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2019/6/6 2:30:02
Updated Muvizu Sci Fi 1701 Bridge set nice done
2017/5/23 20:11:14
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu Nice one.

This reminds me that I have also an unfished movie on my computer. But the weather is going be better and better, a lot of work in the garden and so, less time for computer. :-(
2017/4/26 17:08:19
Problem with transparent AVI This solution works.

2017/4/26 14:48:30
Problem with transparent AVI How it comes that I can't put a movie created with muvizu on a backdrop in muvizu?
2017/4/25 18:36:41
Digimania has gone into administration Nice. Hopefully everything will be fine for them.
2017/4/24 17:43:10
New sets Thx, not only to use, but also to learn
2017/4/23 15:10:17
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu Count me in. Maybe, and hopefully, it's not necessary, but just in case, to stay in contact.

2017/4/22 12:21:47
Digimania has gone into administration A facebookgroup where we can post our clips, sets, idea's,.. . Maybe a good idea. So we can stay in touch.

I also hope that if the plug is pulled out, the program will continue to work.
2017/4/22 8:18:04
Digimania has gone into administration lillilulli wrote:
No, dude, what extended holidays?!
They are gone!
There is no reply at all!
they have not even reply to Paypal!
Why wasting our time here!
better to get out of this mess up and make a new life with another software. There are plenty out there:
Cinema 4D
Source Filmmaker
Maya/3D Max

First and foremost, I hope that muvizu can continue to exist. I'm sure that if the company is taken over, people with that knowledge can definitely get back to work. I hope so for them. If not, this people can find other work, undoubtedly.

secundo: I have looked at the list that's published here.

There is no program as Muvizu. The only one I would buy is moviestorm. But thats no comic - cartoon. And expensive.
2017/4/21 20:36:41
Digimania has gone into administration I knew there was something wrong. Posted last week some set's ans movies, and they aren't approved. Not normal.

Hoping at good news.
2017/4/21 19:21:38
Digimania has gone into administration If it's really the end, is there another software that is about the same as muvizu. For the same price, not a couple of hundred.
If not, we stay at Muvizu of course.
2017/4/19 19:58:44
elevator test for future movies short test of the elevator, to see in future videos

Reactions welcome.


2017/4/18 7:37:21
Issue with the latest release of Muvizu:Play+ I also have problems with the lightning. when I create a spot and when I choose a yellow color, he gives a blue spot, when I choose a green color, he gives a red spot, ...
2017/4/17 12:20:38
A New Video from Toschek Nice work
2017/4/17 11:12:45
Cant do much with groups, WHY? What you can do also, is create a drum stage or stage round (any object from the library) and give it a fully transparent PNG as texture, positioning it a little bit above de rest. Do your resizing on that plate. The rest stay's intact.
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2017/4/16 20:06:16
Creating colored glass Hello guys, an easy way to create colored glass

How do I did it:

In photoshop or some other program, create a PNG fully transparency file, and a file with the color you want, at 35% transparency.

In Blender, assign a Material to your object with following values:

Then create a new texture and assign your fully transparency PNG to this.

Unwrap your object and export it as .ASE

Import it in MUVIZU, edit the object and assign your previously maded colored PNG to it.

If questions, shoot

2017/4/16 9:04:23
Problem with transparent AVI Thx Rodrisilva

The vertical flipping thing works fine. I had did this before, with no result. But now it works fine.

Only thing now is the faded problem.

I asked permission at 3dregenerator for using his horse on the Muvizu community. When he gives permission, I put the set in the store.

2017/4/14 18:04:27
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... A 10 second horse walk.

Usable only with keyframing extension pack. Transparancy must be set on.


2017/4/14 17:43:42
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I have put my pregnant wife on the net

Only usable when woman has 1 colour dress.

2017/4/14 14:49:53
Problem with transparent AVI Thx.

I gonna put this project in the refrigerator for a few days

I used the same technique as the flying pigeon. With the bones technique in blender it is easy to set the legs in the right position. Exporting them as OBJ and importing it in a new project where you bring all objects together.

When nobody has an answer for this issue, I think I gonna try to figure it out with a texturemap with different colors, to see how he place the AVI on the object. I think thats the only solution.

Edit: I am testing the textures with some colors, also painting the texture in blender.

The AVI file is made in 1024 x 1024, the same as the texture file. The strange thing is, that if I resize the output AVI to 512 x 512 or even 256 x 256 and put this AVI on the object, nothing change on the texturing of my horse. Strange!!
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