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2012/4/21 1:09:59
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Hi,
can you give some details as to file size etc?
2012/4/20 12:45:55
Sketchup & White Bits KerryK wrote:
Dylly, my dear, your posts always make my mornings less hellacious. Thanks for this doozy of a post

No charge! It's a pleasure!
2012/4/20 12:44:50
Sketchup & White Bits Ah! That's a different problem, I found that's down to smoothing. All of the quads and tris that make up your model, may all have the same material on them, but they are facing a number of different directions. So that when light hits the model it's scattered in all different directions...a bit like a glitterball in a 70's disco.

All 3d software operates using triangles, however the method in which faces are triangulated is a little different in SketchUp. There are a couple or three solutions you can try to get the surfaces to behave.

The first one is a bit long winded, but add more triangles to your geometry. Alternatively you could look at the Quadface Tools by ThomThom on Sketchucation.com.

Here's the link http://forums.sketchucation.com/viewtopic.php?t=39442 once again these are FREE plug-ins.

oh the third...erm 3ds Max ...erm...oh Blender more than likely can do it...but I have problems making a box in blender.
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2012/4/20 10:40:38
Sketchup & White Bits
Thanks Dylly, will this fix the shading on non UV/AO sketchup imports?

Fix in what way? There are quite a few features to this tool...well range of tools as it's part of a complete system, and I've only tested it for the white bits shining through the seams which it cures.

Oh I forgot to mention its FREE!
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2012/4/20 0:01:17
Sketchup & White Bits Have you ever returned from the boozer with a tanned maiden, only to awaken the following morning, take one look at the orange stains on your sheets & realize you'd either been tango'd, spent the night with an umpa lumpa, or the maiden in question has more white bit's than parts of Essex?

Importing your models into Muvizu from Sketchup can be a bit like that. You finally get your creation into Muvizu only to be flashed by more white bits than can be seen on the Costa del Cleethorpes on a warm weekend.

Well no more! Eradicate those white bits with a tool by Fredo I found across at Sketchucation. Thrupaint works with the standard paint tool,but paints all sides of the face including the edges, softened or otherwise.


Just to make sure those white bits don't sneak in make sure you give some thickness to objects, no single faces etc.

So make em thick, use Thrupaint...and say NO to umpa lumpa's!
2012/4/17 22:39:22
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? You see I've taught my beagle to recite the Lib Dem manifesto backwards while operating Nick Clegg with one paw & I want to make sure the funding is in place before I put the video on youtube!
2012/4/17 22:21:53
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? These little adverts that I accidently click on and earn someone a few coppers don't seem to be allowed on video's made with Muvizu...well that's according to Youtube who keep asking me to clarify the Muvizu terms and conditions for them...any chance of some clarification from someone from on high?
2012/4/17 20:38:50
New character? The thing is...the thing..the..look it's not that...even though centaurs were not mentioned... it's the double ended camels with masks on that have me realizing that in Muvizu land... I may be nuts...but I will never be lonely!ROFLMAO
2012/4/16 22:30:40
We've got some new toys. Good textures...the one on the right looks a bit cartoony! naughty
2012/4/14 15:00:16
Need a model or set made? I'm better now can I have my crayons back? Ahem!

Hi Gimmick, my work flow alter's depending on what I'm creating. I usually start building individual components in SketchUp...then switch to 3ds Max to bring all the components together and do the mapping. Texturing is done in Gimp and Mudbox and then everything brought together into 3ds Max for scaling and export ready for Muvizu.
2012/4/14 10:04:37
Need a model or set made? Vehicles are on the list, just been playing with some new plugins to facilitate the shapes (curviloft for one, and using more and more features from the 1001 bit pro plugin these days).

I think I saw John Shuttleworth at a folk club some years back....arrgh did I just let that slip? I used to play guitar with a folk band...I admit it...and the banjo....mandolin....I once dabbled with....Oh I admit it I can play the concertina....it was a natural progression you see....Oh the shame....I once...I once...OK damn it I was a pub organist, I even played the Tower Ballroom...but then I found rock and roll...

