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2016/7/26 21:16:37
Machiya wrote:
Here you go.... Import .ASE suitcase
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I am sorry, when I clic on the link I see only numbers....what is it?

It was a .zip file containing a .ase and texture file for of a suitcase....
2016/7/26 19:22:33
IMPORTING FROM SKETCHUP PROBLEM Here you go.... Import .ASE suitcase
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2016/7/6 23:53:57
FBX strikes again! My pleasure. Happy to help. The FBX thing isn't Muvizu it is a UE3 thing (err, I think)
2016/7/5 21:29:42
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE I'm doing the course! Thought it would be a great introduction to all things VFX.
Definitely thinking about getting some Muvizu in the mix too.
2016/7/4 10:27:00
FBX strikes again! FLIPPING:

Here's what I found to work. Found it searching through old UE3 import problems on the web.

In Blender,

1. Make sure the Object (TAB>Object mode) is at the Origin (ALT+G).
2. Reset Transformations (CRTL+A) Loc, Rot, Scale
2. TAB into Edit Mode.
3. Select ALL (A)
4. Set the rotation about the origin and rotate the mesh ^minus^ 90 aound the X (I use the 3D Cursor).
5 TAB into Object mode.
6. Select the Object
7. Export Selected (I only suggest 'selected' as you may have other objects in the scene).

2016/7/1 11:06:43
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips Just checked FBX from Blender. Below, its a common workaround for ZUp (vs YUp) modellers in the UE3 community.
Why it cannot be easy? I don't know. But then everyone could play. Ghessh, where is the fun in that...

2016/7/1 10:36:59
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips PatMarrNC wrote:
I imported the exact same DAE file to Blender and converted it to FBX there, and it came into Muvizu at a much larger size... Interesting. Apparently 3D programs don't adhere to an absolute size standard.

Watch out for this (below) in Blender (ie. turn it off).... just stick to the 16u = 1ft / 52.4934u = 1m... and you should be OK on size!

Mind you it still flips in MU? I cannot solve that. A number of UE3 modellers rotate the mesh ^minus^ 90X whilst keeping the object's origin in the same position, but I haven't tried that yet

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2016/6/30 21:02:48
Running on the spot i am definitely Machiya .... yeap 100%. But am I....
2016/6/29 9:57:34
First couple of vids WIP I am waiting for audio, but would love some feedback ;0)
Both 'post-event' charity tags for my brother-in-law.

(shameless Brexit moment)


p.s. just posted a .set of some individual rocks with no colliders in the 'store'
2016/6/24 18:43:56
Running on the spot Thank you, that makes sense.
2016/6/24 12:45:25
Running on the spot ikes wrote:
You can also use the run on spot action instead of character movement.

...a bit more info, pls. It's not like there is a root-bone you can move. Would be great for the occasional fine movement ;0)
or I have missed something .
2016/6/23 20:15:53
First video hits the cutting room floor ;0) No eyes, head moves, but having fun!
Guy I was doing it for didn't sort out the audio.
Chalked this one up to experience.

It was based on completing the London to Paris for Charity.
The chap on the floor is his companion rider who took too many glucose boosters!

2016/6/23 19:54:20
Patient lying in bed Great job on and all.

I was just looking to see if you could use these meshes to 'paint on'. Alas, it has a different set of Uvs and ID_Textures.

Not sure I have the skills to unwrap a set of UVs to match the costume templates on the website?

2016/6/22 13:27:08
Patient lying in bed You could model a bed with sheet and 'bump for body'. Then lie the character down at 30deg so only head shows (using a pose that pulls the arms and legs out of the way during recording). Might be a previz option ie. before defaulting to green screening the body out.

2016/6/22 13:02:28
Blender 2.77 import tests update Morning,

I have been looking to import models from Blender (2.77a) using either ASE251 or default FBX exporters (Barton 3.7.1; assume. FBX 6.1 ASCII)

BIG MISS to start with was that I forgot to ^assign^ the material to the mesh (required for FBX export). Got over the missing textures issue!!

Next, Orienting the mesh...

ASE is better (aside 90deg rotation) but won't import smoothing groups (exporter crashes?!)
FBX axis-rotations remain elusive...

I would rather not turn off collisions and keep upright, if possible.

Even the old Unity trick of 'rotate the mesh +90deg X, but not the object/origin' isn't doing it.

Someone pointing out the obvious would be very much appreciated.


Blend File:
2016/6/20 18:40:41
is there a set of scaled reference models...? Just to add a piece of information for those looking in the future.

There are 16 Muvizu units in 1ft or 50.4934 in 1m.
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