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2016/2/5 2:08:59
1.6? Any good yet? Does anyone have the link(s) for version(s) 1.5 32-bit?
2016/2/5 2:04:39
1.6? Any good yet? MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ziggy has the best link to 1.5 if you want to roll back though.

Unfortunately for 64-bit only. Got a version of 1.5 32-bit and things really got wonky. Nothing worked.

So right now, I'm a man without a Muvizu, until it gets fixed. I will appeal this to the developers, but I don't think things will improve anytime soon.
2016/2/4 10:25:00
1.6? Any good yet? Some days, I feel like I'm just talking to myself.
2016/1/31 19:20:55
1.6? Any good yet? PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
artpen wrote:
Oh, what's the Head movement Bug? hmm


Sets saved with head movement can't be opened again. So you have to save without it or just use 1.5

Based on my tests, you can save and reopen a project with head moves ONCE (if you didn't drag anything around on the time line)... but if you reopen it and add more head moves or change the timeline's head moves, it won't reopen the second time.

Unfortunately, I am also having problems with set files where no head movements are involved.

So, to get to the point, any inkling as to when a fix is coming? Or am I stuck without a working copy of Muvizu?

2016/1/27 13:24:38
1.6? Any good yet? ziggy72 wrote:
Dude, don't do it. 1.6 just isn't worth the hassle. 1.5 does everything except keyframing.

1.5 (32 bit) does not allow proper registration. So, I'm stuck with 1.6
2016/1/25 14:44:55
Latest Muvizu: Play Tried downloading and installing the latest Muvizu: Play. Never got it to run at all. It starts and then uses 99% of CPU, and never starting. What's up with that?
2016/1/15 14:22:27
Can't keep this old animator down! >>> Give us an update Big Wally? How are you doing?

Sorry, for not updating my status. Thankfully, I have since been recovering very well. Feeling like my old self again. I was getting ready to return to Muvizu and finish my new Nick Danger, when the unthinkable happened. My computer decided to stop working. The old Gigabyte motherboard stopped working after 8 years of service (...and 8 years of abuse). I now have managed to put together another computer that is capable of running Muvizu and will be working on my project. Still may take a while.
2015/12/29 13:07:43
I'm going crazy clayster2012 wrote:
OK, this makes 3Rd time I had to recreate the set for The Empire tries to kick Thier Butts on Hoth,and still having problems loading the set, I would really love to finish this video, please tell me that they are putting up a fix patch for this, I have alot to do!

The fact that these bugs haven't been dealt with is one of the main reasons I haven't worked on a muvizu project in a while. Why should I drive myself crazy making a Muvizu video, when, in the end, Muvizu might not work? Many unfinished videos are out there.

Whatever happened to the idea of "testers"?
2015/12/6 12:25:58
Danimal I am sorry to hear this. Having survived an heart attack recently, makes it sadder for me. He was also my first fan! R.I.P.
2015/8/21 8:14:02
Can't keep this old animator down! On the tail-end of July, I suffered a heart-attack and was whisked away to the hospital and underwent triple-bypass surgery to save my life. I had some complications and went through heart surgery psychosis. Something like a bad Twilight Zone episode. After 2 weeks of recovery, I went home. Three days later I was rushed back to the hospital after suffering a total shutdown of my kidneys, due to the combination of the heat (damned Arizona) and slightly bad prescription of medicine for my heart failure. This was not fun.

Needless to say, this put a damper on my current Muvizu project (Nick Danger) and any attempt to start up again will just have to wait. But I will be back as soon as possible. Glad to see Muvizu is still going strong and I will be there. But I have to look out for number one (me). Keep making those vids and soon I will return.

Stay strong!
2015/7/9 9:14:18
6/7/15 release bugs Yipes! But the truth is, they are there, just below the ground plane! Pull them up through the floor into the air, they will drop back to the floor. If for some reason anyone can't pull them up, use the scale slider to make them bigger. Now THAT'S a wild bug.

That worked!
2015/7/9 2:58:22
6/7/15 release bugs "Favorites" not loading at all. Leaves a little square frame that contains nothing.
2015/7/7 5:33:55
It's all happening here! mindiflyth wrote:
This all sounds exciting, but you folks seem to have access to a lot more info about this than I do. I received brief email updates about changes coming, but there were no specifics.

I wouldn't know. I'm a mogul and they don't send me shizzle.

EDIT - Found it in my spam folder.
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2015/6/26 6:34:20
shut up!!zip it!...shh! * BUMP *
2015/6/18 8:37:19
muvizu crashing when i try to import audacity file Have you tried using .mp3 and .wav files?
2015/5/20 20:04:26
Coming Soon... NICK DANGER RETURNS! (maybe, possibly, if I can finish this0.

Here's a sample...

I am having a problem with white flashes appearing in the rendered clips. I suspect it has something to do with memory or my graphics card or driver. Oh well. Talking dogs, the evil Dr. Firesign makes an appearance, local politics, kidnappings, the bride of Firesign... well it's all too bizarre and I guess that is what is inspiring me. Coming soon (or later).
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2015/5/20 13:00:15
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Ian,

Yes, we do understand that it sometimes takes time to fix things, but its has been at least 15 days since it reared its ugly head, and this is the first message, from the staff, to acknowledge that this is happening.

Thank you for the update.
2015/5/19 18:55:09
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Still not fixed?
2015/5/14 14:38:17
shut up!!zip it!...shh! They haven't fixed it yet?!?!?!?!?!
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2015/4/5 15:49:48
video quality Johan wrote:
The quality of my video (as *avi) exported with Muvizu is LOWER after editing and exporting with Pinnacle Studio. What does happen? How to preserve quality/resolution?

Without the specs on the video clip, no one can tell you.

At what resolution do you have Muvizu configured?
What is the resolution of the clip before you import it or load it into Studio?
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