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2010/9/28 16:00:43
Characters with the AIR of Realism That's good to hear, i've been looking for a descent movie making machine (Machinima)
My movie was more this age and not fantasy so WoW wasn't an option. Valve's tool plain suck..

- Movie Storm doesn't look very good, harder to use then this and costs money now too.
- iClone along the lines of above

Then i was looking into maybe using the UDK (Unreal Engine 3 went free) and someone mentioned this i thought FINALLY, SOMEONE made MOD that we all wanted to see.

Now i agree with the above, it is way too cartoon style. I'd prefer a bit of realism as well (for testing i'll probably go with what's available for now), if it's on the todo list to apply realism then i'm already happy.

Keep up the good work, you have my endless gratitude.
Respect to the all coders, designers and animators and everyone else who have put so much work into this.
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