll stop and post some of this over in that section. But I still say a day in the life of an animated sequence Tutorial would be a good one.

Thank you.

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