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2014/11/21 10:17:08
Toccata in D minor Absolutely brilliant! (on bar 243 there was a denisemi quaver that lasted longer than the allowed time by a comma).
Looking forward to the return of the Old Lady!
2014/4/18 7:58:01
Almost human Acouple of years ago I did the same piece using a different machinima software. I thought at the time that Muvizu was not suitable for a "serious" drama. Was I ever wrong! The approach that you took works perfectly well, and is extremely easy to watch. I was amazed at the level of detail for the sets, and the amount of them, with all props maintaining the Muvizu feel. The camera work, with the predominance of close ups and implied menace, enhanced the telling of the story. The mirror sequence was technically impressive, and so were many others. A real pleasure to watch!
If you'd like to compare, this is a link to Vimeo :
2014/2/25 8:35:11
Toon Shading tripfreak wrote:

I hope your problem is already solved ?
I haven't used Toon shading that much in the past. Therefore, I gave it another try today in order to see if it's possible to get kind of a 2D look:

edited by tripfreak on 23/02/2014

Wow! That is really something! While the coloured toon shading above is not bad at all, this 2D one brings to mind the "out of the inkwell" series!
2013/3/9 9:34:49
character move backwards Or, you may want to click the back arrow on the disk, and the character will move one step back for each click. (Not double click - click once and when one step is done, click again)
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2012/2/16 0:08:13
What happened to the footsteps sound effects? I have found that all the old effects are there, only not listed. If you search for "foot" for instance, all the footstep efects appear on the list!
edited by 65Radius on 16/02/2012
2012/2/2 0:08:27
The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo Absolutely excellent! There's such an amount of detail that one view is not enough!
2012/1/28 5:18:59
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Love hearts effect ( fat man)
It appears that the “love hearts” animated effect is not being saved with the set. Upon re-loading the set, the effect is no longer present on the timeline display, and the character property is back to “Do not animate”. Confused
2012/1/23 13:11:44
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). CrazyDave
Thanks [/quote

Good catch, we missed this. The fix will be in the next release but here's a version of MuvizuGeneral.upk that you can use to replace the one in Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Content\Packages and you will have toon shading on imported objects.


Cheers, Dave
edited by CrazyDave on 23/01/2012

That works a treat! Thanks for that quick response!
2012/1/23 2:24:24
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). When using toon shaders, some of the 3d assets imported into the set go very dark, and do not change colour with lights or using the colour command. Some examples of this are the medieval walls and towers, and Dylly's fantasy cottage. Is this a feature, or is there a work around?
My current settings are:
Shadow mode = simple
Shadow intensity = 1.24
Toon shading:
Shading sharpness = 0.86
Shade intensity = 0.33
Brightness = 0.36
Draw outline: Yes
Outline width = 0.50

2012/1/11 4:50:42
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). After uploading the update, I brought up a set from a current project. When I tried to save it, I couldn't, and received this message:
"It is with some regret that I must inform you of an unexpected error: Not enough info on the database"
2011/12/31 9:34:09
Has he been yet ? I would like to add my congratulations to the three deserving winners! There might well be a video about this sometime next year...
2011/12/20 9:29:01
Has he been yet ? Dylly wrote:
I'm imagining a scene...perhaps a works Christmas party...the pub shuts...

Powerful imagery, that. Let's hope it remains a fictional figment...
2011/12/8 2:57:24
arteria3d as source of props They look really good!
2011/12/7 0:11:38
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... The soft focus and pastel colours work perfectly. I was amazed at the depth of detail (such as the cars passing by when they are talking in the laundry). The expressions and the movements are faultless!
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2011/11/30 13:35:14
Muvizu remakes Uncanny!
2011/11/23 9:54:36
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius True! not only does Danimal comment on all viceo clips( or almost all), but he can also criticize and point out weak points wihthout causing offense! (IMHO)
2011/11/22 4:53:15
cambio voce There are several advertised here:

Haven't tried any.
2011/11/15 11:43:33
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius toonarama wrote:
I would just like to say a public thank you to both Drychalice and 65Radius who I think are the unsung heros of the community.
We all want people to view and comment on our videos and without fail these two fine gentleman always do just that.
I really appreciate that and I am sure all other contributors do too.
Mind I'm determined to one day get an "extremely nice" off Drychalice .
Thanks to you both
all the best

That was "very nice"!
2011/11/15 6:26:01
won't save jmazzotta17 wrote:
When i hit save as and i click on videos, name it and hit save it says an unknown error has occured.

There are two items that I know of that cause that problem: a bomb and a wanted poster. If you have either of those, you need to delete them from your set before you can save. (There could be other items...)
2011/11/10 11:08:02
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) It appears that when you include a wanted poster (from Western object) you cannot save (?).
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