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2013/12/28 20:05:08
2D Muvizu-Type Software? I do all of my 2d animation in GIMP the old fashioned way!
2013/12/28 20:03:16
Doctor Who? Top British SciFi...

  • Dr Who...nothing after Tom Baker and before Eccleston though.
  • Blakes 7...I still have a thing for ladies with crew cuts
  • The Clangers
2013/12/28 19:57:18
Sinister Question Now I know I said I would be taking a break over Christmas...but I got a new mouse that needed trying out and a new wacom tablet that just had to be tinkered with, so I started work on character creation beginning with my favourite Muvizu character Sinister. I'm trying to create a medieval lord, now the hose turned out quite nicely with fabric folds. The skin textures worked out great too, as well as the 'ducal hat'. However I am having a couple of problems with 'attachment' points. I want to add a sword belt but there is no attachment point at the waist as far as I can tell and I'm also having problems with the eyes...I want the iris area to be much larger...but I think I must be missing something along the way? Any suggestions anyone?

2013/12/20 7:24:57
Coming Soon... bowrofl Fazz...this has made my day and its only 07:23 am!
2013/12/16 22:45:07
Sketchup to Muvizu This parrot is dead! Getting to grips with low poly barrels for someone this week. Well to be more exact a high poly barrel and a low poly version. For such a simple model it has taken some fiddling with uv unwrapping to get the desired level of detail, not to mention messing with the textures to get the UV's right and lets face it I'm in need of the odd mince pie and whiskey after the ordeal of the ambient occlusion mapping!Still its all part of that great learning curve that is Muvizu! Just got to twiddle with the low poly model and bake the normal map now to finish it all off...this side of Christmas I hope!

2013/12/10 14:13:17
Sketchup to Muvizu There are two methods I use to add ambient occlusion. Both involve generating an ao map in 3ds Max. After I have rendered out my diffuse map I add a white material to the model and go to the render to texture roll out. Selecting 'complete map' I render out this map.

Now if my model is going to be imported into Muvizu as an .ase model then I leave the ao map as it is and select 'has ambient occlusion' in the import dialogue in Muvizu. If I am going to import the model as an .fbx or the model needs a fairly complex paint job on the diffuse map I import the ao map onto the diffuse map as a separate layer in my graphics program (I have Gimp & Photoshop but prefer Gimp) and change ao layer type to Multiply. I then export out my diffuse map with the ambient occlusion applied to it and import the model into Muvizu.

Hope this helps.
2013/12/10 10:43:38
Tips for animating new character I needed a new robot character with specific features for my latest Muvi. Has anyone got any tips or specifically tricks to making wheels animate etc?

2013/12/8 5:07:55
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Hmmm, I seem to be having a similar possibly related problem with a texture that seems to just vanish. However more disturbingly I have a problem with not just a crash but my whole machine failing should I run Muvizu play+ alongside any other program but especially 3ds Max. My machine just cuts out with a warning that it has exceeded 90 degrees temp. Only happens when Muvizu is running. I can run 3ds Max, Mudbox Gimp and Maya at the same time with no loss in performance but if I try to run Muvizu in conjunction with any other software even the calculator my machine justs cuts out.
2013/12/7 21:06:03
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
...and the award for the topic that deviated furthest from it's starting point is.... This One!

Oh no it isn't! Well it is panto season after all!
2013/12/6 11:02:33
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline Surely no one is suggesting Arkwrights till wound up in Glasgow?

Factoid: Yours truly appears in a couple of episodes of Open All Hours as a scruffy kid playing in the street. The opening shot of the series involved a crane being deposited in the alley outside our house. My brother was a regular 'annoyance' to actors and crew, when he told David Jason that our Mum was 'poorly in hospital' David Jason turned up at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and brought her some roses and then visited all of the other patients on the ward. David Jason would regularly disappear into the props van while not filming, don an outlandish costume and then mingle with the crowds that had come to gawp at the film production.
2013/12/5 20:51:37
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) urbanlamb wrote:
can we get a tree planting tool? "

Them's what we call shovels round ere
2013/12/3 8:03:34
5th Grade tv Great Idea UL. Take a look at this http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/horrible-histories
2013/12/2 19:18:09
Dreeko's extra bits Now every year I like to conduct a sort of 'Muvizu Academy Awards chosen by Dylly' ceremony in my head. Dreeko usually wins the MAAD comedy award...however this year I think he's also scooped the MAAD Award for outstanding contribution in the field of 3D assest modelling...or the MAAD Ass award! Superb bit of thinking out of the box!
2013/11/30 8:21:31
Glasgow in mind. Just a thought for the people in Glasgow & Dreeko very much in mind this morning.
2013/11/28 12:25:40
Dreeko's extra bits Dreeko wrote:
Custom hairdo FBX style in action...

Could this be Jamies new avatar?
2013/11/25 8:23:59
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu The Dr Who weekend is over, a weekend which has seen me devastated by ...TIME! It went a little like this, there am I watching 'An Adventure In Time & Space' when my 18 year old daughter pipes up with "Look how spartan everything is, no technology anywhere...you were alive then weren't you Dad?" "Yes dear hiding behind the sofa" my reply; but the damage has already been done. I can't shake the feeling of how comfortable and familiar everything from the 60's seemed to be. To complicate matters I've seen more Doctors this weekend than in the NHS! And certainly more austerity than a plague of Tories could create.

John Pertwee was my Doctor and I can remember being thought of as a little 'odd' by my school mates who all had the 'Batmobile' corgi car model while I had the Doctor's 'Bessie', a far cooler vehicle than the boring old Batmobile if you ask me. I have to add on the subject of cars that all of my cars are called 'Bessie'!

The weekend finished with me watching the episode of DrWho...fantastic...Brilliant....in fact the whole weekend was a celebration of what is 'right' with British writing and programme making!
2013/11/22 11:17:30
Advice on Large Scale City Building I'm getting a little bogged down with piecing together an urban landscape. I think I may have started in the wrong place...with the wrong item ie the low poly housing. I've since corrected my starting position and I'm laying down the roads and pavements which seems to be speeding the process up a little.

Does anyone have any tips on building a large townscape, is it better to build 'tiles' of buildings & roads?
To what depth would you advise creating & importing low poly models before a Matte Painting becomes more effective?
2013/11/18 18:27:46
Muvizu WIKI log on Here we go guys...I'm not fond of being 'peeped' on therefore I use the browser that has all the functionality of Chrome, with none of the glitches and non of the spying http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron_download.php

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2013/11/16 11:00:06
Maya Conversion ukBerty wrote:

Another 2 hours of my life lost......

Ah so you went so see 'Gravity' at the cinema too then?

On its way back although there were some issues with the shaders applied to the model. Let me know if the conversion worked?
2013/11/16 10:27:57
Maya Conversion Pass it across I will see what I can do...usual address!
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