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2015/12/10 22:58:14
Bullet time Thanks Pat.
Yes, I tried something like this last year but couldn't get what I wanted. Ideally all I should need to do is rotate the camera with the anchor point on the subject - however I don't think keyframing works with camera rotations very well.
2015/12/10 14:20:04
Bullet time Just seen an old article on a phone app called cam swarm which lets you create a 'bullet time' sequence a la The Matrix. Now given we (ok the Muvizu devs) have control of pretty much everything required, surely a small tweak would give us this ability in Muvizu Froot. I'm thinking we just need a way to record ONLY camera movement whilst the rest of the scene is frozen.
2015/11/16 8:40:03
Lying down before rising from grave Great thanks, guys!!
2015/11/15 22:18:49
Lying down before rising from grave Is there a way to get my character to hold the lying down position before he 'rises from grave slow'?
2015/7/20 12:25:33
Muvizu on Windows 10 Hi,
I see vincycacau has had some success with running on (presumably a preview version of) Windows 10.
With just over a week to GA is there an official statement on compatibility from the Muvizu team? Especially for in-place upgrades?
Will the commercial license still work?

2015/7/7 20:57:14
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Anyone know where the last update is documented? Well you know some hints as to what it does, Ta.
2014/9/25 16:29:24
Features 2014 Way-points (again)
Some animations force the character to stand up for no reason I can see - perhaps they could be reviewed so that animations that only involve stuff above the waist can retain the current sit/stand state?
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2014/8/4 12:33:06
Character window I wonder whether it might be useful to have a character window to assist with editing. When I have number of characters I need to create for a crowd ro whatever it would be nice to have a separate window for the currently edited character rather than having to navigate to each character (similar to what you might get in an character generation phase of an RPG game). It would be good to have them shown in a 'new scene' so the other parts of the current scene don't distract.

2014/5/14 12:55:32
Help Please! I think this usually occurs when running a 32-bit app on a 64 bit OS which doesn't have the runtime support you need. That's why you should install the VC++ redistributables that come with Muvuizu.

Hope that helps,
2014/4/30 14:55:23
lip syncing issue Yes still free. I have a copy but it's a bit clunky to use. I didn't find it very intuitive.
2014/4/30 14:53:17
Unknown error in loading the scene Your best bet is to log a help call with Digimania. (see Help/Support) Send them the .set file.

2014/4/29 14:25:47
lip syncing issue As bigwally said the last two steps would have to be done post-production using a video editor.
2014/4/28 14:38:13
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Or maybe that will be Muvizu Play++?
2014/4/17 14:56:10
How can I syc character's movements? Hi Greg,

Shouldn't be too hard. You just add the action to each character and then use the Timeline to match up the action sequence in time. You can use the snap feature to help get that right.

2014/4/1 16:06:36
Smooth property animations We can animate a number of properties but some of them would be better with the ability to smoothly change values.
For instance brightness of lights, focus on cameras. So yes I'm talking about keyframes - common to video editing. At this point I want this much brightness and at this point I want this much and that would give us a slow or fast adjustment.
2014/3/19 12:18:07
Swivel in a chair? Hmmm, sounds interesting. I have a scene where I'd like some objects to move from random-ish positions to a particular configuration which is mad using object movement. However I see now I could put them in the end position and them move them to their start positions which are less strict using this stop-motion method and then resequence the targa files in reverse. Is that possible? I'm presuming its just the file name that determines the sequence(?)

Now does this sound like we could do with having a shortcut that would take a targa screenshot from the active camera?

2014/3/18 18:36:46
Attaching in-set objects Given that we can import virtually any object we want and that Muvizu doesn't know in advance what it is, why then can we not attach any object in the current library or in the set?
Sometimes it's easier to just skin a known object than to create or import a model.
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2014/3/3 22:17:25
People called Romanes , they go the house.(?!) A Latin lesson for Brian...

2014/1/31 15:34:25
Roadmap Any chance of seeing a Muvizu roadmap? Now I've actually paid for it would be nice to know what's coming up and perhaps have the opportunity to vote for features we'd like to see (I know we're always doing that but having something to pin your vote to is a lot better than a random wish list).

Some techy things I wondered about:
I read there was a Windows 8 port of the Unreal Engine - are you using that? planning to? any point?
Will/Can you migrate to UE4?
Can we get proper release notes for new versions? I seem to recall getting no response for a previous request for this.

And, of course, where are the waypoints!!!!!!!!!?

Simon (and his blob Froot )
2014/1/28 23:02:00
windows 8.1 crash Reinstalling Muvizu seems to have fixed t - it runs anyway fingers crossed.
Thanks for your help everyone.
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