My name is Tim and I'm a crapmusicaholic. It's been a year since I last played swing music on a keyboard and three days since my last jig on a concertina...but everyday I go without, I get better!
2012/4/13 22:20:14
how do you backup your ipod music? I tried one of those i-pod thingies but the needle on my gramophone just skates over the top and I can't seem to find the lever to change the speed to 78rpm...any ideas what I'm doing wrong?Whaaaaa?
2012/4/13 1:33:01
Need a model or set made? I'm on it!

My daughter is a Dr Who fanatic, so I will be raiding her vast collection of books & magazines (the crap that flows out of her bedroom door that I normally throw in the bin). In fact if I asked her she could probably give me the exact measurements, including David Tennents inside leg measurements I've no doubts.

Now what kind of tent do you need Mick? Is it the old fashioned six man Icelandic patrol tent we used to have in the Scouts, or those huge things that come complete with wardrobes you see these days...or the little dome ones that will be employed when the Toon get into Europe next season?
2012/4/12 23:48:31
Add Drama! Caught this on Twitter...SUPERB STUFF!
2012/4/12 12:05:13
Need a model or set made? Need a model or set made? Give me a yell!
2012/4/12 0:33:10
It's limited Slow Motion is relatively simple procedure... can be done with gimp, export Movie from Muvizu as Targa sequence, alter frame rate however the frame rate needs to vary for each frame to match the motion of the character. This is where the art of animation comes into the process.

Same goes for making a character eat or chew...output the Targa sequence from Muvizu and drop the sequence into Gimp (GAP the animation add on for Gimp provides a plug in to do this among other things) then drag the cheeks of your character about using the iwarp tool in gimp frame by frame....laborious but ultimately rewarding. There's never going to be an automatic make movie button and to be honest I would hate to have an automatic this or that in every aspect of making a movie, stifles originality, who said necessity the mother of invention?

Well, well...turns out it's something to do with Scotland! Richard Franck's Northern Memoirs, calculated for the meridian of Scotland, 1658 or there about. Canny folks these Scots!
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2012/4/10 23:40:24
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) A word of caution with the Daz stuff...especially the freebies...there are loads of them, good quality but read the README texts as there are some quite weird inclusions within these on occasion. But a further source of good free models for Daz is of course Renderosity and www.Runtimedna.com.
2012/4/6 23:20:12
Sketchup to Muvizu Glad you liked it Ziggy, it's some great tool Gimmick!

Well this is how much it speeded up the workflow for me....what I thought was going to be several days work turned out to be hours!

So here at last is the SketchUp Build over and done with.

I quickly finished off the second floor.

Planned out the seating arrangements....

Then with the aid of the Pro Builder shot through the third floor and finished off the roof, dormas and guttering.

Now the hard part begins! Now that I've finished the build in SketchUp, I've got to start to dismantle the model ready for texturing.

For the past few months I've been trying to get my website together again...so I will keep a blog (content generator) of the process from build to Muvizu so people can see the cock-ups as well as the steps I take in getting the Model from SketchUp into Muvizu.
2012/4/6 10:24:12
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Hi Gimmick,

It's a bank holiday in the UK for Easter, so the guys will probably not be in the office until after the Easter break, they usually upload to the site as soon as they hit the office again.
2012/4/6 9:14:09
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi Gimmick,

It's the Pro Builder by Dale Martens available from www.smustard.com.

There are two versions here is a link to the FREE version http://www.smustard.com/script/ProfileBuilderFree

This is exactly the same as the Pro version minus the ability to save your own profiles.

Essentially the tool is a souped up 'follow me' tool with a large library of profiles to create everything from chair rails to girders. After a couple of hours using the free version I coughed up for the pro version so that I could save more 'Muvizu-esque' profiles into a library at a scale more suitable for Muvizu models.

Worth every cent of the $20 paid for it, has sped up tremendously the making of components for models and totally changed my workflow for the better.
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