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2017/4/22 20:41:00
Digimania has gone into administration Thank you Dreeko for posting that info. I hope all the muvizu staff find new jobs soon.
2017/4/22 9:40:05
Digimania has gone into administration Hi guys very sorry to hear this news, i feel for all involved.

In regards to users, perhaps we could set up a facebook group to stay in contact just in case the site goes down? i have many questions still in regards to how the program works and i count on the forum for advice. Would anyone be interested in a facebook group maybe?

In regards to the program still working, the program still works when we are not connected to the internet i believe so the only way we would would not be able to use it is if some kind of killswitch was sent out (i doubt this would happen though, or am i wrong?).

Just a thought but if we disconnect the program from getting updates (were not going to get any now anyway) and connecting itself to the internet would this stop any kind of kill command?
2017/4/19 22:42:45
Digimania has gone into administration Hi Lilli, im in the same situation. how do you know the company collapsed?? Did they finally get in contact or did you read this somewhere?? If anyone has any info please share?

lillilulli wrote:
ok now I have undestood everything!
The digimania has collapsed!
Well, it's time to contact paypal
thabk you to everybody rather than these digimaniac people!
They do not have even the decency to tell the truth to their customer!
What a depressing company!
Bleah! I feel womiting right now.
Let's catch TooVidio, better!
Bye to all

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